Morgan Stanley

2007 Trust

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  1. I need to see a real signature of Eric Tate and Jodi Sabotta who are robo signer to compare it with my assignment of mortgage. My notary signature was a fake and I need to prove in court that Eric Tate and Jodi Sabotta are also robo.




  3. PLEASE HELP. I have been trying to get a permanent load mod for two years now. Initially my servicer Wells Fargo “ASC” modified my loan on trial for three months. Dragged the trial for a year and than sent me a letter of denial with my refund check of 12 months and than the next month for my september 2010 payment. So 13 months total they returned. Wells Fargo keeps saying the private investor, Morgan Stanley Private Bank (they didnt tell me when I asked I found out through a website I found on loansafedotorg) denied me because I didnt meet their guidelines. I can afford the home if modified. My finances got better and they keep denying me. I need help. My con artist lawyer (licensed sales man) sued them after the refund and ended up losing. Which I found out after the sale date was posted on my door November 10, 2011. This lawfirm is incompotent, negligent, unethical and a bunch of sleeze balls (which I will take up with the CA Bar Association).

    Now I am left with no help and desparately looking for someone, an attorney who can help. I tried all avenues to get my loan mod, personally, lawyer and now I am desparate.


  4. Sherry,
    I know of a GREAT atty who gets it. Send me an e-mail. Thanks.


  6. I’ve had a very similiar experience with Saxon MTG, Countrywide, etc. We too have been in this for 1 & 1/2 years but most recently another foreclosure date has been made for 4/19/10. We have been awaiting a CASH shortsale approval beginning 1/22/10. This the 3rd of its kind between 3 different investors over the course of the last 9 months as a foreclosure date of 1/25/10 was approaching. They would NOT STOP that sale so we filed Pro Se a Ch 13 BK in Tennessee courts. BK has since been dismissed all paperwork & filings were not turned in before deadline. During the BK paperwork process we gave Saxon written authorization to continue with shortsale approval review hoping to expedite things when creditors meet but no such thing. Because we filed Pro Se we were told NO ATTNY could advise us further local Pro Se Litigation resources limited.
    Couldnt get a phone call returned from the rep who was responsible for our file. Notarized authorizations on file, shortsale offer pkgs (sent by both the realtor and myself), were lost or disappeared from file. A different representative would be assigned to our file every few months here lately. The previous two no longer worked for the company. The most recent rep advised me he’d speak to his superviosr about expediting short approval letter since NO extended foreclosure date necessary and call us back. This as of 4/7/10 private investor requested 5-7 days to fund the deal and setup our moving arrangements at his expense. Demolition is needed due to mold issues not sure how extensive until tear out plaster walls. EPA Report made and handed into Saxon but they did not see That either.
    The line of communication really worsened when we submitted verbal as well as written request for verification of debt 1/22/10 to Saxon with no response from them until a letter dated 4/2/10 was received in the mail. Mind you no response from Saxon within the 60 days allowed except for another “Fair Debt” letter from Wilson & Associates Attny for Saxon Mtg. (sent before announcing foreclosure date??) Grounds for Quiet Title?????????????
    I found out who holds the Trust, Deutsch Bank, Bank of America is the custodian, issuing entity Morgan Stanley. This information researched by a sponsor for our cause which we’re happy to share his contact info if necessary. This proved helpful to show 1st hand info for filing lawsuit to STOP SALE and get the assistance of the court to settle payoff once & for All!!!

    We’ve verbally advised them that a complaint had been filed with our state Financial Institution “who regulates lenders” that they’ll be contacting them on our behalf Monday morning, filed complaint FTC, the Lender originating the Loan that Saxon currently services “Decision On” is now Closed “HSBC”. However, HSBc has established a partial settlement of CLASS ACTION Lawsuit citing Predatory Lending,etc. and we are apart of that Class, certain settlement terms from that claim was to Halt ALL foreclosures or make mods more affordable for those loans affected.
    Supposedly, the review will roundout Monday Morning.
    I will advise but if anyone has Help further please advise and I hope some of the agencies mentioned can be helpful for your Mod approval/Cramm Down/Rewrite of loan to allow for at least the violation with Fair Credit Reporting issues in your case.

    Best Wishes and I pray Financial Reform is approved in such a way that All who need help the most in this economy as well as small businesses can gain footing Again in a REAL Way. That is what SB owners need to keep pressing/lobbying for. The Lobby Monopoly by the ruling Banking mammoths spending a million a day I am told just to do so??? I wonder how effective it will be and how many losses absorbed by us all before it CAN be felt if any???… MUST NOT GIVE UP!!!
    In GOD We Trust, All Things Are Possible,

  7. Saxon Mortgage (owned by Morgan Stanley) purchased the servicing on our property in Dec 2007 (purchased through SCME and sold to GMAC – March 2007).

    Saxon Mortgage Servicing defrauded us by placing our in-full payments in a side account and filing false reports with the credit bureaus that we had not made the payments at all, taking us to 90+ days late. This was done as their Customer Service dept promised me over and over that they would not hurt our credit, which I watch like a hawk. Saxon C/S stated they could see they were in the wrong, that the payments would be fixed by the Customer Relations dept – 16 work order, 50ish phone calls and hiring a lawyer to do a RESPA Letter to get it straightened out.

    It took nine months to get Saxon Mortgage to fix the payments and the credit reports. I have proof of all of this which has been sent out in a 40 page document to 8 different agencies or politicians. No help there, they said only the Dept of Corporations in CA have any say, and they have given Saxon Mortgage Servicing a faster remedy to foreclose in CA due to the work Saxon is doing to help their clients with loan modification (ha ha).

    Our fico scores went down by 100+ points. My small business credit was destroyed (I found out about this when B of A cut my Biz line of credit and when I asked them why I was told about the missing mortgage payments on my credit report) and then our personal credit was also affected. Our full monthly payments went from about $8,000/month to about $20,000/month due to our now bad credit. After the credit was fixed I set-up payment plans with companies to get them paid, Advanta’s Biz Line of Credit was at 39.9% interest from 12% before the credit fraud. I paid all the creditors as long as I could until our retirement was depleted and the economic downturn stopped my business cash flow.

    In March of 2009 I tried to re-finance on both of our homes, but of course we now have bad credit and no assets, my business had minimal cash flow and my husband wasn’t working, having lost his job to lay-off.

    Now the property Saxon Services has been in short-sale with a good buyer since 6-09 but Saxon is foreclosing because the buyers missed the closing date of 1-25-10, but the foreclosure notice was filed on 1-13-10.

    This is MERS and Morgan Stanley, my bet is they do not have a note in their name. Saxon Mortgage Servicing has been arrogant and difficult. It has taken away our credit and 2 years of my life fighting with them. My business is closed, we are losing or have lost everything. We are being sued by all our creditors for lack of payments both personal and my personally guaranteed business credit.

    I found this site 2 days ago as I can see that Saxon Mortgage Services is going to try to deceive us again by not allowing the short-sale to go through. I am buying the book, and looking for a good “Attorney who gets it” in the north San Francisco Bayarea, zip code 95401. I was a financial advisor for middle Americans, Loan Agent and Insurance Advisor so I can do part or all of this work myself. I am doing Answers right now to the lawsuits with the credit card companies.

    Please send me a list of Attorneys who get it around 95401 zip code area.

    Also, many people have been defrauded by Saxon Mortgage Servicing and other huge banks. They strip us of our credit or say there is no insurance on the property when there is. As a professional business woman, I never in my life would have guessed that I was being defrauded, it took me a year and 1/2 to figure out it was fraud. Now I am scrambling to save both our properties from foreclosure while I deal with what seems like countless other creditors.

    I am going now to purchase the Layman’s Book for the site, do I need the 1/2 day DVDs too or can I glean what I need from the book? Is it still possible to fight this myself here in CA? Will “Attorneys who get it” unbundle their services so I can get coaching and eyes on the process? My husband has just gone back to work, but as a truck driver. I haven’t had any cash flow for a year in my businesses. However, I am sure I can work out something with an Attorney, and I know a whole lot of people who need “an Attorney who gets it”.

    Please advise. Thank you, Sherry

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