Accepted for Value: The Scam That Makes Things Worse


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Editor’s Comment: 

The term “Snake Oil Salesman” has been used for centuries to describe a person selling a worthless product for a high profit to the salesman with no benefit to the purchaser.  There are a number of scam artists that are touring the nation, and even live here in the Phoenix Valley, with snake oil that is worse than simply getting stuck with a bottle of crap.  They are using, among other phrases, “accepted for value”.  

These schemes all involve not paying a bill by the individual creating of money out of thin air.   It sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous–but it could land you in prison.  

The scam artist(s) get a bunch of people together in a scripted meeting at which shills are hired to pose as skeptics and the scam artist(s) quote or misquote various statutes, rules, regulations and court cases in which they make it appear as though you have every much the right to create money as the government of the society in which you live.  The shills eventually admit that they were “wrong” and accept to purchase the service.  Leading the victim into believing they are just joining other people who seem to know what they are talking about.

They all charge fees and they frequently convince desperate people who are looking for an escape valve that this scheme will work or somehow delay the collection of a bill or debt.  The purchaser is left not only with a bottle of crap but with late charges, interest, cancelation of services, foreclosure, eviction and potentially prison.  There is no part of the “AFV” movement that has any truth or legitimacy.

It is simply a scam to relieve desperate people from the last money they have.  I have avoided addressing this issue because I did not want to give them any publicity.  But I find that as time goes on more and more people are getting increasingly desperate and desperate people have skewed judgement.  They hear want they want to believe and they are willing to pay for it.  

In this country there are laws, rules and regulations concerning the creation of currency and cash equivalents.  None of them allow a single individual to create money.  There is no exception to this statement and anyone who tells you contrary is either directly lying to you or repeating a lie they heard.  Keep your money and find another way to move on from the desperate straits in which you find yourself.  Seek the advice of actual licensed attorneys, actual licensed accountants and actual licensed other professionals who are required to tell you the truth or they will lose their license and lose their livelihood.  They will never tell you this is valid.

Just because someone tells you they are a lawyer or an accountant does not mean they are any of those things–even if they show you the finest looking parchment paper to prove their assertion.  An inquiry to the appropriate regulatory authority will confirm or deny whether this person is an actual licensed professional.

Any scheme involving the nonpayment of a legitimate debt or the nonpayment of an illegitimate debt created by the banks in the mortgage meltdown will remain an obligation enforceable against you until it is payed in full with real money or waived by the real creditor.  That waiver includes an involuntary court order which finds that the alleged creditor is no creditor at all or that the debt has either been paid or converted behind the “curtain of securitization.”

26 Responses

  1. I hate People who try to stray you away from the truth. Be smart by any means people thats all i have to say

  2. I discharged over 7000 in government debts. They try to steer the people from doing this by indicating that its fraud yet all i have seen is legitimate cases. Ive seen cases defaulted when a citizen failed to appear rather than stand his ground and prove his claim but i have yet to see any evidence fraud has been committed. Prove your claim.

  3. Excuse me, i said “money”… I meant EXTORTED CREDIT.

  4. So says the douche bag that would loose access to the others money if this is true…

  5. ignorant mother fucker.

  6. Oh but Accepted for Value does work, and I have received my first evidence of this in a letter from Sky today. Stop listening to the skeptics and just try it for yourself. Be a natural experimenter, as I am. Yes, there are people who are charging for this information, but I’ve never paid a dime to anyone. I always thoroughly research the information that I put into my letters. I’ve written about the procedure on here, and on my website:

  7. dumb white nigger

  8. I too have researched a lot of information regarding A4V. It has been regarded as a scam by this writer. It is my opinion that those that have not taken the time to read, really read the UCC codes and the information from those who have done the research, you really have no platform to base an opinion. I believe in the redemption process, if the proper procedures are followed can, and will be successful in discharging/offsetting any and all debt. After reading, you will find out that there are a lot more advantages to redemption than just debt relief.

  9. Seriously, this article by Neil Garfield is a joke. All it is is just hearsey and name calling.

    If the article provided actual legal evidence then maybe one can considered it. But, as it stands this article would just be dismissed in court.

  10. Hello there

    You mention Laws in regard to the creation of money. What are those Laws? No Laws have been enacted since 1933. Who really are the creators of ‘currency’ called FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES? Are those FRN’s created in accordance with a Law? Those questions are met with, either derision, or silence. Nobody has the power to discharge a debt.

  11. To the man who wrote the article:
    I have read about the A4V process from many different sources. I have also heard about it on the radio etc. I have NEVER been charged for the information. In fact, no one presenting the information even asks for donations. They do however present some kind of evidence of the validity of the process. Even though most of the evidence I see is hearsay or based on personal unprovable testimony, it is more evidence than you present in your article to the contrary. Do you have any evidence or testimony of someone who has tried this and went to jail or who’s debt was left unpaid?

    Thank you


  13. BTW….no slight to my brown, black, or any other color brothers and sisters by my opening comment….its only a call to seriousness and contemplation.

  14. “Think White and get serious..” as Jack Nicholson famously said in “As Good As It Gets”.

    AFV Bases its theory that by just you being “born”, that you have a certain monetary value, in relation to the USA, that you can claim against it. That, my friends, is horse – shite.

    Now, yes, the government does tax your “economic energy” and they have written laws to do so. Elect men and women to change or amend those laws, and there you have it. I’m not saying it’s likely to happen, but…it could.

    To any person that espouses AFV, I always ask: Did the Jews have a legit gripe when slaving for the Egyptians? Did the African Americans have a legit gripe? Did the Chaldeans………and so on. Point is, that while we have less than a perfect Union here in the US…we do have laws and process that do allow us redress.

    Yes, the courts are what they are….but that’s the best hope we’ve got, like it or not. If enough reason, law and desire are applied…ultimately the courts will hear the cry of the plaintiff.

    It’s just like the old biblical story…..the woman who kept coming before the judge…to the point where finally the judge gave in or saw her argument….this is what we have to do…for ourselves….and for our children. Be relentless….be vigilant….hold those to account who have done wrong….get it in the public record….and then MAYBE we might have a chance….

    God Bless you all who are struggling…..

  15. Enraged, on April 15, 2012 at 7:00 pm said:
    Do you want to know WHY we don’t get any help? Because… all the help is going to people and places that have absolutely nothing to do with us, peons stupid enough to have fallen for the “America is a country of laws”.

    If people don’t revolt after reading this, and the many, many other documented instances of systematic highway robbery committed on our tax dollars, then, so be it: they will have deserved their misery.

  16. Wow! The numbers of banksters jumping ship must be a significant sign on something to come. unless they are all in a hurry to make ten to thirty percent of trillions in whistleblowing money. what ever takes these banks down will make me happy.

  17. Linda…..the expert that you have been ripped off by, if his name is mr.davis and he works under the pretense of a mortgage solution company, he has a file with the Massachusetts atty generals office and I would like to speak with you.

  18. Is this Neil speaking here…..

  19. @ satish Shetty

    “satish shetty, on April 12, 2012 at 8:18 am said:….will report from the battlefield.”

    :-). Are you in NY?

  20. Apologies for typos. On my blackberry and I didn’t proofread well

    Trespass Unwanted

  21. The irony is that strangers to the mortgage/deed never pay with real money, it’s a credit bid. They can do it, we can’t.

    Nonetheless, people are not only desperate, they really want to do the right thing and pay off the alleged debt and be done with it. Many borrowers are fed up with trying to work with the banks and attorneys and are looking for other remedies. This is not much different than receiving some standard medical protocol that soaks up your pocketbook and doesn’t help you back to health, in fact, makes you worse, so you look for an alternative. We can’t blame people for trying to take care of themselves when our own government is not hearing our pain. We know now that our government plays a big part in the scheme to bilk the public.

    The court system is convoluted and I, personally, have been ripped off by three attorneys (one of them the brother of a city attorney), at least four con artists…one that seeks business on this site and calls himself an expert, unfortunately. None of them will return our funds. We have to sue if we want our funds back. More time and money because now we don’t live in the area. Perhaps funds will fall from the sky and a REAL attorney will appear in a fairy costume ready to wave his/her magic wand

    The OCC does not provide adequate review of the foreclosure.
    What next? We have to pray that we can get back on our feet with new jobs and new-found wealth so we can restore the years that the locust have eaten. We have to pray that the U.S. will forgive the mortgages, and not the banks.

    Until then, people will try anything and I don’t blame them.

  22. US Treasury Dept. – 19.2 trillion dollars in household wealth lost …..



  24. Following is a great study on worldwide debt forgiveness and why it it the future if we are to survive as a species. I believe in it. Helps me get up in the morning and sleep like a baby at night. So, hang on tight and wait a little longer. To me, it is the only solution for this mess.

  25. [cont’d]

    Credit from the latin “credo” meaning I believe, is also a “promise to pay.”

    The Subcommittee Report of Senator Patman of Texas’s: Primer on Money outlines the “creation of money” process “officially.”

    If you haven’t read it, you should! (google it. “Primer on Money Patman”

    Another great reference work is Ye Shall Have Honest Weights and Measures by Jim Ewart. Get it!

    I’ll leave it at that. The readers of those works will quickly see where you went deep left and out of the ball park with this report.

    But other than the above, STAY AWAY FROM ACCEPTED FOR VALUE SCHEMES!!!

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