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  1. Destroyed or sent to Germany, Duetche Bank etc. and they lost it.Defend your home and your rights. Fight back. Send Proof of Claim
    to them. If you do not know what it is, email me at gph@crast’.com

    Best of luck, but whatever you do, do not sign anything they give you.


  2. please forward the Asset Securitisation Comptroller Handbook to ruqayanu@gmail.com


  3. Is it worth having someone research what happened to the Note?
    Like most lenders they use the same format to re-establish the note. We had it and we lost it ,bla,bla,bla.
    Are judges really pressing assigments and other criteria that you mentioned before they would consider re-establishing the note?
    I have heard MERS is in question in some dismissals of foreclosure lawsuits.
    As you mentioned the number of lost notes have climbed to somewhere around 80% so I wonder How much success foreclosure defense attorneys are having against lenders.
    It seems to me if you bundle and sell mortgage notes to Wall street or whomever to bail yourself out and then turn around and say you lost the note and try to make the poor homeowner pay for a mortgage you don’t even have … it seems like fraud or something similiar. I’m not saying this is true in my circumstance, but i’m saying this should be a red flag to a judge ruling on a foreclosure case. What are your thoughts?


  4. Lance Lewis: The note is the equivalent of cash. Yet somehow many if not most of them were lost or destroyed. After interviewing a number of people and analyzing the situation I have come up with only one explanation of why someone would destroy cash, to wit: the only reason I can think of why someone would rip up a $10 bill is that they had told someone it was $100 bill and now the other person wanted to see it. Better to “lose” it or destroy it than produce the evidence that you lied. Katie Porter at University of Iowa did a study of more than 2,000 cases and found that in more than 40% of the cases the note was intentionally destroyed and that a similar number of notes were lost. 20 years ago notes were lost less than 1% of the time. Now, after securitization of mortgages, they seem to have gone missing 80% of the time — especially when you take into account the missing assignments, allonges not attached to the note, blank endorsements contrary to the securitization documents, bearer language contrary to recording statutes etc.


  5. I was served a foreclosure lawsuit by credit based asset servicing and securitization llc who claims to have had possession of the mortgage note but it was lost or destroyed.
    The original loan was with Fieldstone mortgage which went bankrupt shortly after bieng purchased by CBASS and both companies had to liquidate thier assets.
    The note that was lossed? was a 30yr balloon note.
    I don’t think the note was lossed..rather sold or something else happened to it. CBASS is requesting to re-establish the note. What do you think happened to the original note?


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