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  1. hey folks,
    wasnt this judement appealed and overuled?


  2. I’m interested in joining any lawsuit againist Imdymac back for illegal foreclosure. Please contact me at mssheri1@yahoo.com


  3. I am also working against IndyMac with little results. I am pressing paragraph 23 of the Deed which reads they need to reconvey if paid. It does not say “paid by borrower,” therefore any selling of the note would seem to trigger the obligation to reconvey. I am interested in how your complaint is going.


  4. Am currently in ligitation with this bank; i went on the offensive. However, I am having a hard time finding caselaw for the 9th Circuit…….

    Am working on an amended complaint that specifies damages and one of the defendants is making overtures to settle out of court.

    Currently, I have 5 companies joined in the lawsuit.


  5. Please advise me what form I should use to sue in court over a fraudulent mortgage from Indymac bank / now one west bank.
    I am getting nowhere with regard to any help from them whatsoever
    Thank you


  6. Great news.
    I have tried to work with OneWest and it has been horrrible.
    The people who answer say they will not do any modifications.
    I have taped the conversations.
    Due to the problems, I filed suit and was granted a Lis Pendens.
    That is the key as pointed out on this site and in this case.


    Now I have gathered all documents and filings and found there is big issues with after the fact transfers from the original lender UAMC or Lennar and Duetsche Bank as trustee of a 2007a pooling agreement RMBS by, Indymac failed bank.
    Now after 3 years in this pooling structure MERS has now done a substitution from UAMC to DBNTC.
    It is crazy even the promissary note lack the stamp from the originator, to #2, #3, #4 and finally to the pooling RMBS.

    This site has been a great help. Thanks.


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