Assignment Recording

Residential or commercial, Agency or private delivery, Allon Hill offers a complete menu of mortgage assignment services. In the past 14 years, Allon Hill has prepared and recorded over 5 million assignments in 2,300 jurisdictions in 50 states.

Every document required for each loan is tracked in our database, ensuring accurate information and follow-up regardless of the requested volume.

Document Products:

  • Assignments
  • Allonges
  • Lost Note Affidavits
  • Satisfactions/Reconveyences
  • UCC Financing Statements
  • Warranty Deeds/Other Quitclaim instruments

Services Offered:

  • Prepare, record, track, report
  • Record documents prepared by 3rd parties
  • Original collateral tracking with comprehensive reporting
  • Collateral rectification and exception clearing
  • Document recovery and retrieval
  • MERS management

Collateral Services

Allon Hill utilizes its own comprehensive collateral tracking system to perform post closing collateral audits and exception clearing. Unique loan level and document specific reporting enables Allon Hill to provide superior services in this critical risk area.

Services Offered:

  • Collateral file audits and inventory to confirm and/or update the Trustee and Custodian initial exception reports
  • Document reclamation from jurisdiction, servicers and originators, as well as through newly ordered title searches
  • Lost Note Affidavit and note endorsement by allonge preparation
  • Preparation, recordation and tracking of assignments, including intervening assignments to clear chain of title defects
  • Transmittal of cured/completed exceptions and assignments to Trustees, Custodians, Servicers, and their Successors and/or Assigns as applicable
  • Research to ascertain and establish corporate family trees to clear chain of title problems, including “seller-out-of-business” issues

A state-of-the-art project management system includes customized reporting, web-enabled progress tracking and the use of web-enabled imaging techniques to provide immediate and continuous access to the loan files under review by Allon Hill.

3 Responses

  1. Allonhill is just as bad as all the rest of them. Their hiring and employment practices are the worst around. Poor management and bad policies. I’m sure they won’t be able to continue once the economy improves. There’s no job protection, no fairness, no benefits, no unemployment insurance — nothing for the employee’s benefit.

  2. GMAC announces electronic system to manage mortgage documents because actual documents are a pain (from 2005).

    Quote from article: “The advantages of paperless mortgages are many. Due to lower costs of handling and greater access to information, loans backed by eNotes are more valuable to investors than equivalent loans backed by paper notes. The MERS eRegistry enables lenders to sell these higher value eNotes on a best execution basis. Additionally, loan originators can now sell the servicing rights to eNotes without waiting several months for the processing of paper documents or the pooling of multiple loans, substantially increasing their revenues. Mortgage servicing companies incur substantial cost savings with eMortgages, including quicker financial transactions and a reallocation of resources.”

    Dan Edstrom

  3. As we can readily tell from ‘Positions Available’ at these firms, what we have here is a growth industry in document retrieval, reconstitution, and creative submissions flying under the rubrics of ‘quality control,’ ‘compliance,’ ‘due diligence,’ etc.! GIGO

    Is it possible to start a class action suit against these firms, if it can be proved they are responsible in part for and complicit with lenders and attorneys in committing fraud upon the courts? Why are some judges who recognize this fraud ab initio not booting them out sua sponte? Do challenges to jurisdiction always have to be raised by the defendant?

    As Neil and others suggest here, DENY and object to EVERYTHING, because some judges (concerned with the appearance of impartiality) will let into their courts plaintiffs without standing to invoke jurisdiction, counting on the beleaguered borrower to properly oppose them.

    In my case, for instance, WaMu retained Hanover Capital Partners to recreate specious assignments and a ‘lost note’ affidavit.

    I Googled the ‘authorized agent’ who effected two assignments exactly alike on my securitized mortgage, though 8 years apart! The pleadings in the Lombard case will come in handy for their on spot particularity on this one!

    Turns out, according to LinkedIn,
    the ‘authorized agent’ CURRENTLY wears 2 hats; one as Managing Director at Hanover Capital Partners and another as Risk Manager at WaMu. Surprised it’s not now at Chase.

    Hanover morphs into Edison Mortgage Decisioning, which birthed Allon Hill. When you Google these, you can see they are ALL hiring and opening up offices or franchises nationwide.

    Coming soon to a location near you!


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