If the Bank Filed Foreclosure Papers, that’s good enough for me — Judge Alan Schwartz, Dade Countyz


On procedure and introduction of evidence and objections relating thereto, you can be as needling as you want to recuse a judge, remembering that you need to recuse the next judge as well and move venue to another county. If you have no feel for the situation, skip it because you will simply look like a fool to the judge, your client and opposing counsel — Neil F Garfield, Esq.

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Editor’s Note: This story will probably not end well for the lawyer or his client but he exactly what I would have done (I have cuffs put on me twice). If you are unwilling to hold the trial judge’s feet to the fire (the rules and laws of evidence and procedure) then do NOT accept any engagement in which you are defending someone’s property from an invalid note, a non-existent debt and a unperfected mortgage lien.

I have conducted several background interviews with Judges in many jurisdictions and 100% of them replied that if the bank was going to the trouble of filing the foreclosure (judicial or non-judicial) then the allegations of the bank are obviously true. This creates a presumption in favor of the pretender lenders who are collectively called “banks” even when they are not banks.

Don’t be intimated by men and women in black robes. On the other hand you must show a respect for the judicial system. You may want say “you are biased.” Aggression in court often backfires unless you are saving the big bang for your finale.

A good question to ask any judge is whether they would agree with the statement that where there is smoke there is fire, i.e., if the foreclosure is filed the borrower is obviously delinquent on payments that are due. The burden of proof is thus turned on its head.

If I sue you for a loan I say I made to you then it is up to me to prove I gave you the money and prove the terms of payback (demand, installment etc.). I would also be required to show the court that the Entire accounting for the loan is in my  regular business records, and show that the borrower made some payments but has been delinquent ever since.

I would also be required to say that if I don’t get paid this money I, as creditor, will suffer a financial loss. AND then I would demand judgment for damages for the losses I proved in court and that were allowable by the original contract for loan.

What is wrong with our judicial system is that the Judges are wrong or not properly informed. But many judicial decisions against borrowers are not wrong — they are inescapably right.This happens when you have tacitly admitted or directly omitted a denial of the debt, the note and the mortgage. I’ve seen a lot of “bad” decisions without a hint of bias. If you are going to admit all the elements of a judicial foreclosure, including the amount owed, you are giving the Judge no choice but to enter a ruling against your client.

In short, it isn’t corruption of the fiduciary at work here so much as the omissions of several essential pleadings and admitting the other side is right before you start. When I sat on the bench I was always looking for admissions against interest — another piece of the puzzle out the window. That is how we manage to cut through the bullcrap to what he honestly believe to be the truth of the matter.

If one side is theoretically right and the other side is theoretically wrong, the side that is wrong will win if the opposition fails to deny facts  that are evident as first  glance at he prospectus and Pooling Servicing Agreement.

Judges presume that there would be no action before them in court unless there existed a valid debt or obligation, a valid note and a perfected recorded lien on the property. Thus the borrower is left holding the holographic image of an empty paper bad. The information as to what really went on with the origination of the loan has already been decided in the Judge’s mind. The information concerning funding of the origination of the loan, and then assignments (“for value received”) are all truthful representations, because a bank said them.

The prevention of voir dire to a witness who is about to introduce a fabricated document forged by a robo-signor is the height of judicial arrogance. Preventing counsel to at least defend based upon cross examination of the bank’s “witnesses” (most of whom are incompetent because they lack personal knowledge) is a complete denial of due process and provides another level of judicial arrogance.

Here is a practice pointer and message to judges: Ask for a sidebar in which you remind the judge that he is not here to decide the case until the case is over and there is no demand for a jury trial. His job is not to assess the veracity of the question but only whether it was properly formulated and relates to any of the claims or defenses filed in the record.

Then comes the zinger. You should say to the Judge that if you are already precluding this case by your own bias arising out of the assumption that the banks wouldn’t foreclose unless their claims were true then he/she must recuse themselves. So what is it going to be Judge — bias or the bliss of blind justice?

As you feel the approach of a enraged Judge who is likely to say that he doesn’t’ need a lecture from you on how to be a judge then you should ask him politely who else he can go to in order to prevent his bias from producing an unjust result. If you think he/she is about to explode then add — because it is obvious that you need a lecture from someone.

Before you travel the recusal route be aware that the Judges all talk about you behind closed doors and while they are not supposed to deal with advice on individual cases or lawyers they do it anyway. When the next Judge is assigned he will have heard only the side of the Judge before him and being a judge and expecting the other judges to cover his back, he will try to mend the record such that the committee in charge of judges does not get wind of these antics.

The new Judge will at first appear to be cold and dispassionate, but he is only waiting for the opportunity to do something that will devastate your case. So ask for a sidebar again. And ask the Judge if he is close friends withe prior judge. Ask if he had any conversation with the prior judge regarding this case? What was said? Given that, Judge, my client feels that a fair trial in this county is probably impossible, asking for a change of venue to another county.

Fireworks in open court today. Matthew Bavaro and Judge Alan Schwartz did not see eye-to-eye in today’s Miami-Dade foreclosure trial.

Tuesday 18th December 2012

by mbavaro

Many of you know that I was in trial this morning for a Miami-Dade County foreclosure client. The judge was the Honorable Alan Schwartz. It was quite the show that left jaws dropping in open court. The judge allowed the note and mortgage into evidence without objection from me. Then the bank tried to introduce the Notice of Acceleration and the loan payment history. I objected and asked the court to allow me to voir dire the witness prior to the introduction of the records. This means I asked for the right to questions the witness about their knowledge regarding the records keeping practices of Bank of America. The judge did not allow me to ask any questions at this stage and allowed the documents into evidence over objection.


So, the bank rested and I got an opportunity to cross examine the witness, or so I thought. I was barely allowed to even ask a question. He shot me down almost every time I asked something. When I went to put my position on the record, he would not allow me to open my mouth. Well, I am not a wall flower, I am going to stand up for my clients.


The acceleration notice that Bank of America sent was invalid in my opinion and about a dozen other judges around the state have found in favor of the homeowner on this very issue with the same acceleration letter from Bank of America. When I raised this to him, he could not believe that I had the audacity to actually ask him to rule in favor of my client. He implied that he is not going to allow a homeowner to stay in their homes without paying their mortgage even if the bank screwed up. When I asked to read the appellate opinions into the record regarding the paragraph 22 defense, his response was basically that he did not care about the letter they sent and the fact that they filed a foreclosure action alone is good enough for him.


At that point I asked the judge to respect my client’s due process rights and pointed out that he was ignoring appellate cases from around the state. At that point he turned to the bank’s lawyer and said “I guess I better let Benjamin Cordozo III ask some questions”. I took this as a personal attack on me, so I asked the judge to recuse himself because by making that statement he showed that he could not be fair to me or my client. He then said that I should take it as a compliment, but he clearly did not mean it as a compliment. He meant to insult me in my opinion. I said that not only was it not a compliment, but I believes that the court intended to slight me in the middle of trial in front of a courtroom full of people. He was not too pleased at this point that I was standing up to him. I started to hand write a motion to recuse him on a piece of yellow notebook paper when he then said that he would recuse himself.


Afterwards when the court reporter started to get up, he made a number of personal attacks on me. Fortunately, the court reporter got back in her seat and got the personal attacks on the record (hopefully, I am waiting for the transcript). At one point he even said I would have a “short and unhappy career”. I am not sure if that was meant to be a threat or not. Well, Your Honor, I have been practicing law for over thirteen years and, thank the Almighty above, my career has been extremely successful because I work hard, I fight for my clients, and I never roll over and play dead.

In the thousands of cases I have handled, I do not recall ever asking a judge to disqualify themselves, but what is going on in Miami-Dade county before certain judges is a travesty of justice. I see homeowner after homeowner losing their homes every day without regard to due process of law. I even saw Judge Alan Schwartz force a case to trial when the homeowner had a Motion to Dismiss pending that had not been ruled on yet. So, the homeowner did not even get to file any affirmative defenses! The case was not at issue and it was CLEALRLY error to force the case to trial. Of the 40 or so cases set for trial today, my client was the only one who walked out of their without a sale date, except for a couple of cases where the bank failed to show up.


Miami-Dade county is just setting hundreds of foreclosure cases for trial at a time without regard to whether any attorney is available or ready. I think this is a problem and shows that in Miami-Dade county, they are just interested in plowing through foreclosures, not administering justice and due process. I am an experienced trial attorney and I will try foreclosure cases all day long because I love fighting for my clients. However, at least give the homeowners a fair shake and rule in their favor when appropriate.


Read the recusal order here.

Foreclosure Defense in Miami-Dade

Posted on December 18th, 2012 by Mark Stopa

I don’t know Matthew Bavaro, a fellow foreclosure defense attorney who practices in Miami. However, the story he posted on his blog today struck a cord with me, as it’s eerily similar to an experience I had in Miami a few weeks ago. At this point, it’s time – perhaps past time – that I shared my experience and voiced my concerns.

I had a trial scheduled in Miami, and when I arrived in court, it was apparent that dozens of other trials had all been set for the same time, before the same judge. While it’s never ideal to have to sit around and wait for your case to be called, it gave me the chance to watch other cases. Wow, what a nightmare. As each trial started, the judge made an unsolicited “offer” to defense counsel of a 120-day sale date, advising the defendant that if he/she did not take the deal, the “offer” would be off the table after the trial. That was the judge’s routine procedure – without hearing any evidence, or knowing anything about the facts of the case, the judge was essentially telling the homeowner “you better consent to judgment and accept a sale date in 120 days or I’m going to rule against you and set an earlier sale date.”

Punishing homeowners for going to trial. Wow. Just … wow. That alone is nuts. Candidly, I told that story to a local judge (not a fellow defense attorney – a local JUDGE), and he couldn’t believe it. There is no circumstance – none – where a judge should be taking it upon himself to tell a defense attorney that he is going to lose at trial and he should accept the judge’s deal, and that’s precisely what this judge was doing.

Can you imagine this in any other context? How about a criminal case … judge tells the defendant “you better accept this plea, as if you go to trial, I’m going to rule against you and impose a harsher sentence.” Totally nuts.

Anyway, it only got worse from there. As the “trials” proceeded, they weren’t trials at all. Nobody even sat at counsel table. Instead, the judge forced everyone to stand, right in front of the bench, for the trial. Clearly, the judge wasn’t intending that the “trials” last very long, not even allowing the homeowners or their lawyers to sit down.

As the trials went forward, to my amazement, it was typically not the plaintiffs’ attorneys who were asking the questions, but the judge himself! Yes, instead of forcing the plaintiffs’ lawyer to question the witnesses and prosecute the cases, the judge took it upon himself to prosecute the cases from the bench. That didn’t just happen once or twice, either – it was the judge’s routine.

The combination of what I observed – the judge trying to coerce defendants into settling, then prosecuting the cases for the plaintiffs – convinced me that I could not get a fair trial. So when my case was called, I moved to disqualify the judge.

Once he saw my case was going to be contested, the judge immediately pushed my case to the end of the docket. Hence, I kept watching the same broken record, one “trial” after another.

Finally, it got to my turn. Before the “trial” started, I finished my motion to disqualify the judge. I explained in detail the facts set forth above and how they caused me a well-reasoned fear that the judge could not be fair and impartial. Motion denied.

Then I moved to continue the trial so I could file a written motion to disqualify. Motion denied.

Then I moved for a stay pending appeal, as I was entitled to have the appellate court rule on whether the judge could preside on the case before the trial proceeded. Motion denied.

Then, before the trial began, I argued the plaintiff should not be allowed to introduce certain exhibits into evidence because plaintiff failed to provide copies to me before trial, as the court had ordered. The judge asked the plaintiff if that was true and counsel admitted it was. The judge asked if counsel had an excuse and he had none. The plaintiff was stuck – they violated an order and failed to provide me documents that I was entitled to receive before trial. But instead of punishing or penalizing the plaintiff, the judge ordered the trial was continued so plaintiff could provide me the documents.

I immediately interjected, telling the judge I did not ask for a continuance. The judge seemed surprised, asking me what I thought the remedy should be. I explained that the trial should proceed, but the plaintiff should not get to use the exhibits it failed to provide to me. That would mean, of course, that the plaintiff could not prove its case (and that I would win at trial), and the judge made it clear that wasn’t an option. So the judge again ruled the trial was continued.

How frustrating. The plaintiff screwed up, but I was being forced to come back again on a different day (from Tampa). So I explained how I had traveled to the trial from Tampa, and that I was prepared, so if I had to come again because the plaintiff screwed up, then I should get fees for having to do so. Motion denied (technically, deferred ruling until after the case was over, but basically denied).

These are the facts, as they transpired, as they would appear on a transcript. What the transcript won’t reflect, however, is the indescribably nasty way the judge treated me. The hostility of his tone. The anger in his voice. HOW DARE I come into his court and ask for – no, insist upon! – due process in a foreclosure case. The hostility was so apparent, I felt compelled to say, as the trial was ending “let the record reflect that the judge is staring at me with an incredibly nasty stare,” or words to that effect.

At that point, the judge was truly irate, inviting plaintiff’s counsel to comment about the judge’s demeanor. That prompted me, of course, to ask why the judge was questioning the factual basis of my motion to disqualify him. Then the judge smiled at me, waved, and said “have a nice trip back to Tampa, counselor,” in the most condescending tone I’ve ever heard – not just in a courtroom, but ever.

Read Matthew Bavaro’s post. This isn’t about me, and it’s not about Mr. Bavaro. This is about a court system that is repeatedly and systematically causing experienced, reasonable attorneys to believe there is nothing close to due process or fair trials transpiring in foreclosure cases in Miami right now. Perhaps most alarming is that the judge with whom I had my bad experience was NOT the judge before whom Mr. Bavaro had his. In other words, the issues in Miami aren’t limited to one judge – multiple judges are causing these concerns.

I get that the judges wear the robes and get to make the rulings. They have the authority, and no matter how much I disagree with the rulings, they have to be respected. I get that. And I’m not suggesting that anyone not respect the judges and not follow their rulings. However, when the judges don’t follow the law, and act in ways that make it clear they aren’t comporting with requirements of due process, it’s up to us, as advocates, to do whatever possible – within the law and professional ethics – to compel them to do so. We aren’t doormats – we’re advocates. Even when it’s uncomfortable, we have to act as advocates for our clients.

I left Miami that day with a continuance. In virtually every other case, the Plaintiff got a foreclosure judgment, often with little or no opposition. I talked to several other defense attorneys about the process, and though most shared my concerns, most of them were afraid to say anything or do anything about it (for fear of upsetting the judge). I’m sorry, but being a doormat isn’t the answer.

From what I understand, the senior judges in foreclosure cases get paid $300/day. I’d very much like to think that the Miami judges aren’t rushing through trials in this manner because they’re trying to get through the work day faster. Whatever the motive, however, it’s time – probably past time – that defense attorneys act as advocates and help the judges understand that the processes being described by Mr. Bavaro and myself are wrong.

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  2. Stripes: you are right on point. http://www.VeteransToday.com supports your findings.
    Funny you mentioned Ram Emaneul earlier because I just watched this video about him posted on the above website yesterday:

  3. This judge sounds like he believes he is judge, jury and executioner. These are perilous times when judges believe any entity is above the law. This is Article 11 v 9….an the call to arm ourselves really began on 9/11…..

  4. First they wage a war on terror by taking away our rights, with the Patriot Act, they use that act to steal and transfer our wealth overseas, then they blame us for our own robbery and use that as a weapon to ruin the economy then, they steal your livelihood and your pension and your private healthcare, then, the roof over your head, then they raise the prices of everything you need to survive, then they institute a NDAA…shut down the mental hospitals…..start closing schools…..and taking away your weapons. Sure sounds like Hitler’s Germany.

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  6. Now that I believe. That’s how the crooks make it impossible for attorneys to be honest and that’s why they won’t fight the fraud unless these crooks screw some elderly couple or maybe a war hero. That is why an uneducated America is what they want, helpless people are easy to rob, and unarmed ones are even easier. They want to tattoo us to their crimes with their microchip….complete communism means complete control by these psychopaths. The real FED stress test is they want to see what we will allow them to get way with. So far, it’s just about everything. They have their “medichip” waiting in the wings with Obamacare. If we allow these crooks to rob us, institute the NDAA, steal our property in exchange for their massive unsustainable quadrillion in debt fraud and then disarm us then the microchip tattoo and the train ride to the FEMA concentration camp or a worse means of extermination can’t be far off. You can see the evil glint in the eyes of these traitor politicians, they don’t work for WE THE PEOPLE, they are IMPOSTERS.

  7. attorneys get disbarred once they file complaint against judges or the criminal legal system. One example was what Spire law group which was raided by Kabla Harris Mafia and disbarred after filing his $43 trillion lawsuit against all banks, gov. entities & dozens of their corrupt officers…
    To find out some of the extents of these crimes you can check out related articles on http://www.VeteransToday.com

  8. usedkarguy: Thanks for the memory. I grew up on Earl Weaver! All this time I thought learned my bad language from the Navy, clearly it was from listening the Baltimore Oriole network!

  9. Catherine Bauer spent fifteen years working as a bankruptcy lawyer for Bank of America. She was the Corporate Bankruptcy lawyer. She then worked tirelessly to have the bankruptcy laws changed to favor banks over homeowners. She was rewarded with a judicial position in California BK court, where she routinely presides over bankruptcy cases where Bank of America is seeking relief from stay. Not surprisingly, she rules in favor of Bank of America more often than the merits of the case allows.

    When I objected to her flagrant disregard of the law, she had several armed federal guards escort my family from the court. Fortunately, we have an appeals process that allowed me to highlight her flagrant abuse. While I have no confidence in the BAP’s willingness to follow the law, I am also willing to appeal their decision should they reach the wrong conclusion.

    (In my specific case, she stated on the record that she (1) had not seen nor read my opposition to their RFS motion); (2) did not care about my arguments. In her words, the only thing that mattered was “You haven’t paid in 55-months.”

    Always order a transcript. Find a way to have your own stenographer there. You will be rewarded.

    It gets even better … I had a hearing on an injunction before what I thought was a fair judge. He was running late, and even though both parties agreed to wait, our case was assigned to a new judge. As “luck” would have it, we were assigned Tam Schummann. She is the ONLY judge I have ever filed a formal complaint against. I accused her of fraud, contempt of court, operating outside of her jurisdiction, and suborning perjury. She should have properly recused herself, but instead she ruled from chambers without entering the courtroom. She refused to accept my written statement, though she did accept the statement from “the Defendant”. Only problem is that …

    I am suing Bank of America but U.S. Bank showed up to defend!

    Since her ruling didn’t hurt me (we were able to stop the sale without a stay), I didn’t bother to appeal. I am calling her on it, though.

    Good luck and stay the course. It’s not you. It’s them. Thanks for participating.

  10. They are all in cahoots with the crooks.

  11. As an attorney you are obligated to report misconduct even if its not your case. If this was the judges would get the message but they know the lawyers are afraid to fiel complaints.

  12. DOCX, LPS, LSI, all belong & work for Fidelity Title, According to corporate disclosure documents linked on this page:


  13. Blacks Law Dictionary, Black Shoals mathematics, Black letter law, U.N. Black ops, Blackwater, the Black is White Pope, our first “Black President”….. all fronts for the Black Nobility…

  14. ……and their criminal friends on Wall Street.

  15. & we ask someone to donate a few dozen rowboat for the MSM…& the politicians.

  16. I say we start a petition to clear all of our property titles back to WE THE PEOPLE……THE ONLY TRUE TITLE HOLDERS OF RECORD….

  17. Article 9….blah…blah….blah..how were these securities created…? Let me see those so called internal documents that prove these claims exist that insure surety bondsmen….because that is my legal right as a Natural Born U.S. Citizen..big fat bullshitters..that’s all they are…professional liars who aim to deceive to defraud WE THE PEOPLE out of everything we worked our entire lives for.

  18. CPRC Chapter 12 and the Problems of Interpretation
    Background: The Republic of Texas
    For those not familiar with the issue, there was a group that achieved notoriety some years ago known as the Republic of Texas. Briefly, they contended that, because Texas was a separate nation at the time of its admission to the United States, the legislation authorizing the entry of Texas into the Union was illegal. These individuals went so far as to create their own version of a court system and began issuing “judgments” against people who opposed them. In general, the victims were government officials who had attempted to shut down the activities of this group, but instead found themselves saddled with fake liens, claims, and judgments.

    Passage of Chapter 12
    To combat this problem, the Texas legislature felt it necessary to pass legislation which criminalized the filing of counterfeit judgments and liens. In addition, the legislature tinkered with the civil system’s existing methods for dealing with illegitimate filings (sanctions, etc.) by passing Chapter 12 of the CPRC. A person may not use a document with the “knowledge” that it is “fraudulent,” with the intent that it be given the same effect as a court document, and with the intent of harming another person. The offender is subject to a $10,000 fine or actual damages, plus costs, attorneys fees, and exemplary damages.

    The problem with the wording of Chapter 12 is that it does not clearly restrict its scope to counterfeit or bogus court filings. Instead, it seeks to address what it calls “fraudulent” documents without ever defining the exact meaning. Of course, the legislative history behind the statute clearly references such things as “bogus judgments from nonexistent courts” and “impersonating civil servants,” which makes it plain that judgments and liens issued by real courts were not intended to be included. Unfortunately, Chapter 12 failed to contain language excluding actions obtained by real courts. It is equally disconcerting that Texas courts are not always accepting of legislative history in order to explain the meaning of a statute.

    The Current Controversy
    Because judgments obtained from real courts are not expressly excluded, activist consumer attorneys have begun attacking pleadings filed by creditors, even judgments obtained by mistake. The consumers take the position that the statute punishes court filings that are fraudulent and that it is a question of intent as to whether the filing was fraudulent. As we can all imagine, given the current economic atmosphere and the increasing numbers of individuals who are either in default or concerned about their financial futures, it is especially troublesome that juries can review our pleadings to determine the intent behind the filing.

    hmmm–this appears to reach the lawfirm

  19. ……and women? Usedkarguy are you getting soft…? That’s why I believe in miracles.

  20. poppy says;
    “Maybe it’s time we start taking on the law firms and lawyers on a personal level. Hit the low-hanging fruit.”

    we’re doing that with fraud and racketeering, forgery charges. judge didn’t like the idea, that why she tried to derail the case. She sees those yahoo lawyers every week. They’re in her club, i’m not.

    can’t wait to hear from the district judge.

    did everybody have a good Christmas?
    Peace on Earth, and good will toward men. And women.

  21. I have witnessed victims leaving these so called halls of justice….homeless & in tears. I have witnessed judges telling victims get an attorney or your roof is going to sale in 2 months. That is terrorism ….. show me the law that says you must hire a corrupt attorney who is going to force you to comply, conform & cooperate with criminals….? Poor…brainwashed, uneducated victims, that is what these traitor politicians have allowed to happen to WE THE PEOPLE. When you don’t know what the laws are that govern the creation of securities, and you don’t know the laws that govern banking, credit and investing then you don’t know what these crooks have done and you become their victim.

  22. I agree poppy about the judges accepting anything from these FEDSTER crooks. That is also treason and it is lawlessness disguised as debt collection… How do you steal the roof over millions of victims heads who lost their livelihoods by extorting endless bailouts from your fellow man and hand it over to known criminals …. ? No consciences, no morals, no souls….greed…. selfishness…horrible people….the worst of mankind….in human.

  23. It’s all for the sake of the economy is the mindset these judges are told to have. This is all about “saving” our criminal friends on Wall Street and in return the banks will insure your big fat pension plans… b.s the politicians tell them…while the economy gets worse. Blame the victims…..treat them like shit and show them no mercy…..the Federal Government can’t afford to bail out their criminal perps on Wall Street….Traitors, that’s all these politicians are, and that is where most of the blame belongs. These are supposed to be MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES and there are a certain set of laws that need to be followed to create a SECURITY and there has to be collateral backing up the MORTGAGE BACKED part. The FED has neither so the traitor politicians have allowed the pirates to hijack us…….50 plus trillion, 20 million fraudclosures these crooks have criminally extorted to date….plus GLORIFIED MEDICARE in the form of OBAMACARE and the GSE’s are claiming billions more in losses due to the LIBOR fraud and there is now a “looming fiscal cliff.” What will it take for the American people to see these are criminal acts…..? Guns being held to their heads. …? There is a quadrillion in fraud here these crooks committed….do the politicians, the judges and the lawyers and the cops really believe their pensions are guaranteed when the economy is getting progressively worse….? How will they get paid when WE THE PEOPLE are bankrupted….? DO THEY BELIEVE THE FEDSTERS ARE GOING TO PAY THEM OUT OF THEIR POCKETS……? HA….HELL NO….! Are they going to get bigger rations than all the rest of us….? Is that really what they want….? Who are the real stupid ones here….?

  24. I dont think its so slick–nor that bulletproof—LO Brown probably is not all that slick right now—–and she will be incriminating others –her customers —-those who gave her instructions—if discovery is permitted

  25. They have to prove status of holder or holder in due course at the onset in Illinois and they have stolen how many properties—the terms are UCC. A theif [of a proper payee indorsed note can be a holder, but not owner in constitutional terms. The terms holder etc are UCC but that has a different purpose–expeditious transfer of drafts that is not necessarily consistent with handling of mortgage backed notes.

    Ownership can and often must be established by other information–which must be balanced by the court as to credibility with varying forms of security. The theif should put up a cash bond. Or have a guarantor because eventually the predatory collection and thin claims will force the entity into bankruptcy or attempts to defraud creditors by “sales” of bulk assets by shareholders in spinoffs-slitups or simly bulk sales. The promise of a servicer/debt collector of released indebtedness is as valuable as a puff of smoke.

    It is simply put theft by deception: profer forged documents with no intent of carrying out promises made. The intentional element is found by a simle test-profitability.It is cheaper and easier to create legal-looking documents to fill up the courts file than to present real evidence. To put some folks there in the chair or even onthe phone on record to explain the trail of custody and timing of indorsement. these facts affect the makers ongoing continegent liability to the trustee bank and/or other claimants with support by public document eh art 9 scheduling—plus internal records and a surety is all it takes.

    holder becomes an obsolete concept if the note is destroyed asap after origination–of course it would be negligence as to investor interests—so there must be some sort of proof to avoid the certainty of a surety

  26. Hey stripes

    I haven’t seen many judges make them prove anything, NADA. And they twist the meaning of the words. Sat and listened to many of them, holder…to them it means on a CD or a copy of the “note”
    DocX – type, physically holding a copy?..not what it means in Black’s Law Dictionary. Everything they say is a lie…some of them are slick and 90% are lies, tempered with a tad of truth. Slick willies.

  27. College education these days is very specific, by the book. Try and teach out of it and you are out of a job! Then you are told to watch how you grade, ’cause we wouldn’t want too many to fail, otherwise the checks stop and one can be accused of bias…I know because I was an Adjunct Professor…and that’s exactly what I was told. I tried to teach outside the book, being self-employed I understood what it takes to succeed and was called out in front of a class, for telling the truth about what really goes on. The point: this stuff you are seeing is ingrained from a very young age and continues in higher education.

  28. They have to prove status of holder or holder in due course at the onset in Illinois and they have stolen how many properties…? I don’t see the people putting up a fight. Most Americans are so uneducated and brainwashed they will fall for anything. Even the college educated ones.

  29. There are some interesting articles today at this link…..

  30. Back in Black…….Hells Bells …..by AC/DC…. Sympathy for the Devil…..Shattered…..by the Rolling Stones….Money……by Pink Floyd…there is alot of truth in music.

  31. I am not a fan of Obama, however, we have to realize the real players hiding behind the scenes of this have hijacked our entire Government. They hijacked the Presidency when they assassinated J.F.K. and we are now living their evil endgame plan. Obama is not working for WE THE PEOPLE and either are the Congress or the Senate. This is why Government secrets, lies and deceit got us in trouble. I call out the truth when I hear because it is so rarely spoken, even if it is said by a liar. Apparently, even liars tell the truth on rare occassions.

  32. Really?

  33. carlos santana= everlast


    Hey now, all you sinners
    Put your lights on,
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    Hey now all you lovers
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    ‘Cause there’s a monster,
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    whispering in my ear
    And there’s an angel,
    with a hand on my head
    She say I got nothing to fear

    There’s a darkness,
    living deep in my soul
    Its still got a purpose to serve
    So let your lights shine,
    deep into my home
    God don’t let me lose my nerve,
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    There’s an angel, with a hand on my head
    She say’s I’ve got nothing to fear
    La illaha illa Allah
    We all shine like stars
    La illaha illa Allah
    We all shine like stars
    Then we fade away

  34. Wisconsin is a title state, so we are deeded owners at equity and law. Foreclosing bank must prove up their lien to take the property. We have stopped four proofs of claim in BK.

  35. Judging from his behavior, Obummer, that is, he does cooperate with financial terrorists. And he allows them to terrorize the citizens, every day!

  36. Please allow me to clarify…..the U.S. GOVERNMENT says they do not cooperate with known terrorists …… so why do we….?

  37. I remember a while back during the height of the loan mod fiasco I heard Obama say….why won’t we just cooperate….? That’s it, in a nutshell….don’t cooperate with the terrorists…the U.S. Government doesn’t, so why do we….?

  38. These commie crooks want us to rent all of the property that WE THE PEOPLE already overpaid paid for…ho..ho…ho…!

  39. That’s right poppy….it’s Merry Xmas from the Globalist…..ho….ho….ho’s…

  40. I was referring to christine chewing Colleen’s ass out, DAH?

    You cannot negotiate with these terrorists….any of them. A modification gives them your blue-ink signature, which they use against you.

    In my complaint in the Delaware Court, I call them terrorists, as they are…use the definition from Homeland Security, I like that one.

    Our entire existence is in their hands. For me, this is bigger than fraud, it is an entire redistribution of real property and indentured slavery. People in this country have a short memory. They forget why people even migrated to this land.

    We have lost the majority of our liberties. The last piece is the right to bear arms, because they are afraid of US! I am hoping this last shot at our liberty and freedom is the tip over point for many.

    This Government is totally “corrupt” from top to bottom. When was the last time “we the people” have voted on anything significant, except the Presidential election, which has been bought down to 2 candidates? Then we have our president (ugh), who has used his executive powers hundreds of times in 4 years, to circumvent the rights and will of the citizens. This man has no balls. He is the laughing stock of the free world. This is outrageous.

    The courts are just the symptom of a larger problem. Just because someone says you owe them money, doesn’t make it true. The contracts are void without proper consideration, PERIOD! The thing most people are forgetting is the lawyers crafted all the language in these contracts and the lawyers are aiding and abetting the fraud and forgery. Maybe it’s time we start taking on the law firms and lawyers on a personal level. Hit the low-hanging fruit.

  41. The reason why I expose these crooks & their plans is, the unfortunate thing is, there are millions of victims of this massive financial scam who don’t get it and are still negotiating with these terrorists. This learning process begins when the first loan mod fails and if people don’t wake up then and begin educating themselves, they really don’t get it. I have told victims point blank what these crooks are doing to them is criminal…why it is criminal and why they shouldn’t believe a word they say. They just look right through you as if part of their brain has been disconnected. It’s eerie….like someone has labotomized them. That is why I believe the truth being spoken is so dangerous to their evil plans. We might just flip on the switch these crooks managed to flip off.

  42. @ dc

    Could be, as anyone who thanks one for insulting them, into clarity about this situation…wow, is all I can say. Anyone who is in the trenches on this gets it, they need “No” help identifying the problem.

  43. I don’t work with or for anybody. I speak for myself.

  44. The truth is Obama & company are re-socialists…COMPLETE COMMUNISTS……Re-socializing a QUADRILLION dollars in unsustainable credit fraud created by Wall Street IS fascism that will lead to complete communism. That is what these crooks are really doing and that will bankrupt WE THE PEOPLE. Then prepare for their complete communist fix which will be the seizure of everything WE THE PEOPLE paid for by these Globalist whores …. our enemies both foreign & domestic. The fiscal cliff is fascism and it may be just what will finally bankrupt WE THE PEOPLE. Millions of Americans believe that is why these traitors from within, both foreign (piers Morgan)and domestic want to seize our military grade weapons.

  45. er was much smarter—-maybe one of the team–the day shift—she had multiple languages–like the newbie colleen that stripes works with

  46. im sick of brits coming here ignorant of constitutional rights and telling us what to do—–70% of tghe gdp of uk is bank sham income—is that what you want–a package like tha–its not a bag that you can sort thru—all or nothing—the only weakness of the petition is it does not cover the entire batch of ny brits–like wsj guy who listens to your cell ohone if he pleases—-too much even for brits but aok here

    they should be happy to be be repatriated rather than incarcerated–a whole nation of manipulators

    you think the queen is a figurehead–did you know she owns the entire outer continental shelf—and all the oil and gas???? bnoc –bp–subject to 50% override royalty—competeition???/ its a dirty word there

  47. May I add, the Americans who are buying into what they are selling …..their fascists fixes for massive financial fraud by these Globalist crooks is leading to the complete destruction of all of their freedom & independence. Exposing all of their dirty secrets, lies and deceit to defraud WE THE PEOPLE is our most potent weapon.

  48. @poppy….these people are not our friends unless you are a socialist or a communist. What we have here in the United States of America is the attempt to completely communize us because of the set up “failure” of socialism by the Globalists which was in reality our robbery by these Globalist crooks.

  49. @ stripes

    Sounds very familiar…Enraged was tossed off for what appears to be the same type of diatribes. Hmmm…….

  50. Then don’t call me out Christine…you are a Globalist schill. It doesn’t matter if you are on the socialist side or the communist side, everything you say flies in the face of our Original Constitutional Republic. I rest my case on your disrespected comments towards WE THE PEOPLE who fund and pay for everything in this country. You crooks have mistaken our kindness for weakness for a long time and you are all in for a rude awakening for underestimating how the American people feel about their freedom and independence.

  51. “I called for his deportation a long time ago.”

    I rest my case. And I told you not to associate me with anything you do or write.

  52. RE the fraudclosure moratorium……Too many Americans are soo severely brainwashed they don’t even know how badly they were robbed. They don’t realize the “someone” who is owed this money is WE THE PEOPLE….

  53. There are a lot of battles in this war against us Christine, and that foreigner is a big part of the problem. I called for his deportation a long time ago. I suggested putting him on a rowboat to China. The American people don’t get what they deserve, they were greatly deceived by criminals and they are figuring it out. As far as the foreclosure moratorium, millions of Americans still believe the big lie banks aren’t predators and they have a president who is a liar and told the nation what wall street did was not necessarily criminal. HA..That’s why the INTENT to DECEIVE IS CRIMINAL IN THE U.S.A…This nation has been hijacked by a foreign interest that is so evil it is beyond most Americans ability to comprehend. Piers Morgan is a moron and he and his Globalist pals deserve everything they get.

  54. What a f’en joke this country has become!

    “White House Petition To Deport Piers Morgan Passes Threshold, Now At 60,000 Signatures
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/25/2012 – 09:56


    Since 2005, this country has not once been able to put together 60,000 signatures to force a foreclosure moratorium nationwide. But deport Pierce Morgan for having the gumption to speak against weapons? you bet! Now you’re talking real, important decisions that will affect everyone and is bound to save the economy!!!

    This country deserves everything it got. It obviously hasn’t fallen enough yet to put some brain into its people.

  55. Having a Place to go is a Home, Having Someone to Love is Family, Having Both is a Blessing. Always Fight for What is Right, … Merry Christmas Everyone and May Your Blessings Be Many.

  56. We are being dictated to from behind the scenes, by very different personages than what they appear to be.

  57. RE my comments….WE THE PEOPLE all have to do our part DC…..

  58. What’s with the new pic usedkarguy…?

  59. UKG
    “we have have title in our name, plaintiff reopened and petitioned to withdraw LP and judgment of f/c”
    im intrif=gued bt the 1st part becausethere are now cases emefrging where bank is rejecting deals made by servicers –no release etc–on basis that servicer did not have POA—and servcers hate to give you their POA
    but i do not understand how you came by title after a foreclosure to which you were a party unless you bought the property out and are now facing the 2nd coming????.

  60. and what if the trustee is unaware of actions of counsel? we have have title in our name, plaintiff reopened and petitioned to withdraw LP and judgment of f/c. 100k plus in legal $$$? at who’s BEHEST?

  61. solly, you’re throwing the T word around. Are you using TRUSTEE as TRUSTEE on a DEED OF TRUST or TRUSTEE of the Securitization?

  62. Paid ….? I wish. As to this stuff being wacko. The control freaks behind the scenes of this are wacko. All I can say is do your own research. Something tells me you already know this is all true.

  63. Actually what she is —its an amalgamation of a team—-its like a pressteam–one researchin–one posting —-theyv memorized the rant——she is an internet robosigner—too active too long to be one–no gaps–there is a didtinct shift change around 4–3 shifts possible

  64. E Tolle….personally, I like to know who my real enemies are. They are not who they appear to be. How does that help me in front of the bench…? The truth empowers me. My question for you is, why does the truth bother you so much…? How is the truth being spoken a diatribe…?

  65. no shes too persistant to be wacko–theeare at least two –they are paid—maybe 3-4

  66. Hey stupes, what good’s the meme about 8 families going to do for you when you’re in front of the bench? And all these other senseless diatribes you spew out? Is there anything that you can say that will sway a judge? Or do you just love to hear yourself type?

    386 posts on this thread and a dozen are by posters other than yourself.

  67. I have no doubt we will overcome this.

  68. christine, I agree that it will eventually all unravel, and that they will lose in the long run, as all Ponzi’s implode eventually. But I also believe that they’ll be handed my deal on a platter, for the judges still aren’t willing to vote against their pensions and their country club buddies where I’m from.

    NOBODY defeats the banks in my neck of the woods. And they think nothing of breaking the law directly in front of the bench, with absolutely no repercussions. Rat bastards one and all.

  69. Make no mistake, it is the black nobility hiding behind the scenes of this. We have a black nobilty pope & a black nobility president and I am not referring to the color of their skin. It is symbolic of who are hiding behind the scenes of this. The Jesuits are the mastermind controllers. They don’t give a damn about you, or the dog you have buried in the backyard. They brainwash their perps like moynihan, blankfein and dimon. They are diabolical and manical control freaks beyond imagination. There are 8 large families controlling everything from behind the scenes.

  70. E. ToLLe,

    “But I have no doubt that they will win.” I have no doubt they can’t and they won’t. They may drag many down first but they will absolutely lose in the end.

    Otherwise, what was the point of it all?

  71. Oppression breeds a legion of Madame Lefarge’s
    “Madame Defarge
    Possessing a remorseless bloodlust, Madame Defarge embodies the chaos of the French Revolution. The initial chapters of the novel find her sitting quietly and knitting in the wine shop. However, her apparent passivity belies her relentless thirst for vengeance. With her stitches, she secretly knits a register of the names of the revolution’s intended victims

    I know that the lying cheating attorneys for collector are on the top of many lists—there should be a list made and published–add the names of those who are the running dogs of the oppressors so that our children can hunt them AND THEIR CHILDREN down like mad dogs in the future and return the favors with which they reward us and ours today. They rolled the dice–lets see how those dice fall in 10-20 years—when they cry “we just did what we were told”–make no exceptions–grant no exemptions—simply return to them the same remorseless punishment with which they reward us—–those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it–or suffer its repitition

  72. Just like in usedkarguy’s case, I too have two notes proffered to the court. I have no idea what they were thinking, if anything. If this isn’t the perfect smoking gun to convince a judge that multiple claims can and will arise out of this nonsense, I don’t know what will.

    So just in my case, I have two notes entered by the scumbags into evidence, and on the mortgage side, bank A assigned to bank B, then a couple years later, bank A assigned to bank C. I’d love to see the valuable consideration slips on that.

    These guys are all criminals, and not very bright ones at that. But I have no doubt that they will win. They have the full weight of all branches of the government on their side, including a totally captured judiciary. In their eyes, we’re simply chattel, more worthy of paying rent to them until they conjure up the next levered up – bubbly scam that takes from the poor and feeds their endless gluttony. Fuck them all.

  73. CWHL did not file 08 Judicial as agent, but filed as owner via 1st Advantage Mortgage. There was no title transfer from MERS to CWHL filed before CWHL filed LP. It was filed by MERS three years later when we flipped out about the outstanding LP on title after they played the property tax card. Show me the Sale (Allonge) of the Note between 1st Advantage to CWHL? MERS? Remember it is NOT registered with Fannie or Freddie or the SEC. I have copy of origional Allonge in black affixed seperatly to the Note in the Closing package. Show the the Transfer with a Name.

  74. It’s A Wonderful Life, But A Hell Of A Scam

    Have you put any real pressure on those people of yours to pay
    those mortgages?

    Times are bad, Mr. Moynihan. A lot of these people are out of work.

    Then foreclose!

    I can’t do that. These families have children.

    They’re not my children.

    But they’re somebody’s children.

    Are you running a business or a charity ward?

    But….Mr. Moynihan, you’ve already sold the loans! You can’t….

    MOYNIHAN (interrupting)

    Then fabricate the documents man! What’s wrong with you!

    But what about the regulators? Won’t the OCC…


    Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are! WE ARE THE REGULATORS, GET IT! NOW FORECLOSE ON EVERYONE!!!!!

  75. @MS

    This issue is very important to me and Id like your views–the UCC is hopelessly complicated and leans far in the banks favor

    iv seen the following repeatedly but I cant seem to extract a good citation for it:

    “Unauthorized Indorsement: RULE: The first party to accept an instrument bearing an unauthorized indorsement will bear the burden of loss, unless the unauthorized indorsement is that of the payee, in which case the loss falls on the drawer/maker. Why? You had the opportunity to inspect that person’s credentials and authenticity.”


    Id appreciate your thoughts

  76. @MS

    Why would a maker be concerned about a forged indorsement?

    suppose you as maker deliver the note to A. A’s warehouse is broken into. Thief B grabs the note and forges the indorsement. You become aware that the warehouse was broken into and another party C has an interest in the note. B demands payment–telling you if somebody else comes along they are the frauder. Are you saying that maker can pay the note? without becoming a negligent party himself?

    Materials iv looked at indicate that the HOLDER of the note is entitled to enforce—a person in possession who has forged the initial indorsement is a thief but not a holder—if the bearer instrument was stolen that is another matter–in any event a theif by any route does not OWN the note—a party to have constitutional due process must be the owner —–yes we all know the ucc is banker friendly and bankers will tell you all day long it matters ot who you pay—-but if faced with a theif who forged an indorsement on one hand and an outfit that filed a ucc art 9 schedule 7 years ago—-and has records—hmmm—i wonder why they ignore each other and both come for the maker

    whatd i do wrong–learn too much–is ignorance bliss?

  77. If forged indorsements are Ok –the document legally enforceable under #-301 et seq——–then leta just do away with indorsements entirely——-

    The endorsements are for the protection of a purchaser of value. If A sells a note to “B” and does not endorse . Then A sells to C and does endorse , forgery or otherwise. the court is left to determine who was negligent and who is entitled by his or her own efficiencies
    … by way of demanding an authentic signature ..

    Your making an argument for the integrity of the successors for a note the you signed and that assets value is an issue for the asset holder – not a claim by you.

    If you tried to tender and they gave you a false or forged signature upon releasing to the maker a COPY of his note – absent having it stamped paid – then I would feel the need for arguments.

    Anyway , the endorsement is for an asset that is held in the dominion of trust and a trustee the highest ranking fiduciary known to common law the US judiciary and AC DC fans in the mash pit. Trustee hires counsel to conduct his affairs . No trustee can allow this sh#$ to happen . that’s the answer ……Trustee would never need a power of sale anyway – a trustee agent or attorney bringing a foreclosure is merely incidental to trust

  78. Collene,

    I was a little harsh but I also understand that, faced with the kind of tragedy you’ve gone through, losing one’s sanity is almost a given.

    E. ToLLe mentioned one of us, on this site, whom we witnessed going down as surely as the sun sets over the course of a few months. We know he was from Modesto, CA. He had lost his job, was on the brinks of being evicted, was no longer paying any of his bills, had debts up to his eye balls and had started hitting the bottle (if not worse) after his wife left him with the kids. One night, we read an article about a Modesto guy. The Sheriff had come to evict him. He blew him up, along with the locksmith and a couple of swat team guys and he was shot. We all know it is the same guy. Numbing yourself in front of the TV is a normal reaction for a while. Yet, life goes on and we all must get back up and move on.

    The insanity on this site is only a symptom of what is going on in people’s life. Some become nasty and go on the attack, others become paranoid, psychotic, delusional, you name it. Numbing one’s self is the most innocuous reaction after losing everything. The reason I wrote that post to you is that, if you expect to fight and want a crack at winning something back, everything you do will be held against you. Banks won’t hesitate publicly trashing you if necessary. No need to give them the info they need for that. And the spelling of your name is so odd that it wasn’t difficult finding out what you’ve been up to.

    My apologies for being so tough on you. Merry Christmas.

  79. not to nitpick but you may be subrogated to the county’s lien by paying the overdue taxes–otherwise you can be called a volunteer—-if you rush in and pay my taxes before i do—-ill thank you and if you move onto my vacant property or property that i acquire title to–ill cause a bulldozer to tear out your driveway and have you aressted for trspass—–been there done that–lots of people confuse volunteer tax payments with adverse possession—

  80. IMFL says the party bringing the fc suit must be prepared to pay the property taxes until the dispute is settled. If your not in fc court than you must pay the taxes.

  81. If you have a contract with the lender to pay your taxes and the lender does not pay them, AND A 3RD PARTY DOES …. THAT IS BETWEEN YOU AND THE LENDER… IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR OBLIGATION AS A HOMEOWNER IN THIS STATE TO PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES, STATE LAW. … TRUST ME!

  82. Here the Deed is Held in the Homeowners Name. The Lender only gets a lien. The lender does not own the property, You do! You as Owner are Responsible to the State for the Property Taxes not the Lender! When someone buys your taxes (pays them for you) they now have an intrest in your property. Charging you intrest and fees. How many years before they can seek fc judgement in your state? Are you going to have that lump sum plus penilties and fees when they come for it? If not they take you to court asking your house be sold..fc.

  83. For once I agree w/stripes–property tax pmts do no good except under unusual state laws

  84. The fact of the matter is; just about anyone, somewhat sophisticated can get copies of paperwork to bring to the special proceedings. At our office they never check an ID, so they don’t even know who you are. Disgraceful really. The insanity of this is mind boggling…just about anyone can foreclose on you, if you are not watching everything.

  85. Parking your butt & paying the property taxes doesn’t solve the dispute. Sounds like a gunfight at the o.k. corrall scenario. There needs to be legal justice for harm done.

  86. @christine I just got your comment from 12/23/12 and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a wake up call I guess I was just so desperate hoping someone would take notice. I learned the hard way the proof, truth, lawyers, judges & state officials can’t be trusted so I always prayed for an ethical person with a voice that will be heard to jump on board. Crazy I know but I really don’t know what to do next because I can’t afford to pay another $40,000 in legal fees. I am just greatful for sites like this. I know I was upset with dc about bad talking stripes and she really summed it up for me exactly what I want to be done. I think she realized it wasn’t a personal attack and took the time as you did to make a great point. By the way deactivated account today. Thanks & have a happy holiday and look forward to more of your advice and knowledge. This applies to everyone on this site.

  87. @ guest

    Countrywide is a non-entity since 2009. A ceased corporation cannot defend a suit or initiate one, per NC law. Don’t know about other states. Again, they are full of shit! BOA bought servicing rights only…for approximately $450.00 per note. That’s all they bought, over a trillion dollars and paid like 26 Billion for them. So, your homes/notes @ $450.00 they have plenty of profit and money to spend on litigation. BUMS….

  88. By keeping your butt parked in your home and paying your taxes… that is your claim to title. Otherwise unclaimed debts and assets escheat to the State.

  89. There are plenty of FREE houses, they judges are giving them to the substitute trustees, attorney-in-facts and debt collectors, on debts that are paid-in-full. That’s why the transfers, forgeries and altered documents.

    And I don’t know about the rest here, but I have told the judge, very succinctly – the only people getting free houses are the people I just mentioned. Am so tired of the bullshit, will take a contempt charge…maybe that will get someones attention?

  90. I should say an all new revenue flow adjusted to the piss poor economy these crooks created….fraudulently induced slavery & indentured servitude to these rotten criminals……oh hell no…

  91. failure to state a claim under CW LP… Latches set to expire and they had no signature on a new set of loan docs, no re-fi and no loan mod. Their last desperate atempt to get fc deed. Your honor they didnt pay the taxes …. we own the taxes. Buttwipes!!

  92. Free houses for who …..? The FEDSTER crooks who never paid for anything with an all new revenue flow …..? screw them…WE THE PEOPLE demand the RULE OF LAW be upheld…. monetary restitution & clear title for all of the criminal fraud, and all of the money these crooks collected as usury they were never owed. God damned crooks.

  93. Tried to payoff existing mortgage after the NOD taxes incident ( they used our escrow money and applied it to unautherized fees, then send us a bill for the propery taxes before sending NOD), requested payoff figures and proof of ownership. Recieved copies of payoff figures… and disputed them. Demanded proof there of .. Nothing! They filed a MERS transfer of Note and Mortgage via multiple parties on Title in the Counties Recorder office before releasing their fake CW attorney generated LP release and sending to us.

  94. OK —-the law wont protect you as a defending homeowner unless its to do a modification or short sale–NEVER will there be free houses.!!!

    I have been investogating the filings of numerous Ohio homes–now subject to the VOID FORECLOURE RULE of Schwartzwald/Wallace.

    About half fail to show attachments to complaint needed to meet the caselaw: nothing else on record —default judgments.


    in hands of investors who paid 20 cents per dollar on the loan—but for a sort of “free title” —tarnished—–eg limitations of the face of the deed —“grantee cannot sell to a bona fide purchaser for 90 days”

    thats an interesting sort of discloure…..

    it wouls seem such investors can uppended with a motion to vacate alleging the buyer took with notice of title defects because of specically described circumstances of sale, and the “too good to be true” price paid—like buying a Rolex on street corner for $25 and asserting you had no idea it was fake

    The investors laid out 25-50k ttypically. If you uppend the seizure for a home thats not bombed out for insurance —–then that investor has little defense against you—-and he must sue the seller–the phantom trust, theservicer and the collectors’ attys—-deception with forged documents starting 11/09 not disclosed————-risk of double claims —violation of civil rights act

  95. Because of the Origination Fraud EVERYONE tendered the notes and mortgages at the closing…..all debt extinguished……POOF…!

  96. @GUEST

    You have tendered a check for principal and interest? and the servicer still wont accept payoff—–? Can you answer this succintly–like yes or no? is there a pre-payment penalty? is prepayment mentioned?

  97. All true Guest…..Merry Christmas to you & everyone…!

  98. Grandkids are here. Time to count our Blessings. Wishing you All a Merry Christmas. Sending lots of Prayers out to the Buttwipes, they are going to need them where they are going. Go Enjoy Your Holiday with Your Family and Friends. Do not let them take that Time Away From You to… You can not get that Back! Live, Love Laugh & Learn.

  99. The Wall Street gang….Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Merrill etc…oversold investments to foreign nationals & governments around the world to the tune of a quadrillion dollars. Who owns controlling interests these financial institutions and the FED …..? Our foreign enemies… Therefore this manmade financial crisis was an act of war upon US.. Traitors from within allowed this to happen and are aiding & abetting the terrorizing of WE THE PEOPLE by our enemies both foreign and domestic.

  100. Cash Sale without warrenty to title. No warrenty depletes your property value by how much .. CASH sale price at Auction for you to. Then there is all the prepaid intrest and bogas fees to be credited. They are Vultures when it comes to getting those FC deeds. Buttwipes steamrolling innocent people!

  101. Extorsion by threat of FC … Refusing to Honor a Contract without 1st having a Loan Mod. Our contract says Nothing about us having to get a loan mod before we can payoff early and complete our obligation.

  102. In order to Warrenty the Title (without additional sec B exclusions of coverage) I must first provide proof that all parties who filed a previous claim were satisfied. I need proof of …. to satisfy our contract with woohoo .. who is still in business, but not one of of the two parties claiming intrest in the property.

  103. “Quote” .. your loan was not securitized..No Trust. Your loan was always Bank Owned. Me, (having no reason to trust them) . Ok, then show me the Note and Endorsements, Lets complete the payoff and let us Satisfy the contract. No defense needed. End of Story.

  104. We were told these were Conventional 30 year fixed and they were not. The mortgages were Baa structured bonds. The notes were structured as subprime to juice up the interest for the investors because we were set up to fail.

  105. Here is why the investors identities are protected:

    AMENDMENT XI: The judicial power of the United States shall not be the construed to extend to any law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or subjects of any Foreign State.
    AMENDMENT IX: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    AMENDMENT XIV; SECTION 4: The validity of the public debt of the United States authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. BUT neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay ant debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss of any emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

  106. First, the military gets cleaned up. Then, they remove the judges while The Hague is, as we speak, taking care of heads of state along with Interpol.

    Believe it or not. Your choice. I do and I am absolutely convinced that all that suffering for 2000 years won’t have been for naught. Merry Christmas.

    Published: December 13, 2012

    Cmdr. Derick Armstrong, commanding officer of the guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans, was relieved “as result of an unprofessional command climate that was contrary to good order and discipline.”

    Cmdr. Martin Arriola, commanding officer of the USS Porter, fired Aug. 30 due to loss of confidence in his ability to command after the vessel collided with a tanker.

    Capt. Antonio Cardoso, commanding officer of Training Support Center San Diego, fired Sept. 21 for violating the Navy’s policy on hazing.

    Capt. James CoBell, commanding officer of Oceana Naval Air Station’s Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic, was fired Sept. 10 pending an investigation into his leadership.

    Cmdr. Joseph E. Darlak was replaced as the skipper of the USS Vandegrift on Nov. 2, after a rowdy and booze-fueled port visit to Vladivostok, Russia, in the month previous.

    Cmdr. Franklin Fernandez, commanding officer of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 24, fired Aug. 21 due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command for allegedly driving under the influence.

    Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette was replaced as commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis pending the outcome of an internal investigation into allegations of inappropriate judgment, the Navy announced on Oct. 27.

    Cmdr. Ray Hartman, commanding officer of the amphibious dock-landing ship Fort McHenry, dismissed Nov. 19 for allegations of misconduct.

    Cmdr. Jon Haydel, commanding officer of the amphibious transport dock USS San Diego, fired March 12 amid an investigation into “personal misconduct.”

    Cmdr. Diego Hernandez, commanding offer of the ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming, relieved Feb. 4 after he was convicted in an admiral’s mast of dereliction of duty for mishandling classified materials.

    Cmdr. Lee Hoey, commanding officer of the Navy Drug Screening Laboratory, San Diego, fired May 1 due to poor command climate.

    Cmdr. Dennis Klein, commander of the submarine USS Columbia, fired May 1 for inadequate performance in administration and operations.

    Capt. Marcia “Kim” Lyons, commander of Naval Health Clinic New England, relieved April 6 after problems were identified in an annual command climate survey.

    Capt. Chuck Litchfield was relieved from command of the USS Essex after it collided with the replenishment oiler Yukon off the Southern California coast on May 16.

    Capt. Robert Marin, commander of the USS Cowpens, relieved Feb. 10 on suspicion of “inappropriate personal behavior.”

    Capt. Sean McDonell, commander of Seabee reserve unit Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14 in Jacksonville, Fla., relieved of duty Nov. 26 for mismanagement and unspecified “major program deficiencies.”

    Cmdr. Corrine Parker, head of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1, fired April 16 after an investigation revealed the possible falsification of administrative records.

    Capt. Lisa Raimondo, commander of Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River, Md., relieved of command on June 29 due to a “a significant lack of leadership and integrity that eroded good order and discipline in the command.”

    Capt. Jeffrey Riedel, program manager of the Littoral Combat Ship program, was “temporarily reassigned” pending a command investigation into allegations of inappropriate personal behavior.

    Cmdr. Sara Santoski, commanding officer of the Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15, fired Sept. 1 due to a loss of confidence in her ability to command following a crash that resulted in the death of two sailors.

    Cmdr. Sheryl Tannahill, commanding officer of Navy Operational Support Center Nashville, relieved of command Sept. 16 amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship.

    Cmdr. Michael Ward, commanding officer of the USS Pittsburgh, fired Aug. 10 for personal misconduct.

    Capt. Michael Wiegand, commanding officer of Southwest Regional Maintenance Center in San Diego, relieved Nov. 8 amid allegations that funds were misused under his watch.

    Capt. Ted Williams, commanding officer of the Mount Whitney in Italy, was fired Nov. 19 for allegations of misconduct.

    Cmdr. Jeffrey Wissel, commander of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1, fired Feb. 27 amid allegations of “personal misconduct.”

  107. Hey dc,

    I didn’t refi…put 30% down…all cases are different. Of course the appraisal was over the value, but with 30% down, shouldn’t have been a problem. I was never sub-prime…verified income, assets, etc…my case: the sub-prime was intentional. All I’m saying is all cases are different and that matters!

    They stole my payments, plain and simple and doctored up the blank application, putting me in a no-verification loan. All BS…I have my original work product. I am really trying to just share with everyone, any variation in the problems. My opinion only: it started from day one and that is where I am trying to keep my case. What happened after the default, in my particular case, has zero to do with those latter payments. It started PRIOR to the closing actually and the intent to deceive, all parties, is in your face.

  108. how did some of you get to be subprime?

    The predatory lender states on page 1 of the note that you get a teaser rate of 1.25% for six mos or 12 mos——-that suckers you into a refi out of your “prime” mortgage. classic baitn switch though. In fact even if they give you pmt coupons based on the low rate–when you pay the coupon its less than the accrued interest per the predator–which states that on page 4 in the fine print that the teaser rate only lasts for the 1st payment deducted at closing. Thus as soon as you pay the 1st coupon —-you are accruing negative amortization–ie principal increasing. TRAPPED—–the investors love this because no other lender will touch you even if the initial valuation was reasonable–which it wasnt—so as of the 1st coupon –you are under-water –ie subprime–unable to make payment of interest and principal timely

    you have at this point destroyed your credit and lost your home—if you didnt figure it out right away –two other objective factors arise: within 6 weeks of signing the predatory loan your casualty insurance jumps 50%–even by the original carrier—-you ask why? “Because of that type loan!!!” you ask in bewilderment “what type of loan?” no answer

    Next clue–you ask the servicer to set you up on auto-deduct—“cant do that” that type of loan doesnt allow autodeducts—once again the “type of loan” alters traditional expectations–

    these factors explain how you stumbled from prime to subprime

    the insurance cost goes up because the insurer knows the predator collector is going to move heaven and earth to destroy your house and collect on YOUR insurance policy–quickes way to grab the money and run—

    this is hardcore criminal syndicate stuff–organized by the lawyers for the bank–who will fight relentlessly in settlement negotiations to force you to “maintain insurance”

    these atre mob lawyers—the only way to get justice in a mob-controlled system–is got to your own godfather and ask for protection

    street justice is all there is in many places–the govt control over loan sharks and criminal syndicates is failed—–on the street its open season on deadbeats by loan sharks–and that is the appropriate terminology

    where is J Edgar Hoover when you need him???

    turning in his grave when he looks up and sees the likes of that corrupt moron in the DOJ Eric [hand out] Holder

  109. That’s who we are, WE THE PEOPLE, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, living in a constitutional republic, where the power of WE THE PEOPLE is superior to Government. Not peasants, divided under tyranny & oppression, living under a dictatorship that is ruled by self appointed kings and queens. The rich used us to rob us so they could control us. @DC…I don’t moderate this site, I share what I find with WE THE PEOPLE.

  110. @ dc

    Who would the Queen be Madam Pelosi or Billary? Gag either way…

  111. A tidbit here no one has mentioned…how did some of you get to be subprime? Part of my claim, deny the existence of the contract…your honor that looks a lot like my signature, but we cannot be sure, are you in default, no your honor, payments have been made, please reference the ledger it has a zero balance, and the two other ledgers have conflicting information, your honor we are here to get to the bottom of this.

    My application and paperwork your honor, is clear, I was not sub-prime, my application to the underwriter is altered and Ocwen is the last stop for defaulted notes, see exhibit your honor. See the payment history, your honor; even though payments were made to the named lender, they were not credited as such, they are showing as late and not credited, see letters and billing statements.

    Your honor: I do not know where the payments are going and to whom. The Defense is withholding vital information about the party I have a contract with. I do not have an original contract to reference in this court. There are seven entities here, your honor claiming authority under the copy of this contract and as such I am “subject” to collection from all of them. We are here today to establish ownership of the debt, if there is one, your honor; as it appears no consideration was given for the debt claimed in the Defendant’s affidavits. Contract 101, your honor, which I am sure you are familiar with states: three elements to a contract and one is missing here, your honor, therefore a contract cannot exist. Blah, Blah, Blah…to date, fingers crossed, we have gotten discovery, tid-bits of evidence entered into the case…

    no silver bullet, as you all know, pro se here, very lacking in experience, but I am following the lead of some…in my case I am certain there is no valid contract and steer clear of admitting a default, if at all possible. I’m trying to think out of the box, ’cause some of these defenses are just not working, expecting the worst and hope for the best.

    Merry Christmas All

  112. If money is loaned by foreignors—say london or Zurich bankers to finance US consumer loans for anything then basic logic dictates that the laws of the lenders home jurisdoction should prevail—just as when you buy insurance from a new york based insurer etc—–the law of new york prevails

    if we all admit this–it will make the preposterously unconstitutional results we see every day make more sense—–

    maybe a little different take buyt illustrious–if you borrowed money from John Gotti—what state law controlled the transaction

    if you deal with organized crime—-necessarily you must play by its rules

    its time to rethink state chartered S& Ls—with the proviso that they cant employ foreignors citizens or not—–since constitution is obsollete—and cant transact any business with any national bank or international bank—–i fact may be a good idea to kick start it–is to prohibit business by natl banks inthe state—will people complain? i doubt it—but international bankers acrss the globe will send in shock troops–foreign lawyers—the answer to that is Crystalnacht to those big banks branches–put it to the test —give returning veterans something to do

    —and lets treat NY as part of England–a foreign jurisdiction–give the NY banks freedom to pillage as they want and have—–just cant do business in the rest of the US—a new type ring fence

  113. sure but stripes is site moderator and wont let me post –so ask her

  114. @MS–fundamental problem here is that so much of the bank playbook past and present is set up by the Brits–who have no conception that the Constitution exists–then they train Indian attys to carry out anglo law inUS –its cheaper and easier—-that damn constitution is a piece of shit as far as every indian and and anglo is concerned—and just needs be ignored—-its antiquated no purpose in a global world–unnatural restraint on profit-taking—anglos been waiting for this for 225 years—-its time for 2nd revolution from domination by brits

    dont you just love watching some f….brit get on natl tv and tell us whata wrong with our political system—????? when do american get to do that in the queer uk–or russia–or anywhere—WE LOVE BRITS SO MUCH WE NEED TO REPEAL THE CONSTITUTION AND ADOPT THE QUEEN AS HEAD OF STATE

  115. @MS

    Which is worth more an unopened package of Charmin Toilet Paper of a “bearer note” with a forged indorsement?

    If forged indorsements are Ok –the document legally enforceable under #-301 et seq——–then leta just do away with indorsements entirely——-

    the problem is that a 2nd claimant on its ooks and records can also make a case——-a forged indorsement defaces the note–see 3-309

    there must exist protections against double claims–or get out the constitutionand use it in lieu of that toilet paper –when your done with that wrap the mess in a nice US flag—pea on the pile and–and burn it

  116. masterservicer, madam,
    if there is a material fact that has not been answered and the opposition fails to meet THEIR burden of proof prima facia under THE RULES to justify summary judgement then it should go to trial for fact finders , in my case there is a slight and very umm, twist, (WE THE PEOPLE sorryto say has become a worn out cliche on this site- not that stripes doesnt have a point or two or three or four or five i love the tenacity- lot to be said for that)

  117. No affadavits….at the onset….no assignments just an allonge on one and a transfer to a third party debt collector twice after the foreclosure lis pends was recorded on the other. One residential and one commercial.

  118. Usedkarguy….just want to say, I have no respect for men who have no respect for women. That guy has a rotted soul.

  119. Leave a Reply

    Comments – Once a court has determined that a default on an obligation secured by a mortgage has occurred,

    In the courts it is generally settled where a moving party has motioned for summary judgment in an action to foreclose a mortgage. The plaintiff establishes its case as a matter of law through the production of the mortgage, the unpaid note, and evidence of default . When a plaintiff does so, it is incumbent upon the defendant to assert any defenses which could properly raise a viable question of fact as to his [or her] default” (Village Bank v Wild Oaks Holding,196 A.D.2d 812, 812 [1993]).

    Here is where the reader believes the court “MUST” then consider the equities of the situation in order to decide if foreclosure is appropriate.” (Judicial State)

    Whereas submission of copies of the mortgage and note are entered into the matter, each I assume bearing the plaintiffs signature, along with the affidavit of the officer of the court , it does so establish prima facie entitlement to foreclosure as a matter of law (see Wasserman v Harriman,234 A.D.2d 596, 597 [1996]; FGH Rlty. Credit Corp. v VRD Rlty. Corp.,231 A.D.2d 489, 490 [1996]).

    Its further held that the plaintiff does not dispute having defaulted on its payments due. Therein lay the burden that now shifts to Plaintiff to come forward with evidence to support all defenses and counterclaims to a foreclosure (see Chemical Bank v Bowers,228 A.D.2d 407 [1996]).

    – Those claiming right to enforce by possession of a bearer note are claiming the amt to enforce, the basis of entitlement, is found in servicer’s records.

    – attorneys law firm has admitted to having his employees sign his name to foreclosure documents

    – The endorsement on the note was not authentic and claims are compounded by the invalid assignment brought by Mers who Lacks standing . . .

    These arguments will NOT cut it – Not a Chance .


  120. I will Deb, thanks. @ poppy….I agree all of our Constitutional rights are being violated. I brought that up in my filings & invoked all of my rights afforded to me. I want an answer as to why these violations are happening. That is my legal right to know as a Natural Born U.S. Citizen. I asked the judge to rule on the facts presented so far. I am sick of the b.s. by the Plaintiff’s. It’s criminal.

  121. look at my case stripes. thanks. good night.

  122. I did…..the judge granted me my request in one of my cases. The other one is coming up.

  123. very awesome stuff on this thread but may i digress,
    has anyone got close to presenting all this in a pleading that has lead to discovery and confirmation that the evidence is admissible.
    under law and procedure, well im sure not in Arizona, and never will and Neil is right where he points out- ask a judge to recuse and you will have to ask them all to recuse- unless they do it voluntarily at the first assignment of the case, because that is what they should do if they cant be impartial or have conflicts of interest. i did this, i had to ask the judge to recuse and like this case above, he would not, i got severely beaten up in court. i appealed under rule 60b, a hard call i understand, but it was my last avenue and i think i did ok,
    my case is the apitimy of the crap the court pulls, especially on pro se litigants, no matter how professionally you present your arguments in line with rules and case law to back it. I did present a proper formal complaint against the judge and rightly so, to be reviewed by his peers. point is, im not close to the arguments presented on this thread so brace yourselves, unless you have the best most dedicated council who have the nuts, like the attorney whom will have a “short carreer” ( and i sincerely hope he has a very long and rewarding one, and is the new, of a long line of attorneys willing to fight for the rule of the real laws of the land and hold that sacred)
    so, if you cant get your due process- all this other stuiff is not going to be revealed or even make the record and those guilty of this crime against humanity are going to walk off with our most fundamental right. the system is broken, we can only begin to fix it by hammering away at our right to impartiality in our courtroom and discovery of the truth.
    i am asking you all who have pacer to go to the 9th circuit and look at my case to see what we are up against, because if they kick me to the curb ( for about the 100th time) i want you all to bear witness.
    oh it took almost 4 years of my dedication and about 80K at least to get to this point!



  124. RE my first comment ….I thought you meant the other Weaver who had the shoot out with the feds. Just saw the video …..what a deadbeat.

  125. MWAHAHA usedkarguy….now I know your a FEDSTER paid troll…no one else would post such classless garbage but Satan’s cohorts & minions……you are like a paid hooker for the rich… our tax payer money being wasted as usual. Why don’t you cowards find an honest way to make a living.

  126. Usedkarguy……what’s with the earl weaver crack…? I don’t even own a gun. Never felt the need for one until lately. Anyhow, that is our legal right as Natural Born U.S. Citizens it has nothing to do with personal thoughts on the matter. Now the subprime debacle. These weren’t loans, the mortgages and notes were sold as investment securities but were never securitized as the law requires. They are uncertificated securities, worthless credit slips because they oversold these like mad hatters and destroyed the revenue flow though the revenue flow was not meant to last because they were structured as 10 year bonds…. Wall Street created these frauds called credit derivatives and they and their investor friends all made gazillions during the scam & after and their reinvestment scam is even bigger..

  127. the genius of maher in English is wonderful.

    The current owner of the note does not exist in a safe & sane economic affair. The presumption is for converted assets and liquidation of the note transferring the asset into a liability.
    The Bank of New York Mellon allowed the promissory note to be liquidated for a compensating balance in the formation of the purported Asset Backed Certificates, Series 2007-2 This balance was delivered to the notes holder, into the Sellers settlement account.
    The trade is from the Transferor to the the Seller. The Trust proceeds are delivered by depositor and pledged to the beneficial interest – the Certificate holders or repository , the Bank of New York Mellon fka a Branch of the Fed Reserve B of NY.
    The now infamous shadow banking scheme NEVER Happened….The off balance sheet non sense is just that – Non sense

    will somebody please end this thread so i can go to sleep?

  128. sounds like Arkansas is ahead of the curve on fixed sheriff sales, eh?

    The Arkansas Circuit Clerks Association wants lawmakers to approve legislation to bar elected officials, their immediate family members or their employees from being appointed by judges to conduct foreclosure sales and receive fees for conducting these sales, state lawmakers learned Thursday.

    au contraire, the clerks are feeling the pressure of their neighbors, THE VOTERS.

    hope you guys don’t mind me hanging out here, just thought i’d try to keep the riff-raff at bay.

    it’s funny how one week you’re just tired, pisssed off, sick of the tumult, chaos, darkness, uncertainty, anxiety, and then, all of a sudden, there’s a ruling…like Ohio, you realize that you might,you just might, have those fuckers on the run. and then the document fraud……wtf? it’s just brazen racketeering…….

  129. and that Earl Weaver was for you, stripes, make sure you listen all the way to the end.

  130. Lenders had a place to tidy up the titles and another place to recreate the docs …. 😦

  131. Or you could call their closing escrow dept and ask for her .. just a suggestion….

  132. See if her name links up as an LPS employee or LSI Title employee. LSI Title is a Division of LPS (Lender Processing Servises). Like DocX…..

  133. No endorsements filed in 08 CW LP. Denied BOA NA letter stating they were the owner of the loan and demanded proof, Note and endorsements. Nothing ever provided.. Put them on Notice of the previous fraud by CW and BAC also.

  134. got any notes endorsed forward with a rubber stamped “Laurie Meder”?

    somebody using two different signature STAMPS for Countrywide Document Custody Services., a Division of Treasury Bank.

    anybody? Send em to usedkarguy@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance.

  135. What I know is that crimes were commited and forgiven! I know that future repeat of those crimes is NOT covered under the agreement! I know a repeat action can be brought in criminal and cival courts. I want to nail that attorneys ass to the wall! I’m tired of trying to do the right thing. If they screwed up your title and note transfer back when.. when laches starts … they have to commit another fraud upon the court and/or recorders office to fix it or forclose it before it expires. Or get your signature throu extorsion.

  136. You don’t sound like “subprime borrowers”, now were you? That was the key in getting this started. “It’s a sub-prime problem”. Divide and conquer, but now all these so-called “prime borrowers” are having THEIR houses stolen with manufactured defaults, and still no news converage. The foreclosure defense bar is taking a beating here in Cheeseland, much like Florida. I think anywhere a lawyer shows up to defend against foreclosure he’s chastised for protecting “deadbeat homeowners”.

  137. Extortion… threating you with forclosure if you dont apply for a loan mod you dont need. Yes! Exactly! Ever since BAC took servising from CW in 2009. Dozens of Loan Mod packages from BAC and BOA. Did not apply .. got turned down a couple of times thou … You would think instead of forcing him to apply they would offer him one after all the bs the last few years. But that offer would be what? a What?

  138. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/12/22/3743261/acquiring-failed-banks-squeezing.html

    maher knows a thing or two about this.

    just sayin’……….

    and i could really use that g-note back about now…….

    how ’bout it, bro?

  139. madam Guest, I hope he does great work.
    Is he on our side? and you can’t be too general, there are a lot of sides. is he in favor of prosecuting mortgage fraud against bankers?

  140. Incurr.. Like 12,000 in default fees (when the loan is really current) Duel Tracking Nightmare! How many homeowners do you think would be able to pay all those bogas fees, on top of a mortgage payment and attorneys fees? Not Many! But My Husband Did! Every Dime of It and Extra to Boot! So we get defaulted for the property taxes..hmmm ..CW to BAC, BAC send NOD in 2010. The loan transferred to BOA NA as Serviser and Owner of the Loan. Denial Letter Sent. Ask for proof of claim. I can not count the times …

  141. madam, I’m four-plus years into this. Causes of action are few for the borrowers, especially when SOL’s run out. Then you approach local law enforcement and they give you a patrolman to explain conflicted signatories and assignment fraud. The DA says he doesn’t have the manpower for white collar crime. FBI says it’s not their jurisdiction. US Attorney in my town says….nothing. Four proofs of claim in BK led the BK judge to ….TRY TO BIFURCATE THE PARTIES with an interlocutory ruling (over a 7-hour delay) that is now in appeal FDC. WI DOJ-absent, spending the settlement funds on…everything but foreclosure defense. The best thing that has happened to my case is we found a BULLDOG veteran attorney who understands this mess from battling the farm crisis. Huge learning curve here for the attorneys involved, much less the pro-se geniuses like myself. (I’d like to mention my newfound respect for the legal profession) These new-kid-on-the-block legal wizards that work for the foreclosure mills have been committing ongoing fraud on the court and then claim immunity until after the case concludes. They take judicial statements from a judge who recused himself and then shot his mouth off for thirty minutes explaining how fair he could be, even though his daughter works for the law firm prosecuting foreclosures en masse, and try to use them against counsel. I think it’s called ‘scandalous’, counselor. Three assignments of mortgage, two notes (after a lost note affidavit), it does not matter to these guys. Borrowers are fighting civil cases against criminal actors. And any judge who refuses to see the facts as they are is complicit.

    @ Sam….our (county)judge got his loan re-done (via solicitation) by Wells while he’s sitting there throwing people out of their homes.

  142. 🙂 Usedcarguy, you think alot like our former attorney, now working for the Prosecuters Office. Or either that you have been checking up on my husband. 🙂

  143. The thug element makes the forced mod a little different from tradional thug-driven extortion–Gotti stype

    Threat of physical harm–physical damage to property——much clearer case

    Puts you in imminent fear of physical harm–is it appropriate that you should have to sleep with a loaded gun beside your bed –in case somebody crashes the front door —with hopes you will put up a fight–because they are off duty cops trained to kill—quickest way to get rid of squeeky wheel—–

    thugs is right—-criminal records–bouncers—stolen identities—seize and freeze—-theft—robbery threatened there—–its suicide to resist

    sad part is that $10/hr thugss get instructions from $250/hr attorneys for banks–the thugs risk their lives–the attys who have violated every conceivable rule imaginable now recline in beach chairs in the caymans

  144. laches for failure to record and failure to prosecute the foreclosure in a timely manner leaving the borrower to accrue enormous default charges.

  145. david, I would further the message that succombing to modification under threat of foreclosure also constitutes extortion and racketeering. you can’t beat around the bush anymore with your charges. all states have racketeering laws embedded in their state statutes.

  146. By threatening to forcibly enter upon manufactured context —in order to compel/induce you to give them money or property–they committed te crime of extortion –if by phone then wirefraud–if by mail–mailfraud

    it was a complted crime when they uttered the threat —–you have threated to use force in the future if abused—-

    the significane is the failure of all to recognize criminal extortion—–if a guy comes to you and says “you owe a gambling debt anf if you dont pay–we will break your legs——–obviously extortion–same pay us or well kick in your door

  147. Play by the Rules. No abandonment! No Tax Sale. No Jurisdiction. Laches on the sideline til the end. You can not reason with a Wall. Many Blessings to All and to All a Good Night.

  148. take a break and have a laugh on me. okay?

  149. @ dc

    You bet and “unlawful” trespass…per counsel and the sheriffs department, as they need legal authority. Dangerous for them. I mentioned, nicely, a trespass could have dire consequences…this guy Dave, said: is that a threat, well no, just advising you how a trespass can be detrimental to all.

  150. At one point they threatened to “forcefully” enter the property, saying they had information the property was abandoned…called the sheriff, just to make a complaint, on paper, just in case…cannot trust these thugs


  151. @ Javagold

    Just a thought here. I have a separate suit against BOA, N.A. for the taxes and insurance being paid by them. My taxes and insurance were always paid by me and I had an escrow waiver, per signing documents. Never lapsed and my auto insurance was included in the payment they made, as I got a discount policy for having my auto and home on the same account. They have my house listed as a default situation and in foreclosure process, no address is listed though, by Corelogic.

    The suit is a breach of contract and we are making headway, my attorney has taken it on a contingency basis, lucky me. Honestly, the insurer is culpable too. I contacted them, the insurer, Nationwide immediately and they refused to refund the payment back…I will go after them too, if needed.

    The sad part is, before I filed the additional suit I contacted them numerous times…they ignored me and kept adding late fees, legal fees and made my payments default. At one point they threatened to “forcefully” enter the property, saying they had information the property was abandoned…called the sheriff, just to make a complaint, on paper, just in case…cannot trust these thugs.

  152. Javagold,

    Here is the site to look at. As soon as a property is reported delinquent, it steps in and starts paying to protect the banks interests. I still haven’t completely figured out how that works.


  153. @Javagold,

    In all probability, Corelogic is paying your real estate taxes. You can find out by contacting your tax assessor. If your insurance is also paid by a third party, chances are, it is Corelogic.

    Start doing research on that outfit. It is a computer, accounting system that also keeps track of real estate properties and puts together for the Feds the numbers they use to publish the homes about to be or already foreclosed on. It is one more arm of that giant octopus.

  154. @ Javagold,

    Keep an eye on those taxes….they have been letting them go unpaid, in some cases, unknown to homeowner’s and buying them back at tax sales…Beware of them…. and BOA, N.A. calls itself a corporation, it is not a registered corporation anywhere I could find. They are registered in the SEC as a trust.

  155. being bored tonight i went thru my piles of BOA paperwork……what they did was switch the servicing names in 2009 from Bank of America NA to BAC Home Loans Servicing LP and this when they switcehd account number , even though current (but called for an Obama modification…..that fucker!!)

    then in 2011 it mysteriously switched BACK to Bank of America NA , as the servicer, but the account number remained the second changed account number…….i never received any notification on the switch back to Bank of America NA

    Also who is paying the property taxes each quarter and WHY ?????????? (when i was paying then directly myself before the account number switch)

    imo, the account number switch and the freddie mac trust are the key to my fraud puzzle

  156. @ stripes

    “The FEDSTERS are timebarred by laches on debt collection as well. They have 90 days from the closing of the trust to record a legal lien”.

    Absolutely, correct. If my information is right, there is also a 5 year statute of limitations on debt collection. We need to find out the DATE on which the “debt” was defined or established as a debt and a collection or tolling.

    My note, per paperwork has been deemed a REMIC trust, Ha, Ha, Ha…a defaulted note, by however it happened cannot qualify for a REMIC trust….

    The lies are everywhere and someone else said, education is key. Even right down to our Amended Repurchase Agreement, which is not filed with the SEC for 2007, the phone number on the fax is sent from a doctors office in NJ, on a Sunday at 6:00 p.m., Credit Suisse is using a private doctors office for faxing “legal” paperwork these days? Bull Shit, all of it, plain and simple!

  157. RE my post on gun confiscation. I disagree with the part in the article about how the citizenry in major cities like Chicago are fans of this commie agenda. No one I know are fans and I am talking all income levels are extremely disgruntled with the politicians and their agenda. Call it black liberation theology, or any ideology people throw at it. It still comes up fascism that will lead to complete communism and millions of Americans are furious.

  158. BTW….I observe the media…I don’t believe the media. Now RT NEWS is pushing gun control. Wolves in sheep’s clothes. The non mainstream media portrays Putin as a good guy who thumbed his nose at the NWO….nah…not by a long shot. He just plays both sides of the commie coin like his friend Obama.

  159. The FEDSTERS debt is a nullity for many reasons and should be fully extinguished. Including the principal they owe for the Origination Fraud. They owe WE THE PEOPLE gazillions in Origination fraud & usury…. BTW…timebarred is complicated and would require at the least a deposition by the trustee…..LOL….. The judges are being told to fraudclose because an ultra vires contract exists. The fraud at the onset is easier to prove & it is criminal on many levels.

  160. The FEDSTERS are timebarred by laches on debt collection as well. They have 90 days from the closing of the trust to record a legal lien.

  161. Usedkarguy…..unfortunately for you, I don’t believe in dumbing myself down with Tv, drugs or alcohol.

  162. I was a plaintiff in a lawsuit once, after tens of thousands in litigation fees … I was time barred under laches and lost.

  163. Our loan is not registered with Fannie, Freddie or SEC. It disappeared from MERS website a couple of years ago.

  164. Third Time is a Charm .. Let me try “copy & paste”,
    ………The modification is a violation of 1122 AB and an inducement for tolling claims and by operation of law coined laches… for lender SELLER claims to ripen

  165. Laches…. I really need to learn how to use spell check. Yes I Do!

  166. ~~Merry Chirstmas Everyone~~

  167. Hey, big mouth, we know all this already. Now take a Prozac (or two, or three) and go to sleep.

  168. All I can say is, who in their right mind would want to live under a worse tyranny than this…..? Only the distracted, drunken, well medicated ones, that’s who.

  169. Usedkarguy…..If the truth is obnoxious, so be it. This is the biggest robbery of the wealth of the American people and war on our freedom and independence in history. If you want to live in Orwell’s commieland that’s your problem. Myself and millions of Americans don’t ……. read about the latest on this evil plan here….

  170. see what I mean?

  171. We all need to do our homework because this is a complicated mess. No one is going to rescue us because there is too much corruption and we were all too trusting. In most cases, we still are. Too many Americans are waiting for the traitor politicians and their criminal friends who caused this to save them. BIG MISTAKE….they have no morals ….they don’t care about us. Their agenda is to create complete communism. They want to disarm the people because fiscal cliff fascism will cause millions more to wake up to what they are trying to do. Unfortunately, we are all left to fend for ourselves. I will do what I can to help anyone but educating ourselves is key to figuring this out. However, there is important information here and all over the internet that can really lead us on the right path. Education and Determination are key because no one wants to be their slave, believe that.

  172. just a quick “Hello” and “Merry Christmas” too all. And Maher, don’t encourage the “stripper”. She’s obnoxious enough already without somebody goading her on.

  173. @Collene,

    You have a very simple choice to make: either stay stuck in what was done to you and rehashing it all day long or sit down quietly, analyzing it and looking at what solutions, if any, are available to you.

    One thing is sure: spending your entire life watching TV and twitting the Kardashians, Oprah, Woopie Goldberg, Justin Bieber and the likes will not fix your problems or give you a future. Did you suffer? Absolutely! Numbing yourself in front of the tube will not help it.

  174. What good is living in a country when the rule of law only protects white collar criminals and they are allowed to wipe out all of the citizens wealth and hold the citizens hostage whenever they want…..? What good is a country where a proper education gets you slave wages, small businesses are shuttered for the crimes of the rich…? What good is a nation that has socialized the debt of uber rich criminals on the citizens and because of that, the citizens can no longer afford to own anything of value…..? That is a manufactured slave plantation.

  175. Javagold,

    Bill Black has been saying that since 2007.

  176. It appears these links are being blocked….go here…


  178. if ZeroHedge is talking about the fraudclosures……that is a very good thing !


  179. @ Soliman,

    “Christine – people got defaulted for trying to modify while they were current (biggest scandal ever and i still can’t over the fact that no one, really no one, speaks about that.

    Wrong – 1122 Asset Backs”

    You have been coming here for several years, tooting your horn about the many cases you testified to in court but, in that many years, you have yet to name one where you made one bit of a difference one way or the other.

    That being said, I stand behind my statement. Many people were placed in artificial default when:
    1) although current on their payments, they tried to get a loan modification and were, unbeknownst to them, put on the dual tracking system where they accumulated late fees and fell seriously behind because of the servicers
    2) they did get a modification… upward, paying 200 or 300 more a month, with no way to back out of it
    3) the servicers simply “lost” their payments (and i was one of them. The only reason i am still in the house is that I documented the hell out of everything for years and when it came time to sue, I was prepared).

    Asset backs and what not may be one of the reasons but it is not THE reason. Now, Soliman, when I hear true attorneys spending years fighting to help their clients save the house and giving honest assessments of the situation to Mandelman, I listen. When i read your gibberish with absolutely nothing to back it up, I simply waste my time. Cox says nothing about 1122 asset backs. Nor do Barnes, Stopa, Weidner, Gardner, etc. They all speak about the systemic problems inherent to this country’s failure to follow the rule of the law in court from one coast to the other.

    Everybody knows Mandelman and Garfield and everybody involved in foreclosure defense appears to concur on the (many) roots of the problem. Aside from self-serving twitter entries and a rather condemning CV on internet, your accomplishments appear lacking. So do me a favor: don’t try to tell me what and how to think. Been doing it for many, many years and, so far, it has served me better than listening to any would-be in the know. Prove yourself first.

    Which cases have you helped win? Have you testified before congress? What have you done in CA to help homeowners? When did you sit down with Kamala Harris? Isn’t CA your state? Why aren’t known anywhere and by anyone?

  180. @dc thank you see you helped me by narrowing it down to 4 great points of what I want to see done. I have a hard time articulating because I get so overwhelmed with the facts of FRAUD and how it was all over looked by the unethical Judge. In MA you have to be in arrears which we weren’t, they have to send a registered Notice of Sale & the foreclosure has to be listed in the newspaper none of which were done. That was cause for DEFENSE alone. The bank employee & atty on the stand admitted they had no proof of sending us a notice. We found out 43 days after the illegal sale that it was sold. We were making payments all along. Also UCC 3-305 Right of Recoupment we were eligible for.

  181. Live free or die…cowards need not apply …there are 300 million armed Americans in this country and that’s what they fear.

  182. Copy-pasted from a VeteransToday web-page:

    Most American judges are corrupt and receive bribes openly or discreetly as documented in the following YOUTUBE video clips and they can be lawfully arrested for TREASON by U.S. citizens as demonstrated by the arrest of a British judge for Treason:


    Judge DAVID O. CARTER’s Conflict of Interest – Sidharth VELAMOOR

    Judge David CARTER lied to us

  183. They hide behind the scenes of all the bad in the world. They are diabolical & maniacal psychopaths.

  184. Stripes – I agree – And you say it with vengeance. I do hear you . Not my style but damn it – Say it as you mean it and you got my respect (what that is worth _ ) LOL Get on it – don’t hold back … tell it like it is from your vantage . . .

  185. Christine – people got defaulted for trying to modify while they were current (biggest scandal ever and i still can’t over the fact that no one, really no one, speaks about that.

    Wrong – 1122 Asset Backs

    This is why these con artists are trying to jump on a last minute band wagon . Some opportunists (Mandelman -not him per say ) are part of a hear hearsay movement and internet surveyor’s looking to profit .

    The modification is a violation of 1122 AB and an inducement for tolling claims and by operation of law coined laches… for lender SELLER claims to ripen .

    I said this in court testimony back in 2009-10 in the only case in California history (mortgage related) where the appeals court remanded back to lower court.

    If your not a documented expert and a mere consumer advocate ….your breaking the law .

    Focus on the homeowner and not the publicity .


  186. I know it’s the FEDSTERS MS….I’ve been saying that all along.

  187. Stripes said –

    the FED ….who control …from behind the scenes, have turned nearly everything we pay into a tax, a revenue stream they pocket as usury.

    Yes who do you think is foreclosing

  188. DCB said

    @MS – Any atty that uses an expert would be negligent not to examine all your published material of every sort to find any softspots—

    MS – they do not -yes yes – they dump me call me a theorist and move on to a foreclosure telling the consumer we are sorry but NO ONE GETS A HOME FOR FREE. .

    The attorneys are officers of the court defending the Constitution and congressional act. But this is a breech of the congresses intent . Garfield now represents attorneys in multiple states – for what. to take fees from cash strapped borrowers in desperation to save a home…?


  189. […] When I asked to read the appellate opinions into the record regarding the paragraph 22 defense, his response was basically that he did not care about the letter they sent and the fact that they filed a foreclosure action alone is … defenses to foreclosure – Google Blog Search […]

  190. Horrors like this don’t come out of nowhere, they take years of planning. Their wars as well. WE THE PEOPLE pay for all the evil the do to us and others via their so called social safety nets, progressive taxation, credit lending and investing, Nationalization of the so called TBTF….. the FEDSTERS …..the FED & the 8 large families who control them from behind the scenes, have turned nearly everything we pay into a tax, a revenue stream they pocket as usury. That is why the economy is oppressive and our infrastructure is crumbling, cue Obamacare and the Fiscal Cliff and more money for these crooks to pocket. They will bankrupt us. All of our wealth is being stolen and hidden overseas by these crooks. 9/11, the 08 crash were well planned and manufactured to weaken us in many ways. We were poorly educated for a reason, so that we would believe their lies and they could carry out this evil end game plan which is complete communism. WE THE PEOPLE comply, conform and cooperate with everything they tell us to do. People believe the mainstream media and everything they are told. That is dangerous.

  191. 20 minutes of testimonies from homeowners who played by the rules and made it through… or not. This is the year when it must be fixed. Enough time has been wasted. It is now or never.

    [audio src="http://s3.amazonaws.com/iehi-video-mli/mandelman/Bluesical_Podcast_Documentary_-_CDA.mp3" /]

  192. Obama didn’t manufacture this evil plan, it has been decades in the making. He is a member of their big club.

  193. Copies of originals aren’t authentic. Copies of notes can only be considered counterfeits and forgeries and the mortgage contracts nullities. Imagine if you wrote a check & signed it, gave it to someone, they cashed it, they made copies of your check in blank, sold investments to others in your home backed by copies of that check as collateral, demanded to be re-paid over and over again or they own your house. They are criminals on many levels.

  194. I don’t believe for a minute Obama won that election or the first.

  195. Yes, the entire mess was manmade. Artificially created by a president manipulated by the banks and… whom we re-elected to get more of the same!


    “I also understand how this whole mess happened…

    It started with President Obama’s speech back on February 18th or 19th, 2009, when he introduced the Making Home Affordable program. Millions of people had waited through the last year of the Bush Administration on pins and needles… they needed help or they would lose their homes to foreclosure, and finally Obama was going to come to their rescue.

    If you click that link to the president’s speech above, you find a video of that speech in two parts, and I’d very seriously suggest that you watch both parts, if you don’t remember what it was like… the only other time I’ve heard cheering that loud at a political event, Leni Riefenstahl made a movie out of it. (That was funny, by the way… click Leni’s name and you’ll see why.)

    The point is that the president described a program that has never existed, and that started the problem snowball rolling downhill.”

  196. Very long piece from Mandelman but he manages to spell it out for all of us: yes, people got defaulted for trying to modify while they were current (biggest scandal ever and i still can’t over the fact that no one, really no one, speaks about that. The systematic and methodical theft of perfectly fine houses, paid on time, current, etc. and whose owners’ only fault was… to believe that government was ready and willing to help them when they didn’t even need it in the first place!)

    Sink you teeth in it. It’s really worth reading.


    Things I think homeowners should know about loan modifications & HAMP-2

    If you already know who I am… great. If you don’t, you can find out after you read this, but for the moment suffice it to say that I’ve had a front row seat for the foreclosure crisis. Over the last four years, I’ve watched literally thousands of homeowners go through the loan modification process. And not only have I watched… I’ve watched closely.

    I’ve taken calls from homeowners residing all over the country at all hours of the day and night, and I’ve written over 700 articles, many specifically having to do with loan modifications… how they work when they do, and why they don’t, when they don’t. I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to the topic of loan modifications, there is very little that I haven’t heard about more than once.

    Knowing a lot about loan modifications doesn’t make you popular. The only people who like you are those you help get through the process, preventing them from losing a home to foreclosure. Those people actually love you for a time, but after their house is saved, and they send you a very emotional thank you email, you don’t hear from them very often if at all.

    I can’t blame them for moving on… they don’t want to keep reading about the subject of foreclosures, they want to put their horrific experience behind them… forget the whole scary, stressful and entirely unpleasant time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of fans, people send me the nicest emails you can imagine almost every single day. I can’t say that those emails make it worth it, but they do make it hard to quit, at least for me. I have a hard time turning my back on someone who is desperately in need of something I may be able to provide.

    Not many people know a lot about real life loan modifications. There are a lot that know a little, and a lot that have heard all the terrible stories about homeowners losing homes while in the loan modification process. And there are many ready to tell people that it’s impossible to get a loan modified… and many who will say that they shouldn’t even want their loans modified…

  197. Poppy,
    The account # switch , is what they did to me…..even back in 2009 , when i had no clue what fraud was happening, i knew switching my account # , made no sense….i got my “loan” from BOA and nothing ever changed over the next 3 years….i was current at the time and the only thing that changed in 2009, was OBAMA came on TV and said HAMP was going to help 4 million people avoid foreclosures……i of course stupidly believed him, and called regarding HAMP help……still paid while waiting , but 2 months later they switched my account #…….and my awakening journey began……i cant find anything about it , like it never even happend, even though i have all my records from day one with the original account #…..i will keep fighting them until i find out the truth and where my $100,000 hard cash deposit also went

    any answers or help , please speak up !!!

  198. One more point; the documents are “created” off the copies of the originals…I have found absolutely no evidence of originals, anywhere, from the original paperwork. Our search has been extensive. We have called OK, NC, VA, MA, CA, AZ, FL, UK, Mexico and more…I am 100% the originals are in deed offices around the country, with a satisfaction of instrument stamped across them, that is why the loan numbers have been changed. The folks on the front end, servicers, substitute trustees, attorney-in-facts, etc… are acquiring these either by false assignments, PURCHASE of the alleged debt or debt collectors for the lines of credit funding, for forward sales to pools (non-lenders), who may not have been paid and looking for monies from homeowners’ or the house. That’s the reason I cannot say what the stamp is for, for everyone here, it really depends on how the note was handled and how they moved it. At the end of the day, MERS has assigned most of them and the FEDS have their hand in it and the players are getting paid, multiple times for one note…completely illegal, as you know. We are very, very close to proving that, if it really matters…somehow I don’t see the judicial system caring much.

  199. As far as why…the best we can tell is to track them, but the hook is, on ours anyway, they lead back to what they say is the lender, through the MERS registry…it may be different for you? Like I mentioned we have variations of them, different sizes, placement and one has a DocX designation…

  200. We have several different ones, bar codes…ours come from MERS and Fannie/Freddie…

  201. CNN guests talking about gun control. One guests suggested white people are being oppressed by this administration.

  202. This country is in sad shape because of what these traitors have allowed these criminals to do. I don’t think the real ugliness has even begun. They are sneaking in their final endgame plan, complete communism, make no mistake about that. It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to make a peaceful stand or they will be slaves to these crooks and no one is going to like it.

  203. How did HOPE help….? They are a counseling service IMHO….they try to lessen the blow by these deceptive jerks. They are not what they are built up to be.

  204. D.C…..I wasn’t referred to HOPE by the U.S. TREASURY DEPT. I was told to contact them by the HUD housing counselor. I was told I was denied the loan mod at the last minute by the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT by the servicer, PHH MORTGAGE. As far as HOPE for Homeowners goes they tell you they can’t do anything about the FED SERVICERS….

  205. HOPE for Homeowners
    How Does the HOPE Act Help?
    On June 10th, 2011, HUD issued Mortgagee Letter 11-20. The letter provides instructions as to how to process cases during the phasing out of Hope For Home Owners (H4H) program. This program was authorized under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. This program is still effective for endorsements on or before September 30, 2011.

    The program had nothing to do with Treasury Dept—it is the Det of Housing and Urban development HUD

  206. The first to go were those who had no income. Those who lost their livelihoods and couldn’t find employment. Colleen’s case sounds different. The FEDSTERS did a lot of horrible things to people. I personally know of 4 suicides that had to do with people losing their small businesses. These were highly successful people may I add. I remember when I got denied the loan mod at “the last minute” by the U.S. TREASURY DEPT…..I was referred to Carlos at Hope for Homeowners…..he told me people are moving into apartments …I told him about the suicides these crooks were causing. He said some people can’t face losing it all. I told him those people were robbed and what they did to my family….He said what a wonderful country huh…?

  207. @MS
    Any atty that uses an expert would be negligent not to examine all your published material of every sort to find any softspots—

  208. That’s what I thought.

  209. @POPPY

    Lets just narrow it down to physical movement and physical existence of the makers’ signed note—-where was the bar code applied —?? why?

  210. it did not just happen in ohio by quirk–lots of input from smart people–those decisions were unanimous

  211. The Ohio cases S CT——-were based on Constitutional due process plus UCC —ie exposure to claims by multiple persons on the same cause of action—-fundamental con-law substantive due process—every other state court should be faed with the precedent because it admits violation of civil rights—–federal civil rights act

    add that to DOJ findings re brown and you have the 4 options–yeah i thought three but then remember the bond—make sure it runs to every party that claims an interest of any sort or fraction

  212. @ DC

    A couple of things: it is my opinion only: the paperwork was generated from the cats on the front end, the funders of the loans, e.g. Credit Suisse’s, Duetche Bank, RBC, HSBC, etc…with the cats that were moving the money and BOA is absolutely one of them, that was “in fact” pushing the money through the New Centurys’, Countrywide’s, etc…these cats were behind the smaller brokers too. In many instances the applications were forged in the origination and purposely allowed to go through the underwriting process, with the knowledge of adverse outcomes. They were selling the “notes” only and betting on the failures.

    The hedge fund cats, Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank CEO’s …made over 3 Billion last year, up from 200 Million.

    In my answer to you; copies were provided from MERS, from the CD’s from these cats, to give the appearance of legitimacy. My opinion again, ALL of the notes are paid. The maze is purposeful…we have in fact called DocX and tried to make an application for document copies…to no avail of course. Some of these documents have been “created” in the UK and Mexico too.

    Can’t prove much of that, but extensive calling numbers on the all of the pages and referencing the codes and numbers leads us to this conclusion.

  213. Die Waschweibe erlich spinnt… Pauvre imbecile heureuse.

  214. Did Christine just say heil Hitler?

  215. I have uncovered altered recorded docs. The clerks were very helpful most of the time. We are all learning. I know any recordings after the foreclosure lis pends is recorded are fraudulent. As far as tampering after recording, they did alot of tampering to my brother in laws records….but I made copies for him before they did it. It is a good idea to get to your records before they file a fc complain. All of that fraud happened after he contacted one of those so called “free” attorneys. They are all going to pay one day for what they have done but we need to be proactive and defend ourselves until then.

  216. Breidenbach,

    It all depends on jurisdiction and what you to accomplish.

    Tougher to get justice when you have already lost the house except in a very few states. MA and NC don’t seem to have gotten around to giving breaks after the fact. Your state is fortunate to have that Schwarzwald case based on which 5 appeals have resulted in reversals in the past couple of weeks. ME and NH allow for mods much more easily lately but if you want to push further, don’t expect to get the infamous “free house” (that you may already have paid through the nose but that’s beside judges’ point). NJ is getting a temporary reprieve from Sandy but it won’t last. RI is a bitch and has always been. Right now, I see only NY and OH as giving homeowners somewhat of a chance in state court. Don’t see much coming out of federal courts yet.

    Still an uphill battle pretty much everywhere.l

  217. LOL Master Servicer! Now Join Him Please. I seem to be stuck on 4.

  218. registerclaims@live.com
    (he’s talking he’s finally talking straight)

  219. @POPPY
    MERS dealt with ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGE in my case and other judicials. But im referring very specifically with notes here—now i know from court filings in Dallas County TXS in AHMSI v LPS that there was authorized creation of assignments—and indorsements and allonges—but im having difficulty with creation of indorsements w/o allonge and putting the DOCX gang of strange employees in charge of notes worth bilions–adding indorsements–where do you think the docs are created and/or altered?

  220. @CC Everybody here says they want justice–so lets set that asside;
    Now which do you want of the following three options that you do not presently have:
    1) damages = FMV of stolen house [fraud in the fact-forged documents]
    2) the house subject to continuing duty to pay —-rescission –[fraud in inducement]
    3) the original note signed off by a fortress bank with valid indorsements—marked paid in full—-with the servicer having filed of record a release in full satisfaction with POA of bank attached as an exhibit
    4) UCC 3-309

  221. DCB,

    It’s: “Du bist ein grosser Dummkopf, ein scheissenhausen Schweinehund.”

    And no one would use those words any longer. Way too “passe”.

  222. @ colleen

    I have learned far more about legal wranglings than I ever cared to learn. We have been in multiple courts, District, Federal (numerous) and Appeals Court…working on the Supreme Court for a rehearing issue. Trust is difficult to come by in these circles. I would make a suggestion: not only go online to seek your documents, but also go to the court house and deed offices, I have found that the paperwork is vast in the actual file, and in my case, my name was forged on some of it. Also, try and get your original wiring instructions, HUD, etc…the work product from the closing attorney (your attorney) a lot of information there….push hard, don’t let them lie. Some of the lawyers are in bed here, with these thugs. Many disagree with my method, but I went back to the very beginning and what a surprise. That is where it all started. And in my humble opinion, this is where the entire thing starts to unravel. Good Luck….

    BTW: native of RI and relatives up your way. Now living in NC and justice here, OMG, they think they still have slavery here and the Constitution, oh that’s that boat in Boston…if you get my meaning?

  223. @dc I want justice done. I want all the money that we paid totaling over $400,000. We were not in arrears we were paying on an invalid loan and lost it illegally without the bank notifying us or publishing the sale in the newspaper. It was bought illegally by banks atty with an INVALID CREDIT BID. No money changed hands. I’m not looking for a free house we happen to be a family that never missed a payment. Long story!

  224. @GUEST
    A clue is that all these bar codes for a particulat originator that is serviced by an affiliated servicer–all notes are bar-coded in multiple states—as if upon entry into some centralized file custodian–these notes are suppodedly the merged manifestation of the debt—-the receivable—all bar coded at time attached to complaints—ecept one –so far?

  225. @CC

    Im at aloss —as stated your story is typical—the common denominator is usually forged documents/ What is it that you WANT TO DO?

  226. DCB, Its done post closing (after the docs leave my possesion)., I am assuming it is certified/barred an origional by the escrow officer before or when the Mortgage is Recorded by the title company. I will get back to you on that after I verify, Good Question.

  227. @Poppy we never got a Satisfaction of Mortgage after our illegal foreclosure nor after the trial! I guess thats what happens when the loan was invalid and never recorded? How do these banks & judges live with themselves? I just learned that not all Judges even went to law school they were just appointed. Well I am learning the law the hard way. I had no intentions or desires to become a Lawyer but I have been forced to know the law but that didn’t seem to matter in our case because our unethical Judge ignored the Facts of Law.

  228. @stripes I guess its time to go to bed haha. I’m in Massachusetts in Plymouth County.

  229. Hey stripes, some of these counties are NOW charging $600.00 per month to get the records…what’da ya think of that? Something very, very fishy. We spent days looking through the deed offices online, the one’s we could access and found tens-of-thousands of satisfactions of deeds, one minute after the other…I know what it means, anyone else care to muster up a guess? And much of the time, the same notaries are signing the authenticity of the documents, from NC to Maricopa, AZ…now really, banksters. The problem we have is the loan numbers are changed and we cannot figure out how to decipher them and connect them to the actual mortgages’. If we could we would start calling as many people as we could…and get this party started.

  230. @stripes I am in Massachusetts, Suffolk County. I also heard that records have been changed after the fact of FRAUD to conceal the truth?

  231. Don’t know if this helps clear up this coded thing, but I have copies of my papers from Blank Rome, LLC…bar code with information that doesn’t match the bar coded copies from Hahn & Hessen, LLC (New York) Law firm, that doesn’t match the bar coded copies from Select Portfolio Services, LLC, that doesn’t match the bar coded copies from Ocwen, that doesn’t match the copies from the deed office and the “pagination” is off a page, then the copies from the Substitute Trustee is another bar code, while the MERS transfer designates the servicer as the lender…it goes on and on…yawn-yawn

  232. I don’t know what State you are in Colleen. I am fortunate enough that my county is in a major city and the property records are easily accessed online. See if your county recorders office gives you access to your property records online. If not, you can go there in person and view & get copies of your docs. If you are going to use them in your case, make sure you get them notarized.

  233. To anyone here: to my knowledge a bar code exists for MERS tracking and document copies. They are soooo good, you need them analyzed. These days they are “blue-ink”, “pen-to-paper” and barely recognizable, but FAKE. Just take my word, we have thousands of hours on this and some experts in the wings. Bar coded documents are NOT originals. Sorry! My say on the matter…

  234. @stripes I admit I have to become more computer savvy. I need to learn how to look up legal recorded documents online and as Samantha5000 mentioned looking in your County recorded documents to see if our Judge has a securitized loan. I have no idea how to do that. I did reply to her earlier and put in all the info about our Judge his name, location etc. I’m hoping maybe someone will be able to locate and let me know. Thanks for all your help.

  235. I learned a lot by googling questions colleen.

  236. @E.ToLLe very well said It has taken me a while to tell my story on different forums but I can only speak for myself in saying that stripes has been very helpful to me. I just don’t like to see harsh words said about anyone. I am all about banning together for the greater cause and that is seeing that FRAUDCLOSURE is stopped and Judges abide by the oath they took and rule in favor of the facts of law. The last thing you will see me doing is judging someone I merely commented on actions that just caused a 15 yr old to hang herself.

  237. ET. Thanks.

  238. Grey is black and black is white….Deception is their most powerful weapon against us.

  239. We are under siege by proxy of religion. The SMOM/Vatican/Jesuits are behind this war against us & this is coming from a Catholic. Let’s be honest here, this evil has hijacked the Catholic Church and all religions and everything by many proxies. Read up on the black & grey popes.

  240. @ Collene Collins, I too am sorry to hear of your plight. But please understand this….you’re dealing with a blog filled with people with similar stories of angst and painful trauma….there’s simply no doubt about that one point. We had a fellow blogger here….it hasn’t been proven, probably couldn’t be, but many here know without a shadow of doubt that he killed a sheriff, a locksmith, and himself after we watched him self destruct here for a number of years. We all have our sad tales. I won’t bother you with mine, but trust me, the Grinch has been to my home, or what was once my home. And he grabbed all the morsels from the chimney on his way out too.

    Also, as to your comment about nasty posts and such…..you’d do well to note that this blog has for many years been a fairly well ordered site that helped folks from all states decipher various rulings and case cites to aid in navigating through these turbulent waters….through the heinous acts being pulled off against all of us. This stripes character does nothing but slow the flow like molasses in the snow, which in turn serves to bend a well ordered (usually) blog into a bog of unintelligible ramblings that drive off many a serious and knowledgeable poster. We all know the feds are in this thing deep. We are all aware of the criminality high up. It just serves no purpose on a law blog full of desperate once mortgagors looking for help on issues like you spoke of.

    Trust me, I feel your pain…..but also know this….while your injustices are horrendous and have cut you deep, so too have those who hang here been affected and have deep and bloody gashes of their own. And while we may be a band of brothers, the incessant ramblings against TPTB serve no purpose on a site filled with people who already know the score to that game. We’re just trying to get past first base, in a game that’s been rigged from the outset. Peace.

  241. Cut back on what Deborah….? This is war. All is fair because these crooks have declared war against WE THE PEOPLE. This is about our freedom and independence for the love of God.

  242. @javagold thats what I was trying to say but obviously dc has a lot of anger. No I don’t claim to be sitting on the church pulpit. As far as where I come from? I come form a lower to middle class family who for generations have always devoted their lives to doing for others. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you made a difference is someones life. This platform has helped me out in so many ways. I never claimed to judge you but merely stated that talking bad about anyone especially on a public forum is a form of bullying. I guess you didn’t read the part that a close friends daughter hung herself at the young age of 15 because of the harassment she endured on facebook. I never judge anyone and I specifically stated that. I have a big heart and I was brought up being told “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. I’m sorry if you took offense to my comment but it really bothers me to read unkind words said about another. Sorry I’m not a Saint & never claimed to be. What I am is a nice person that was taught right from wrong, always paid her bills, helped others and lost everything because of illegal & corrupt people. I am angry but people on this forum that are trying to help are not where I am going to take out my anger. Happy holidays

  243. Just doing my patriotic part DC….CC is obviously a victim and has a lot more obstacles to overcome than many of us because she is ill. The truth is we are up against real evil here. The satanic kind. I found that out early on. I have faith.


  245. I found out long ago there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing & pirahnas when you are fighting this evil conspiracy. Some of these agendas are not as well intentioned as they appear. That is why I am here trying to call out the deceptions. Pro se defendants are up against a lot of resistance. This is why I pray a lot.

  246. whats happening here is frustration with the system, when you have HSBC getting away with daylight murder so to speak doesnt that just make you insANE

  247. stop the arguing….and this is from someone who NEVER cares what anyone else says or does…….need to work together before its too late !!!

  248. bs–one of your lants ivent?

  249. CC

    I dont know where you come from or what you do—-but sounds like you belong on the church pulpit tomorrow–so knock yurself out there——and do not presume to judge me much less lecture me–even if you are not one of ivents confederates

  250. Maher soliman is not a bad guy, know this NOTHING IS EVER WHAT IT SEEMS. we have a huge problem, – the system

  251. let me say it so youll understand since obviously english is not your 1st language; deutsche and usb like your type

    du ist eine grosser dumbkoffen, shizzen housen, schwinehunt

  252. I wish I could do more to help Colleen. I would keep on them to do something. Their accelator pedal always seems to get stuck by one strange “coincidence” or another. They want to wear us down so we give up. Try to stay strong, we can’t let the crooks win. Best of Luck…!

  253. @dcbreidenbach I really hate to see the hurtful words written on this site. I am so appreciative of the responses & help I have received. You might not agree with another persons opinion but please don’t put it online I find this a form of bullying. A friends daughter just hung herself 2 weeks ago due to bullying and I have no tolerance for it at all. We are all her to help each other the bad words should be reserved for the guilty Banks, Judges, Attorneys etc not for innocent people trying to help. You might not always agree with anothers opinions but believe it or not they are helping people out there like me. I always believed that proof & truth would set you free but that is not the case in this world we live in. Our Judicial system is so corrupt. I am not forming any opinions about you because I don’t know you I just don’t like to see anyone put down especially in a public forum. This honestly comes from a good place I really care about people.

  254. DC…..You are protecting the traitor politicians and all of their creepy minions & cohorts.

  255. @ Stripes I really appreciate your kind words you have answered my questions on other issues and it is greatly needed. I want the bank, attys, Judge, Title co, County recorders to be penalized. Also all the MA officials that I sent proof to including the Division of Banks who is guilty of dereliction of duty. They told me to send duplicates of all documentation but because I had so much(in chronological order) the employee told me ” I am not a F—–g public accountant. This was after I called and he informed me that he didn’t have the time to look thru all our proof so he didn’t include them with the formal complaint. I asked how do you expect to get a valid response if they are basing their decision on fraudulent info reported by the bank? I then filed a complaint with MA AG Martha Coakley against the DOB and was told she could not go after the DOB I had to file with the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation – Daniel Crane. I did that and they in turn sent it back to the DOB with a note to Please handle this matter. No shock that the Division of Banks weren’t going to rat out one of their own (Fox guarding the hen house.) The FBI also had a duplicate of the complaints and all proof. An FBI Investigator actually came to our home but then he was transferred out of state and our complaint is still on file and sitting there in their office collecting dust. My story is so involved but there is not a date or payment etc that I can’t name off the top of my head. I mix up my sons, dog & husbands names all the time but when it comes to my mortgage I have a photographic memory. Its confusing to other people but I can explain & prove it all. We lost our home, retirement, life savings and now our health I am going to make sure my family is reimbursed before I end up in a wheelchair or dead. There is nothing worse than proving your innocent. We are well known for our charity work in town so it was very embarrassing to have people think you lost your home to foreclosure. Even though we had no knowledge and were not in arrears they did list the closing date and it showed us as the sellers. How is that possible. I want his resolved so I can see my dream come true. I have a whole business plan to open a Rehab & Retreat for our Veterans starting in MA and hopefully within 5 – 10 yrs there will be at least one in every state. If you are not from a Military family people have no idea of the lack of treatment for our Veterans. My place is going to be a long term that will help PTSD, addiction, work skills, have spa treatments and people qualified to help with finances & resumes. My son served his Country and his family home was illegally stolen but as much as it affected him he would be in Afghanistan tomorrow. He was front line Marine & Medic and witnessed alot the one thing he wanted to come home to was the comfort of the only home he ever lived in and he was deprived of that. Its one thing when my life & health are affected but when my kids are innocent victims I have a real problem. I am not giving up 2013 is a new year. I’m hoping my story will catch the attention of someone that can help. Thanks so much for being there for us.

  256. Keep yours out of mine D.C……You are the pot calling the kettle black…. you wildly speculate about who I am and hurl insults at me daily when you don’t know who I am…..the truth is you shoot the messenger because you don’t like the truth being spoken….that it is the investors both foreign & domestic who are behind this. You telling me I don’t know what I am talking about…..that is moronic. You are obviously an investor troll protecting their interests.

  257. i didnt figure youd let me ask questions stripes you creep

  258. @GUEST

    Helpful re stamp–logical—-but when and where is the bar code imprinted on the note or copy

  259. Skip all the Neil Garfield comments and read the comments from the two attys.  Interesting.


  260. Creating Credit bids on properties before a foreclosure is granted is despicable. Creating Credit bids on properties is fraud if the titles are in dispute. They are sneaky, arrogant and immoral criminals. They thought we were all as dumb as a box of rocks and would never figure out their scam. The judges and the attorneys are in on this and I have proof.

  261. DCB, thats a good question. They stamp it when someone requests a copy of the origional. The stamp represents that is a Certified COPY of the Origional. Much like the notary seals, … The attorneys for the title companies just had their robo staff stamp without question after providing them a copy of a scanned copy.

  262. stripes—keep your long nose and big mouth out of my affairs—you are a moron–you have no clue what you are talking about

  263. The peanut gallery is occupied again—-stripes is back —the cheesos mustv run out

  264. It’s all a sham, there is no barcode. It is all a work of fiction. Deception, Lies, Criminal Frauds and Abuse. The Originals get destroyed after the FED cashes the notes at the Treasury. That is why no legal assignments exist and no legally enforceable liens are recorded. The recording of the mortgage is proof of nothing. There is no law in equity for an illegitimate contract.

  265. @DODO

    A person who has reasonable knowledge can spot the fakes from a mile—iv trained my college aged sons to identify faulty complaints and filings–no proof of ownership

  266. @CHRIS

    ID sure be working on that vitae—-its not compelling on expert witnes–it should have a list of all published articles at minimum–and where published

  267. I am sorry to hear that you are ill Colleen. I sincerely hope your case gets rectified and justice gets served on that despicable attorney. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  268. @ GUEST you said:
    “The After the mortgage is recorded the Origionals Always go back to the lender or the party specified on the closing instructions from the lender to the title co.”

    Where does the BAR CODE become affixed in your experience?

  269. You’re such a despicable troll D.C……… Tell the investors they all got caught trying to steal the country.

  270. @CHris

    Except some areas–one has to assume loss at trial ct–its all about the record on appeal—is the expert report evidence? it depends on a lot of things–typically opposition will say its not evidence but legal argument–ergo its got to be adopted as argument and offered as evidence—and its about what an expert can testify to–is it helpful to the court’s understanding? is it interpreting facts etc etc


    Thanks—for the warning–frankly i dont think ill get anything at all–but if he performs ill say so—iv handled case mgmt with experts for 30 years—now as far as money goes —-its not a good idea to front to anybody —-but for a proper expert they can give you the report and its worth nothing unless its signed as an aff–and even then its got to withstand cross by phone deposition before its evidence

    so one will know if its worth it by seeing the draft report

  272. Some of us can determine for ouselves whether its good bad or indifferent ——-i dont need a securitization analysis–i did that in 2009 to zero effect—maybe in combination with note analysis–itll fly????

    i advise all to use these things w/o assumed warrantee-and with competent legal advice

  273. @GUEST

    You might live across street from IVENT——scary thought

  274. E. ToLLe will never cease cracking me up. Funny how we see eye to eye on a lot of people… Must be that old-fashioned common sense drilled into us by flat broke parents who really wanted to send us out in the world equipped and ready to take it on!

    And for everyone who seems a tad lost… Maher is not an attorney. He is only some kind of money-making man who knows an opportunity to make a buck when he sees it, even if it means screwing some poor schlemiel in the process.

  275. This is a disaster of epic proportions because Wall Street created conflicts of interest all over the place. The FED and their INVESTORS were the masterminds of this ….. and the traitor politicians by proxy. They are invested in the 4 large institutional investors controlled by the 8 “large” inbred families.

  276. I’ve been listening to Soliman’s gibberish for going on five years here on LL. If he had any inclination towards helping borrowers in distress, he’s had literally thousands of opportunities to date. Instead, he’s consistently rebuked borrowers for not getting it, all the while these diatribes have been delivered with a totally needless condescension that is way out of place on this blog.

    If in fact he ever truly wanted to atone for his past, he could have easily done so for many people and for a long while now. Instead, he constantly berates the blog owner, as well as the other posters. If his “expert witness” remarks are anything like his undecipherable blather here, I’d be more interested in hiring him for a stand-up gig at the local comedy club. I’d be the guy holding a sack of over-ripe tomatoes in the back.

  277. Guest the banks attorney stated he was the only one at sale (because he was the only one with knowledge) and he bought it for a subsidiary of the bank which we found out the subsidiary owns 100,000 shares and the bank 5,000? The banks attorney did not even represent them in lawsuit an atty the subsidiary hired did. I flipped on him after the illegal judgment and I had to go Pro Se and present again proof that the MA state laws were ignored, the loan was never recorded etc. After the clerk of court and Judge refused us to file an Appeal etc I said to the atty “how do you sleep at night? What if I were your wife, sister? You know our home was illegally stolen by someone who did not have any legal rights and he just looked down and could not respond to me. Our lawyer ended up being a wolf in sheeps clothing. All the work was done for him I am the most organized person and had a complete paper trail in chronological order of all payments. QWR’s, complaints, phone calls. Jeff Barnes from Neil Garfields site filed the 1st lawsuit and after he couldn’t come to MA for court hearings he found a local atty who convinced me to end my contract with Jeff because he could handle it our case was a clear cut case no way we could lose. It was hard paying for 2 lawyers but I now regret not sticking with Jeff Barnes. I just wish he was located in MA and it would have simplified things. We paid over $35,000 in 1 year and now our atty who jumped ship after the unethical Judgment is suing us for almost $6,000. My belief in the legal system and proof of facts has cost us our home of 24 yrs at the time, our retirement & life savings. Our son was a frontline Marine who returned home from his 2nd tour to find out the only home he ever knew was gone and we were homeless. Our marriage and love for our sons has not been affected but my health is progressing at a rapid pace due to stress. I am disabled have had 23 surgeries suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia(had brain surgery 1998) Fibromyalgia, depression & anxiety. I survived Cancer but question whether I will survive this. It has consumed my life but I am not really computer savy so have problems with alot of the detailed research that people suggest such as checking the Judge to see if his loan is securitized. I really appreciate all the help from you all that answer my comments. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Try telling people that you never were in arrears but you illegally lost your home? It sounds crazy until I present the proof. I know people who haven’t paid their mtg in over 2 yrs and are still in their home. We had to vacate our home due to Toxic Mold and still paid while waiting for our Note, Mtg and all closing docs we were never in possession of. They knew when we received that they were screwed so they illegally sold our home to themselves with an INVALID CREDIT BID. I did stop them from trying to cover the mold without permits and flip the home. I brought pictures of every wall which was black and our Mold reports that showed we had the highest level they ever seen in a residence and we were told to vacate as well as letters from Drs that specialize in Mold Toxicity telling us to vacate the home. The building inspector went to the home to find out that these people actually tried to just put new sheet rock over the mold and he fined them and made them tear it down and refused them permits until they handled the Toxic Mold according to the EPA. They listed the home without a sign I was notified by a local realtor who knew the situation. They listed it for $27,100 less than the invalid credit bid and stated CASH ONLY. They did not disclose the Toxic Mold. I have proof of the banks knowledge and their Depositions. It would blow your mind to see that a Judge ruled in their favor. I tried my hardest to make sure no other family suffered the medical problems we have due to the Toxic Mold. I was in the house before it sold and it still smelled like Mold. I need a good reporter to expose our story! I want back every cent I paid plus legal fees as well as the pain & suffering that we have suffered because of this tragedy!

  278. @masterservicer are you serious about your offer in reviewing NOD and notice of sale( have 2 of them)? I would be willing to send mine (non-judicial state) but here’s the situation I have no money, house already stolen, already went through BK–still want the info? I have nothing to loose cause it already has all been taken. Exactly how are you going to prove your manufactured foreclosure theory?

  279. I think maybe that attorney is who through you under the bus Colleen. Not excusing the judge here but, I have yet to find an attorney that does not want you to neglotiate with these crooks. They are in most cases put there as a FED middleman. The FED is a private bank and these traitor politicians nationalized it with the bailouts……TBTF is in Dodd-Frank….these politicians all need to be arrested. The ORIGINATION FRAUD bars these fraudclosures by the FEDSTERS because of no ex post facto laws. We have been hijacked by the FEDSTER crooks and we need to free ourselves.

  280. Anyone looking to hire Maher Soliman needs to check his curriculum and realize that he was working for the lenders peddling subprime and reverse mortgages until fairly recently. Does that disqualify him automatically as an expert? No. Attorney Cox from Maine used to be a bank/lender counsel until coming out of retirement to help homeowners and he’s been at the origin of the robot-signing disclosure.

    What it does, though, is put Soliman’s loyalties into serious question… I wouldn’t send him one cent until provided with a list of cases won by homeowners thanks to his (very pricy) intervention.

    I don’t know the guy personally. I have nothing against him, personally. But like many here, I’ve been burnt by people like him.

    Buyer beware!

  281. Colleen You Nailed It! “The banks attorney bought it back on bid”. WHY? Are you sure the Attorney was working for the bank? or the Title Company? Or did he buy your loan at cents on the doller? Does he have ownership in the Title Company? Did the Title Insurer refuse claim because the Title Company made errors or blantly lied. Rumor is alot of Title Companies collected fees from borrowers for a Title Abstract, (some even paid their own attorneys)… but none were done (no time.. to many papers to push). So Title Co sends Title Ins false info. Title Co on the Hook! Yep! E & O ins rates skyrocketing. Trust Me the Title Companies were/are forging documents! @ DCB State Laws vary on what is kept on file at the Title Co. Check Yours. The After the mortgage is recorded the Origionals Always go back to the lender or the party specified on the closing instructions from the lender to the title co.

  282. Samantha5000 how do you find out if your Judge has a securitized loan? Or any negative on their record? We had Judge Wilbur P Edwards Jr. of the Southeast Division Housing Court in Brockton, MA. We had our home illegally stolen from us without ever being in arrears. We were never notified, nor was it published in the newspaper which is against MA state foreclosure laws and cause for defense. We provided proof of every payment made on an Invalid loan. Our loan never came to fruition at infancy. We had an illegal closing at a food court and we were never given a copy of our note, mortgage or any closing documents that are required by law to satisfy the terms of a legal contract. We finally got 4 1/2 yrs later and now had proof of invalid loan, perjury & forgery. We left the closing which was only my hubby & I and a Notary with 2 copies each unsigned “Right to Cancel” forms. When we finally got the closing documents and had proof of the day we received there were 6 copies all with different signatures. Also the amounts they claimed to pay were not paid etc. The bank atty bought the home with an INVALID CREDIT BID. Nobody had any knowledge of illegal sale and no money was involved. Long story but our Judge ignored all the Facts of Law and ignored the fact that we were never notified nor was the sale published and Bank admitted they couldn’t provide proof that they abided by the law. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also during the case we found out about a notice sent to the Title Co which stated after 4 months after closing the security instrument was never recorded. This is also proof that they had no legal right to foreclose or collect payments none of which were applied to the principal after $150,000 in payments zero was applied.

  283. As far as these traitor politicians handing our property over to our foreign enemies in exchange for their lousy credit goes, that is criminal and by all of the laws of this land, they can’t. That is their Globalization fraud. It is a mind game trick. The hijacking of the Treasury and the coup de tat of our wealth by the Globalists was an act of war on America and criminal high treason by the politicians. The FED never paid for anything. They all need to be arrested.

  284. The attorney’s hands are tied because if they don’t cooperate with this scam that puts their livelihoods in jeopardy. That is why this conspiracy is so incredibly evil to the core.

  285. In my humble opinion, WE THE PEOPLE need to make a stand, we need to out these crooks and their criminal conspiracy everywhere possible. Especially in the court rooms.

  286. Javagold,

    Understanding Soliman is one thing. His being legally able to testify as to your documents, securitization and what not is another thing. In the past 4 or 5 years, he’s come here sporadically to find suckers. When backed into a corner, he never delivers what he promises or, when he does, the judges disregard it as irrelevant or on the basis of his credentials (or lack thereof).

    Contact any serious foreclosure defense attorney in CA and ask him about Maher Soliman… Even Fagan or Dr. Chapelle didn’t use him, if i remember well…

  287. Sounds like maybe we are all coming together. We really should because these crooks harmed everyone. What to do….? I was told by an attorney the judge can clear title back to you on the spot based on the facts presented. I believe WE THE PEOPLE need to make a stand. As to the conspiracy, it is vast in it’s scope. The attempt to coverup by the States via the counties is scurilious, the politicians are turncoats all the way to the local level. There is evidence of a vast civil conspiracy to coverup these crimes. The rioting in the streets will be futile, that’s what they want. I heard a talk radio show guest today state the the only reason WE THE PEOPLE would need military grade weapons would be to fight the military and those people are nuts. To that I say, the foreign military are already here. What do they think Homeland Security and FEMA are….? They are U.N. black ops…our foreign enemies. As to the traitors selling our land to the foreigners and renting it back I would like to say I agree with my favorite CNBC anchor…Rick Santelli ……Wall Street doesn’t own anything, therefore they aren’t selling anything. Investment is not ownership if the seller never owned it. Their investors certainly want us to believe they own everything and they own us however, due to the ORIGINATION FRAUD…….all subsequent sales, transfers swaps etc….were FRAUDULENT… They are simply banking on what we don’t know. Time to tell the judges what we know because that is something the criminals from behind the scenes never counted on. They certainly don’t want to be outed by the peasants.

  288. Sorry Maher but the truth must be told. I, personally, don’t remember who wrote this (that was a seriously pissed-off LL blogger, if I recall) but I do remember that you stopped peddling here for a long while afterwards. Remember, Usedkarguy? Remember, Hman and ETolle?



    I paid him almost $5,000.00 to be an ‘expert witness’ and all he provided was unintelligible gibberish.I had it reviewed by attorneys and paralegals who said ‘it has no legal value’ in a case. He provided me his ‘credentials’ and ‘cases in which he had testified’. We could NOT VERIFY ANY OF IT. When this was brought to the FEDERAL JUDGES attention, she DISMISSED HIM AS AN EXPERT WITNESS…!!!!
    I asked for a refund, but he denied it saying ‘my argument is too complex for judges and attorneys to understand’.
    HE IS NOT AN EXPERT WITNESS and if you have a physical location for him, please let us now as we want to bring him into court on FRAUD CHARGES and CIVIL COMPLAINTS.

    Complaints about his FRAUD ACTIVITIES can be sent to:Calif State Attorney General Foreclosure Fraud Task Force:http://ag.ca.gov/contact/complaint_form.php?cmplt=CL

    The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: http://lcintake.serveronline.net/intake-basic-qualify.aspx?source=NW

    The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force: http://www.stopfraud.gov/report.htmlThe Federal Trade Commission: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

  289. what is going on in the world ???……i actually understand almost 100% of MS postings !!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. And it’s amazing how $5,000 appears to be the average amount one can swindle out of homeowners in foreclosure… That’s how much MS and Nancy Drewe charge for documents judges have very little use for and even less consideration…

  291. DCB,

    I’d be very careful…

  292. Is this introduced as an affidavit or original executed expert witness report—–subject to need for deposition scheduling—-or both?

  293. @MS

    How can one turn down such an offer?
    Go ahead and look at the complaint in Hancock County Ohio 2009 F 622.

    Make a report: Ill give you a leg up and tell you the note found therein was never listed on a Schedule of govt record under UCC and SEC –blank attahment “manual scedule” never filed with sec or Del Sec –per cert records–thus no support for the plaintiff under UCC Art 9

    all hangs on Art 3 compliance OR

    internal records–which one day say servicer Bank A —next day say servicer B——

    Maybe you can make an expert report—ill pay for it–if we can figure out how to qualify it–iv not researched issue of expertise in analysis –but i know it is there—-a trained idea with backround knoledge can certainly spot a forgery with a glance –question –how many fakes?


  294. @GUEST
    Question fr you to guess at: If a there was a closing at a County Name “_____” Title insurance Company.” and at the time the Complaint in foreclosure was filed which purported: ” Bank” Indenture trstee “PLAINTIFF” owns and holds the note a copy of which is attached.”

    Then the attachment appears as it was initially executed by maker at the title agency—-except there are added two items: 1) a stamp with said Title Company name and initial by someone at the physical facility. —–“CERTIFIED COPY OF ORIGINAL NOTE” stamp on the face——–bottom left hand corner this certification—–and at the top right hand a BAR CODE all filed July 2009 with complaint.

    Later a second version of the note is delivered –except this version has two alterations from the prior “certified copy of note”

    This version has by July 2010–a year after the other copy was filed–acquired language that looks like an indorsement with a robosigned set of initials, ——on the last-signature page——–but hardest for me to fathom is that the BAR-CODE disappeared from the face of the note 1st page —-and of course the certification that it is a true copy is gone–since it should not be a copy of a copy–but is supposed to be the original

    other oddity s that all other similar originated notes handled by the same servicer—–in the county —and out—-for same plaintiff—-all bore bar code and indorsement at the time of filing the complaint

    now my question really is why did they go to the title agency to get a copy —–its stamped certified by the agency—-but the 2nd version lost the bar code——is mine ok w/o bar code and allothers wrong–or vice versa?

    what role in foreclosure complaint support docs would a title company have normally???? anybody ???

  295. MS… Isn’t that Maher Soliman? Yeah, that’s what it stands for: Maher Soliman. Self-appointed “expert” we can’t fi8nd any case he testified in in any kind of legal capacity…

    Soliman, you’ve been fighting with Neil for years trying to get his bloggers to send you their docs so you could make a few bucks out of this site… Shame on you. Open your own site will you? Nancy Drewe used to do that too, until she screwed Elizabeth out of $5,000 and Elizabeth reported it all over this blog.

    Actually, didn’t you get slapped around a few times by Anonymous over what you’ve kept alleging for 4 years and have yet to prove? Just because this looks like a new crowd doesn’t mean they won’t be smart, Maher.

  296. We do/did Title Closings in Illinois
    National Signing Agents

    I do not publish our ID because I do not wish to put our families in danger of nut cases who make threats on this site …. like showing up on our doorstep.

  297. @ Master Servicer, I dont have an Email set up to go thru to your email box. @ DCB will you email her my email address for me. Thank You!

  298. DCB excellent rebut … excellent friend

  299. He it just came to me. If three or four people send me their notice of default and notice of sale (non- judicial states first) I will publish here the results of my findings. I will show you readers what I believe is a manufactured foreclosure that is being tracked to some type of proprietary software being shared by bank agents to fabricate foreclosure. NO FEE NO MONEY NO ENGAGEMENTS NO OTHER MOTIVES – I will publish my results here . . Or I will take a random sample of cases I have worked on if you prefer . But I will publish here to show you what our work has produced that points this debacle into the greatest in justice in US history .Comments?

    Judges want fact – they want evidence and want to see the injustice first hand people . Sales are not postponed by chance they are calculated into the software to anticipate bankruptcy. The Obama end to 1099 debt forgiveness is for the investors and tax deductions as compensation for losses.

    Doing away with the tax forgiveness “sham” now forces the homeowner into bankruptcy and discharges his claim (Garfield wake up ) …a tax write off for investors to use as a shelter from future income tax liability . What a crock of Sh!^ (and they say I don’t deliver ) The 1099 scam after Jan 2013 forces you to contemplate a fight that leaves you in to IIRS debt for the rest of your life if you lose or forced into BK to discharge your claims. .registerclaims@live.com

  300. Yes MS, I’m Real and willing to Prove It to You. And Yes I am Willing to Stake a Claim! I’m tired of people making decisions for us without giving us all the facts to make the decision for ourselves. I’m tired of not knowing who to Trust and Not Trust!

  301. @MS re Kent State

    Point was they were sued—and of course all those guys with M-16s —hiding from actual combat in Vietnam —oh yeah they created that BS line and testified how scare shitless they were of those girls with books—-no guns—-a couple guys scooped up broken bricks—yeah i can see why they kept these guys back here and not put them up against actual combatants

    Scared to death–such the “believed” they were in danger—fact is they were itching to play with the guns–to cut notches in em–afraid theyd never be able to tell their grandchildren that they fired the gun in the WAR except for practice—like a lot of cops out there today

    They were scared to death at WACO too—only a few tanks—and helicopeter gunships and 100s of cops and soldiers to take on at least 20 guys and what 110 women and children——3 times the recent atrocity——–im more afraid of govt than the single shooter—–

    with this in the background, is it any surprise that Americans are buying automatic weapons at an accelerating pace–and by recent polls it 88% are at least some time in college—the rest use bolt action with scopes–sniper guns used to hunt

    Do you think those of us in OHIO universities under protectoion of good ole governor Rhodes have semis????

    There are times when one must say: “This far and no farther.”


  303. to the extent that trial judges who dont get with the program need to reread those 1960s civil rights cases; Kent State–Ohio Natl Guard–when the govt turned its automatic rifles on helpless students in 1970





  304. No MS, I’m NOT! Althou accused of it … I’m Not! I’m just someone with alot of questions and no answers. I want to know the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Whole Dam Truth! I was used just like you and my husband was the one fc on twice (2 properties) when there was no defaut! I want to know Why! … Give them leverage over me? Hahaha! I have nothing to Hide and I cant be bought!

  305. OK —-sure in certain NE states the judges are appointed by the area gangsters who recycle radioactive waste and PCBs etc into heating oil so much so that the WSJ noted in the NJ cleanup that boilers taken to junkyards must be tested for radioactivity before crushed–so you dont wind up with a radioactive car some day

    and police and judges in florida work with south america and eastern mobsters

    and people in NE dont pay excise taxes, import tariffs or income taxes–and generally operate like a free nation—–except when they cash the incoming federal checks

    so yeah there are pockets of corruption all over—some pervasive –like ne and florida and mexican border——-then there are clean little town in the midwest ——where the guy gets paid 100k if hes lucky and has to trust god some nut doesnt shoot him for sending bro to prison

    be wary of generalization—cause frankly—if the crap you guys bring up out of the Cal, Arizona NM is true—I for one would vote twice or three times to repatriate the whole lot to mexico—-and throgh in the NE and fla for free.

    We do not need this poison in our system and if the citizens of the states wont deal with it –then we need to kick the whole lot of you out—as EU Gerans do the Greeks—-why do you people whine abourt you lack of political control and corruption—-its not our problem in the rest of the country
    In OHIO today our honest SUPREME COURT held twice in recent weeks to protect citizens rights agressively: Schwartzwald and Wallace

    to the extent that trial judges who dont get with the program need to reread those 1960s civil rights cases; Kent State–Ohio Natl Guard–when the govt turned its automatic rifles on helpless students in 1970

    has everybody been castrated somehow by floride in the water or what?
    it is almost an insult to be called an american today—somewhere between buffon and sheep—–with an ocasional sneak theif thrown into the mix to keep things interesting

  306. No due process — Guest – your a living lies con man looking for free information – go the hell away people DO YOU SEE NOW . BAIT THE EDITORS ALWAYS WILLING TO TAKE THE BAIT

  307. Judge : Mr. Insider you are a fraud, a cover-up artist and you are a liar.
    Informant But not a snitch!
    Judge : Excuse me?
    Informant No, I don’t think I will. This is such a crock of shit.
    Judge : Informant , you will watch your language. You are in the sacred house of Lords , the sanctuary , the Court room now, not a barracks. Mr. Insider I will give you one final opportunity to speak up.

    Informant Mr. Insider doesn’t want it. He doesn’t need to labeled, “…still worthy of being a ‘good Lawyer ‘” What the hell is that? What is your motto here? “Boys, take a client to court , then abandon them and save your hide. Anything short of that we’re gonna burn you at the stake?” Well, gentlemen. When the shit hits the fan, some guys run and some guys stay. Here’s a whistle blower –facing the fire, and there’s the judicious –hiding in big Daddy’s pocket. And what are you doin’? You’re gonna reward Judicious , and destroy informants
    Judge : Are you finished, Informant ?
    Informant No, I’m just gettin’ warmed up. Now I don’t know who went to your law schools –N Garfield, President Garfield , Garfield the Cat –whoever wrote the Constitution – Their spirit is dead; if they ever had one, it’s gone. You’re courts are building a judicial rat ship here in America. A civil vessel for sea going squids who practice law. . And if you think you’re preparing these minnows, for manhood after law school….you better think again. Because I say you are killing the very spirit these schools as an institution proclaim it instills. What a sham! What kind of show you guys puttin’ on here today? I mean, the only class in this act is sittin’ next to me. And I say, this insiders soul is intact. He is not an attorney ! It’s non-negotiable. You know how I know? Because someone on the web here–I’m not gonna say who–offered to buy it. Only the informant here wasn’t selling.
    Judge : Sir, you are out of order!
    Informant Out of order, I’ll show you out of order! You don’t know what I know or what really happened to the US Homeowner….out of order is, Your courts and system is out of order ! Judge ! I’d show you but I’m too old, I’m too tired, and I’m too fu*&in’ blind. If I were the man behind Livinglies five years ago I’d take away the editors laxatives and torch this place!!

    Out of order, who the hell do you think you’re talking to? I’ve been around, and seen your courts operate . . . you know?

    There was a time I could see. And I have seen, people like these, younger than these, their finances torn out, their beliefs ripped off broke form Garfield audits …. But there is nothin’ like the sight of an amputated checkbook spirit, there is no prosthetic for that. NG Wont work for free …..You think you’re merely sending this splendid foot-soldier back home to Arizona moving with his tail and cash between his legs, but I say that you are executing his readers soul! And why? Because he’s not a B of A man. Wells Citi man , you hurt this informant , you’re going to be Bank Bums, the lot of ya. And Duetsche, HSBC , UBS , wherever you are out there, fu^& you too.
    Judge : Stand down Informant !
    Informant I’m not finished! Now as I came in here, I heard those words…Mark of men , cradle of leadership, . Well, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And it has fallen here, it has fallen! Makers of men, creators of leaders, be careful what kind of leaders you’re producing here. I don’t know if the informants silence here today is right or wrong; I’m no judge or jury. But I can tell you this: he won’t sell anybody out to buy his future! And that my friends is called integrity, that’s called courage. Now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of. (pause) Now I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew. But I never took it, you know why? It was too damn hard. Now here’s a whistle blower ; he’s come to the crossroads. He has chosen a path, it’s the right path. It’s a path made of principle that leads to character. Let him continue on his journey. You hold this Country’s future in your hands, Jury ! It’s a valuable future. Believe me! Don’t destroy…protect it…embrace it. It’s gonna make you proud some day…I promise you.

  308. Due Process, LOL

    Under the Constitution we have a right to confront our accusers. Has anyone here “under the law” had a proper trial and an opportunity to present the facts, as they really are? I know of no one, to this point. The judges are in fact, kicking the opportunity for a jury trial to the curb…I’ll just bet all of us, at some level have been denied PROPER due process.

  309. @LOUISE

    The definition of DUE PROCESS is complex, most litigators–which is what judges are—think primarily in terms of procedural due process. Following the rules and the judge has a practical responsibility to enforce these rules judiciously or the whole process breaks down.

    The key here is SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS; intimately related to CR17 and standing which may be broader—but substantive due process is at the core of these concepts. In the instant matter that meand freedom from risk of two parties pursuing you at two different times on the same cause of action: enforcement of the note under UCC 3-301 and 309

    If you arent receiving the properly indorsed original note back—you must be protected from other claimants who either produce the original or put up a bond

    The court cannot issue orders in face of this –even without the seizure of property protections 907) Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad v. Chicago 166 U.S. 226 ( 1897) held this taking a violation of substantive Due Process under the 14th Amendment.

  310. “It is not an easy or lucrative job”

    One thing I will state carefully…having known a party that has done a background check on a judge…and a reorganization attorney…they have millions of dollars in real estate, own investment companies, etc…that’s all I can say at this time, but rest assured the job is lucrative if you are making judgments in favor of the gangsters…the perks are quite good! And, DC, in my humble opinion: the judge, damned well does know. My 2 cents here.

  311. @ MS … Are you suggesting they sold the land (our land) to foriegners and leased it back? yes or no

  312. Violation of due process is rampant with regard to foreclosure across the entire country. Judges are biased against pro se litigants also all across the country. The one light at the end of the tunnel is that I am reading that the lawsuits are draining the banks and servicers of their money, and money is the only thing that matters to them. Next years should be interesting.


  314. Everything is curable. Now.


  315. Judges have a right to procedural DUE PROCESS like everybody else—-more so–cause a judge holds a thankless and dangerous job. He always has one unhappy litigant–particularly criminal cases. It is not an easy or lucrative job. They have a lot of anecdotal stuff before them–but not much hard evidence often—–the DOJ thing is very different–its a hook they must hang their hats on.

    The judges must be placed on notice and given to understand how it affects what thev been doing. NOBODY had any idea that much of home loan industry was going to become dominated overnight by a bunch of criminal conspirators.

  316. @MS…I get it. Please explain in simple language, what we should do about it as homeowners? What can we do about it?





    I would never hold anyone to a fee to help. I am just damn tired of being called a fraud , held hostage to what I really know and then have this clown steal clients and info to sell to you …. NG stop it! Bad NG GFeld GO HOME with ET now. Party over (LOL damn Jokester in AZ ) over four years and you still do not know. Lets get on a conference call …Ill dissect you with what you do not know

  318. yesterday I filed a Request for Judicial Notice of the Indictment and Plea Agreement of Loraine O. Brown, former CEO DocX —and “Factual Basis” which is a set of admissions as to filing falsified documents. I attached a 30 page Federal Court “Certified copy”

    Google Lyn Szymoniak Request for Judicial Notice posted this past week.

    This should be done by anyone with an action involving DOCX—-1 million such docs—it is in my experience also indicative of industry practice–so its relevant more widely

    Use of forged documents to drive govt action is a crime—-file a complaint with the prosecutor–copy em on the plea agreement–particularly the FACTUAL BASIS admissions

    If the judges ignore—-file charges in Judiciary review boards –and Federal Court –denuial of civil rights–substantive Due Process–risk of duplicated claims on a single cause of action on the note

    seizure of private property by Counties for private purposes —under color of law but outside their scope of authority—but the COURTS do not have to recognize–be on NOTICE of the PLEA agreement and Factual Basis until you put it in evidence once in the judges case-files

    after that–and he ignores–then hes a possible defendant–you gotta give him a chance to see the facts and contemplate what hes doing before hes guilty–hes gotta be on notice officially

  319. comments said – Wouldn’t allow questions of the defense, BOA by the way, we were allowed nothing into evidence, and dismissed the case 12(b)(6) in NC that’s “a failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted”. Just lost the appeal too for a technicality,

    registerclaims – What is a major obstacle for litigants is a presumption asserting the courts knows…to that extent the claims brought by the purported damaged parties lack merit.

    I wish this site would go back to day one and get the train back on track . The lender is a tax payer corporation who formed a REIT in the first year of commencement . The REITS ownership is transferred to a subsidiary. The tax payer corporation formed the subsidiary as an LLC for holding of the tax payers directors. The lines of credit used to originate pools of mortgages are treated as Loans Held and Sold under a transfer and sale method for liquidating assets and extinguishing liabilities. The loans are divested of value and surrendered as satisfaction for the FDCIC bank lines outstanding. The divestiture and extinguishable feature of GAAP are well documented as the most controversial element of business in the modern business world. Upon the divestiture of the asset, a quandary arises amongst the household debtor and the mortgage lender who is …..No Longer A Lender but recognized as a seller and the transferor .

    But the lenders claiming to have standing to bring a foreclosure.
    And how is a bonefide seller and transferor for value obligated for all the debt that currently exceeds the tea in China, the Steer in Texas and the bad advice given here ?

    Enron sold energy to US Cities generated from facilities they could purchase in the adjoining areas and neighborhoods . ABC Energy could not turn a dime for the last decade and yet sells to Enron . Instantly Enron is making a fortune on the over paid facilities. Enron was believed to be a highly profitable enterprise- darling of wall street. Its liabilities were far below scale compared to its assets held. It made deals with anyone and everyone turning a bad business into a good Enron businesses. One reason was they were able to make phenomenal deals by leasing assets while allowing the prior assets to extinguish. They could over pay for the old and outdated facilities and even over encumber each acquisition with the financing cost for over valued assets they acquired from another .

    BofA was a Seller and the assets it received in exchanged for US Homes were common stock in a house of cards. In the movie “Too Thick to Fail“(something like that ) you see Bernanke tell the Koreans “Keep the homes . . .”

    The deal hinged on the IRC rules that failed to qualify BofA as a lessor and subsidiary lessee as the debtor to European central Banks as bond holders.

    The lessor sold and leased back their own assets to create the cash flow for the bonds and preferred investors for loans liquidated into shares in a overvalued and overrated Special Purpose Vehicle .

    I’m tired Charlie , good night .

  320. Yes! They are using against you what you do not know. I agree, and I agree that educating yourselves is essential. They went to Law School and you didnt. Its been common knowledge for awhile that they lack Jurisdiction and Standing. But it still does not solve the problem with the Titles nor does it establish the Ownership of the Notes. How are they fixing that? What protections will we get? We all have waited patiently and educated ourselves while they litigated this to hell and back again. When is enough .. enough? When will those who were Left in Limbo Hell be vindicated?

  321. There is substantial commentary supported by transcripts and anecdotal experiences posted: a few official records, in respect of judges’ conduct in Florida. It may be broader if not as well documented.

    The common complaint is abuse of “procedural” DUE PROCESS. However, if properly cast, the actual complaint is more fundamental and gives guidance to remedies available.

    The clear and certain systemic abuse of procedural due process has two effects: 1) exposure by defendants to a cause of action to enforce a note–including deficiency by multile clamants, making settlements and releases uncertain, based upon inadequate proof of ownership on the record. That is a “substantive” DUE PROCESS violation.

    The second effect is seizure of property by the State of Florida through the actions of its Judiciary and Sheriffs with knowedge that ownership is in doubt, documents forged. That constitutes illegal seizure by govt for private purposes: the collectors’ profits. One reason that this is part of the Fundamental Constitutional Rights: freedom from such actions–is the tendency of a loosened standard to promote govt officials’ corruption.

    Consequently the actions of the Courts specifically identified in Florida–the remedy– is the filing of an action against the offending abusive judges in Federal Court under the Civil Rights Act. the County and/or the judge in his individual capacity, could be named as defendants and injunctions raised –damages sought. a Judge is only a Judge with immunity so long as he stays within the scope of his authority and jurisdiction. When he steps beyond–knowingly–he is simply a guy that is trampling peoples fundamental substantive due process rights under color of state law. Like taking black scholl kids off a bus and beating them.

    Do the Attorneys down there have the guts to do it? Hmmm—–I guess these guys would have avoided Alabama and Mississippi in 1962—they wouldv moved to Quebec in the Revolutionary War –till the threat blew over—-gone to California in 1860

    Dodged every draft—ducked every war. urinate in their beds if they are awakened at night by a crash downstairs. Hmmm no more Clarence Darrows—-not even civil rights lawyers

    i dont get it —these guys whine all over the courtrooms—use the whining to post on the internet for maybe advertising purposes–but know very well what to do—-they just dont want to take the time out of their bilable hours–maybe a couple need to retire and serve a single client using those dirty words: “PRO-BONO”

    Im sure there are any number of the readers sitting with a fat attorney bill for payment before XMAS—-put it under the tree–maybe Santa will pick it up—all i can say is these florida attys that take that crap–outta get another profession—one where spineless moneygrubers is an asset

  322. Not to say there is not some decent reporting over there however, if you call out fraud they send their nazi attack dogs after you & call you what they are………socialists. When they moderate free speech that is fact based that throws up red flags. Alex Jones blog is one pertinent example. They allow racist hate speech but if you talk about the election process you get moderated.

  323. Ariana is no doubt best friends of the Rothschilds & the Rockefeller clan. They want social justice fixes for a massive criminal conspiracy.

  324. The Huffington Post is deceptively biased IMHO….Free speech is only guaranteed to the politically correct, therefore they are violating the First amendment. They are socialists over there.

  325. These are heinous acts poppy. They are using what we don’t know against us. It doesn’t matter what they have if they uttered counterfeits and forgeries at the onset, that is criminal. Forget discovery, this is criminal, ask the court to invoke its Common Law, Criminal Law jurisdiction and rule immediately that you just realized these elements were present at the onset…..that by deception, the plaintiff presented fraud upon the court, at the onset, therefore the only just remedy for intent to do permanent harm to we, the defendant’s is, the judges should rule immediately on the facts presented thus far…. dismiss the cases with prejudice, award us both compensatory damages and other equitable relief for the initial assault and battery alone caused Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress upon the defendants. The fact we are pro se defendant’s in criminal cases is evidence of a Civil Conspiracy in my humble opinion.

  326. The Huffington Post promotes a receptive, transparent and civil atmosphere for comments and
    users. Critical, in-depth and intelligent discussions and debates are encouraged and the best of
    these are highlighted in various ways, such as through the Community Pundit program.
    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to voice their opinion regardless of identity, politics,
    ideology, religion or agreement with other community members, the author of the post or staff
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    However, this community does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults,
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    response. These types of comments will be removed from the community where warranted.
    Individuals who consistently or intentionally post these types of comments will be warned and, if
    necessary, excluded from the community.

  327. “Article 8 is a compelling argument not many know about” …..yup it sure is !!!!!!!!!!

    stripes does what she does, but has a lot of information. As she pointed out in my situation, the seize is a ruse, but I am in two courts over this and the judge here in N Carolina is lending credence to the activity, given me a stay, where he is looking in the beginning with New Century, so I must pick a side. Both are lying…I have the ledgers, SEC file (missing for the year they claim it was filed, Bull) not there, multiple forgeries (in your face, blatant), my signature has been forged in the special proceeding again (in your face and time stamped, when the court was closed?), no allonges or signatures, dates, time frames…so much missing and unaccounted for, with late payments from day one (have checks). The substitute trustee has signed affidavits to the court stating: my last payment was made January 29, 2007, when the “contract” was not viable until February 27, 2007…every single piece of information is incorrect. So, I just have to present my case based on what they have put in play and work off this. Just my humble opinion, but we have more than many fighting and it is still an uphill battle. Given we have little experience in procedure, we have contacted counsel to guide us through the procedural part…as what is the value of all this great paperwork, if we cannot get it into evidence and lack experience on how to properly utilize it?

    Merry Christmas to all, whatever your religious affiliation.

  328. Why are the foreclosures substantially insufficient in law and defective ? Because of numerous felony frauds. Deception by Concealment as to who the “real party in interest” is, Uttering, Counterfeiting, Forgery, Subjorning Perjury, at the onset. No proof by evidence in fact a legal contract exists, therefore all of the essential elements of fraud have been presented at the onset upon their faulty presentment.

    We have 1.) A document apparently capable of defrauding another; 2.) A making or altering of such documents by one person in such manner that it purports to have thus been made by another; 3.) Knowledge that it has thus been made; 4.) Knowing delivery of the document; 5.) Intent to defraud, (People v Hunter).

    “Forgery” is the fraudulent making or altering of a writing with intent to prejudice the rights of another, (Eliason v Wilborn, 1929, Ill).

    Merry Christmas ladies.

  329. @MS, I agree with you in part and disagree with you in part about stripers. She has done here homework but she is out of touch with reality. She needs to stick with the facts …..

  330. If this is the same Honorable Judge then he has a history of alleged temper tantrums


  331. stripes, on December 21, 2012 at 10:03 am said:

    In Illinois re Residential foreclosures, Article 8 governs foreclosures. If there is a conflict between Articles 8, 4 and 9, Articles 4 and 9 shall govern the foreclosure action..I see a conflict because Article 8 cannot be enforced without proof of Control by Delivery and Possession,

    Im not going to say the Striper is out touch . Article 8 is a compelling argument not many know about …..

  332. Wouldn’t allow questions of the defense, BOA by the way, we were allowed nothing into evidence, and dismissed the case 12(b)(6) in NC that’s “a failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted”. Just lost the appeal too for a technicality,

    What is a major obstacle for litigants is a presumption asserting the courts knows…to that extent the claims brought by the purported damaged parties lack merit.

    I wish this site would go back to day one and get the train back on track . The lender is a tax payer corporation who formed a REIT in the first year of commencement . The REITS ownership is transferred to a subsidiary. The tax payer corporation formed the subsidiary as an LLC for holding of the tax payers directors. The lines of credit used to originate pools of mortgages are treated as Loans Held and Sold under a transfer and sale method for liquidating assets and extinguishing liabilities. The loans are divested of value and surrendered as satisfaction for the FDCIC bank lines outstanding. The divestiture and extinguishment feature of GAAP are well documented as the most controversial element of business in the modern business world. Upon the divestiture of the asset, a quandary arises amongst the household debtor and the mortgage lender who is …..No Longer A Lender but recognized as a seller and the transferor .

    But the lenders claiming to have standing to bring a foreclosure.
    And how is a bonefide seller and transferor for value obligated for all the debt that currently exceeds the tea in China, the Steer in Texas and the bad advice given here ?

    Enron sold energy to US Cities generated from facilities they could purchase in the adjoining areas and neighborhoods . ABC Energy could not turn a dime for the last decade and yet sells to Enron . Instantly Enron is making a fortune on the over paid facilities. Enron was believed to be a highly profitable enterprise- darling of wall street. Its liabilities were far below scale compared to its assets held. It made deals with anyone and everyone turning a bad business into a good Enron businesses. One reason was they were able to make phenomenal deals by leasing assets while allowing the prior assets to extinguish. They could over pay for the old and outdated facilities and even over encumber each acquisition with the financing cost for over valued assets they acquired from another .

    BofA was a Seller and the assets it received in exchanged for US Homes were common stock in a house of cards. In the movie “Too Thick to Fail“(something like that ) you see Bernanke tell the Koreans “Keep the homes . . .”

    The deal hinged on the IRC rules that failed to qualify BofA as a lessor and subsidiary lessee as the debtor to European central Banks as bond holders.

    The lessor sold and leased back their own assets to create the cash flow for the bonds and preferred investors for loans liquidated into shares in a overvalued and overated Special Purose Vehicle .

    I’m tired Charlie , good night .

  333. That comment is precisely what I am talking about, this is all about shoot the messenger. I am not here to make anyone believe me, they can do their own research. I am just exposing the crooks and what they have done to millions of Americans was no accident, not by a long shot. It was intentional and it was criminal..These foreign and domestic crooks intended to permanently harm the entire nation. They want to level everyone financially and make us scrape our way out of poverty. Good Luck with that, because if you lose it, you are going to have a hell of a time getting it back. They want Government slaves. They want us to own nothing of value. Fraudclosure is fascism and so is TBTF and the Fiscal Cliff as well as any new taxes or raises in taxes…They want everyone working on their commie slave plantation.. CNBC anchor remarked today that if his taxes go up he will not remodel his kitchen even though he and his wife both make good money because they will feel the pain of a tax hike severely and that will hurt the economy. I agree. This is the face of communism whether you want to see it or not. All I can say to the naysayers is you are either one of them or you are in complete denial.

  334. poppy, pay this nitwit no mind.
    just a distraction.

  335. @Poppy…if I cared what the trolls on here thought of me, I would have left this blog a long time ago. This is war don’t you know, and what they are really doing is trying to shoot the messenger and therefore my message. That is how deception works, it deflects people away from the truth. I am trying to get the truth out to the people. These were criminal acts, not mistakes. Forget what they did with your loan because it never really existed. The truth is, the FED has been in default in your name probably since before you even closed on your property., if you are in fraudclosure it was planned to happen that way because the debt they created with your signature can never be repaid. You are right, we all need to work on our cases and get back what the crooks have hijacked and want to steal. God help us all. Merry Chrismas Poppy to you and your family..!

  336. Mark Stopa scored 4 decisions granting homeowners summary judgment. You can read them here:


  337. @ stripes

    Why do you care what everyone else thinks about you? We are all in the boat together. Each of us has our own way of dealing with this abomination.

    The information is here…the lineage of the notes is important, but the complaint, pleadings and motions matter more than anything else. These cases are the same, but very different in the approach.

    Jeez, for example, my loan was seized..it is not like most others….but my information is vital for some. Listen folks, read between the lines here and ask the questions specific to your loan, note. Quit bickering…

  338. Usedkarguy..what do you mean ….by a Dragon….? Please, don’t read my comments if the truth is too much for you….

  339. The other day, a local woman was strangled and her house set on fire with her in it. This horror apparently happened after dropping her daughter off at school. Her husband was found on the back porch with his throat cut and unresponsive but survived. She left behind 3 school aged children ages 6, 15 & 17. Apparently her son 15, saw his house burning from the school he attended across the street and ran home and found his mother dead. Word around town is the father is the prime suspect. The children lost their mother their home and everything in the fire, all of their belongings, but the presents under the tree were not touched. A very kind local small businessman gave the children a blank check to help them get the things they needed. That is the best definition I can think of why Corporations aren’t people.

  340. Usedkarguy…I am not here to make friends with the crooks….I am here to expose them, and share the common concensus that they are despicable inhuman beings. I have read plenty of your blather and you’re not such a joy yourself. Doubt you have a giant fan club the way you judge victims. I wouldn’t want you on on the jury if my fraudclosure went to jury trial.

  341. christine, I forwarded that to a Maryland WF litigant. thanks.
    every little bit helps.

    hey, stripps, if you stop with the blather and put up some legal points and share your work, well, WELCOME.
    if you just like to type and feel important, by a DRAGON and listen to yourself, BY YOURSELF

    now go buy a unicycle so you can take all your friends for a ride.

  342. I said it many times and the judge agreed I may be correct that the FED’s real dispute may be with the title companies. There are a lot of issues here that the defendant’s could have had no knowledge of.

  343. Nice job…..! Congratulations…Hope to see some criminal indictments.

  344. Thank You Mr King!

  345. This is too the pattern and practice of the Judiciary…. I saw it practicing law for the little people and I see it now having been a title insurance producer. I am glad to see one judge doing something about it that hopefully you can use even if by way of persuasive law from another jurisdiction for your chain of title arguments:


    21 DECEMBER 2012

    KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Baltimore Judge Justin J. King nails robo-signer and fraudclosure Attorney Thomas P. Dore on three ethics violations; sanctions to follow.

  346. I’m not asking them to prove the ability to perform (no legal issue there) …. I’m asking them to Perform.

  347. Some of us have their number and it’s 666…

  348. I didn’t mean you guest…..I meant WE THE PEOPLE are greatly deceived. How many have I looked at….?..Several….including Tony Rezco’s ……the Cook County Recorder of Deeds put it on display one evening…..Pretty interesting stuff…

  349. They can’t prove performance on their contract…..Standing…..that’s what they are trying to hide at the onset. That is criminal in many ways……intent to deceive by concealment, subjorning perjury….to name a few…..they are engaging in a civil conspiracy to gain unjust enrichment …..etc..all the payments they pocketed as usury & the $50 + trillion in bailouts……the credit default insurance money wasn’t enough…..it’s pure greed. Everyone didn’t stop paying for the love of God….

  350. Why on Earth do You Think I am Demanding the Origional Note and Endorsements to Enforce the Contract?

  351. Merry Christmas to you to BSE.. and Amen! @ Stripes.. sure I do. How many title abstracts have you done?

  352. Slander of title is on public record and is on every title that I have viewed. The e title searches the I had an attorney run for me on my properties don’t reveal the half of it. People have no idea how bad it is.

  353. ********************* Merry Christmas to ALL ********************************
    and to
    ******************** the Banking Cartel
    ******************** they can burn in Hell ! ********************************

    they may have fun in this life , but I am pretty sure they are F**K’d in the next life.

  354. Reverse Psycology … If no Jusistiction or Standing, no right to enforce then how can they comply with the contract? vise versa….. You are the one demanding performance from them on the very same contract… them who? Will the Real PII Please Step Forward. And what if he doesnt? What if you have exhaused all your resourses trying to find the PII to enforce and complete the contract? @MS ….. What Would You Do?

  355. @ moderater, why are my posts about the slander to title and the attorneys involvement not posting?

  356. Christine, i agree ” i stopped complaining about my shoes when i saw a man with no feet”

  357. Everyones going to feel the fascism because of their manufactured fiscal cliff. Those who are already weak will become weaker.

  358. Last I heard Illinois had the highest fraudclosure rate in the country.

  359. I count my blessings everyday because I see the result of their crimes everyday. The country is deteriorating rapidly and that so called fiscal cliff is going to be their fascist endgame that will hurl this country into chaos. All for the benefit of the richest criminals on the planet who want complete control of the slave plantation they created via these traitor politicians. It’s despicable and its criminal. The fiscal cliff is terrorism and millions of Americans don’t even know it. The Obamanation are in for a rude awakening very soon.

  360. Hopefully these crooks will be forced to give back every property they stole plus compensatory damages to their victims. Unfortunately too many Americans don’t realize these were not mistakes, these were crimes against them. I have witnessed the effectiveness of the brainwashing first hand. It is mind blowing how gullible people are. As if a few hundred bucks is justice for being robbed of everything. It is when you don’t know you were robbed or refuse to believe it. Sadly, many people have a tendency to be self loathing and blame themselves or each other for these crimes committed against them. Lots of suicides, murders and divorces came out of this.

  361. Stop complaining and count your blessings.

  362. Maybe they should start showing up on the banksters front lawns and the politicians front lawns with their cameras. That I would like to see. The day will come because the truth is …there is no loyalty among thieves.

  363. That’s right guest & it’s FEDSTER terrorism…..Fannie Mae sends out their little brown shirts to my home on occassion to try & intimidate me. The jerk even threatened by teenage daughter…a minor, with bodily harm. Sad when a kid knows that their behavior is criminal and morally wrong on many levels but the politicians don’t.

  364. Some numbers that I find interesting. We ought to wonder what certain states are doing right that others aren’t.

    Foreclosures have been at the forefront of economic debate for quite some time now and although we are seeing less of them due to market improvement and programs such as HAMP and HARP (see descriptions below), many states are still reporting high foreclosure numbers. Below is a list of the states with the highest/lowest number of foreclosures for the 12 months ending in August 2012. (source CoreLogic)

    States with the highest number of foreclosures:

    California – 110,000
    Florida – 92,000
    Michigan – 62,000
    Texas – 58,000
    Georgia – 55,000

    States with the lowest number of foreclosures:

    South Dakota – 25
    District of Columbia – 113
    Hawaii – 435
    North Dakota – 564
    Maine – 612

  365. The truth is, these are serious crimes being committed by felons by Deception and Concealment. I was literally told shhhhh when I called a Recontrust attorney a crook for trying to scare me and get me to agree to letting them refi me or the house was going to get sold in a few weeks…that’s extortion. These people are extremely dangerous.

  366. On the other hand, some states are a real disgrace for our judicial system! When heads start rolling, some judges are going to find themselves in burning, hot seats!

    Miami-Dade court puts foreclosures on fast track

    Miami-Dade Circuit Court is aggressively setting foreclosure cases for trial as it tries to clear the backlog that ensued from the ‘robo-signing’ delays.

    A line of people forms to enter Miami-Dade circuit court Judge Marvin Gillman’s courtroom Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, for foreclosure cases. WALTER MICHOT / MIAMI HERALD STAFF
    Fullsize Buy Photo
    previous | next
    Image 1 of 6
    By Martha Brannigan

    Miami-Dade Circuit Court — choked with foreclosure cases, many dating to 2009 — has gotten tough on pushing cases through the system.

    Five months into a state-funded project, Florida’s busiest circuit court is conducting hundreds of foreclosure trials a week.

    With $626,000 in special funds for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, the court has added two senior judge slots and a staff of case managers to help clear a backlog of some 53,668 foreclosure cases.

    “It’s a rocket docket,” said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jon Gordon, a senior judge who is churning through about 50 trials a day.

    Regular civil division judges also handle foreclosure proceedings, typically the more complicated ones, along with other cases.

    Miami-Dade remains an epicenter for foreclosures. One in every 201 homes in Miami-Dade received some type of foreclosure filing in November, according to RealtyTrac, a California real-estate data firm. That compares with one in every 728 homes nationally.

    The court’s challenge: to chip away at the mountain of cases, even as new foreclosure filings have picked up after a dramatic slowdown in 2010 and 2011, when banks faced regulatory challenges to egregious “robo-signing” practices.

    “There is a consensus across the state that the locked up backlog [of foreclosure cases] is contributing to Florida’s economic difficulties, and the only way out of this is through it,” said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey, administrative judge for the civil circuit division. “We’ve been charged by the Supreme Court with this funding to move these cases.’’

    Since June, the court has reduced the backlog by more than 3,300 cases.

    Miami-Dade’s most controversial tactic: The court is setting foreclosure cases for trial, forcing often reluctant parties to take action.

    In the past, “We relied on the parties to move the cases ahead, and that truism doesn’t apply with foreclosure cases,” Bailey said. “We said: ‘We’re setting cases for trials.’ That’s all we’re doing.”

    In most other types of lawsuits, one or both parties are motivated to press forward, filing motions and seeking hearings that move the case along.

    But foreclosures are often different. The property owners may try to delay as long as possible, allowing more time to live in a residence, usually without paying, or even renting it out.

    The lenders may have reasons of their own to delay. They may not be ready to take title to a property because they are still working through a pile of homes they took back earlier. They may not want to have to begin paying condominium or homeowners association fees, or to assume responsibility for maintenance.

    Bailey said a variety of earlier strategies aimed at cajoling the parties in foreclosure actions to move their cases ahead have largely failed. Among them are case management conferences. “We realized we were just spinning our wheels,” she said.

    “We said for the better part of two years, ‘Move your cases forward,’ ” said Bailey, who notes that motions filed in the court are sometimes left pending for years because attorneys never press for a hearing. “We see every procedure you could possible imagine to avoid going to trial.”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/12/18/3148224/miami-dade-court-puts-foreclosures.html#storylink=cpy

  367. I dont know if this is a last minute effort or harassment. But I just stopped an independent property inspecter from entering on to our property. He was hired by our loan servicer (no name of loan servicer) and asked to verify Occupancy and Security Condition of the property, says this is allowed under our security instrument. He was instructed to take pics of our property and the properties in the neighborhood. We were aked to contact loan servicing. I told him he needed to get off the property contact our attorney, the one they (whoever they are) have ignored for years. I told him to take his pics from the road..This is Private Property. silly boy … I turn down offers to do his job on a daily basis. Paid him 30 bucks to be the lil man on the bottom of a totum pole and use him to unknowingly harass people in the name of a “No Name Loan Servicer” … hard times call for desperate measures. They want to Enfroce the Contract ….. but Not in the Same Way I do! Buttwipes!!

  368. And cases are being reversed left and right. 5th one in that state within a couple of weeks.


    (Florida needs to learn from Ohio. See below)
    Ohio Reverses Wells Fargo v. Borrows

    “Once a court has determined that a default on an obligation secured by a mortgage has occurred, it MUST then consider the equities of the situation in order to decide if foreclosure is appropriate.” Wells Fargo was required to demonstrate that it had standing to invoke the jurisdiction at the time the complaint was filed, and it failed to do so in the complaint and the documents attached thereto.

    Read the actual decision here.


  369. If the traitor politicians won’t break them up….WE THE PEOPLE have the power to do it in many ways.

  370. They’re coming down. One at a time. One state at a time.


    Foreclosure attorney violated rules by having others sign his name, court finds
    Sanctions, if any, will be determined by Court of Appeals
    December 18, 2012|By Steve Kilar, The Baltimore Sun

    A Hunt Valley attorney who admitted to having his employees sign his name to foreclosure documents was found by a Baltimore County judge to have violated three of Maryland’s rules of professional conduct for lawyers, according to court records.

    Thomas P. Dore engaged in behavior that was “prejudicial to the administration of justice” by “routinely and repeatedly” filing “with the courts affidavits purportedly signed by him and attested to by notaries” he employed, according to court documents. Affidavits are the written equivalent of taking the stand to testify under oath and Maryland law does not allow for them to be signed by a proxy.
    Ads by Google

    Clearwell eDiscoveryCull-Down Data by 90% w/ Symantec’s eDiscovery Tools. Watch the Demo! symantec.com/eDiscovery

    The decision against Dore is the latest stemming from a series of petitions by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission against lawyers who, during the height of the foreclosure crisis, cut corners in thousands of foreclosure cases in order to manage overwhelming workloads. So far, one attorney has been reprimanded by the state’s highest court for such behavior and several other cases are working their way through the legal system.

    Dore also violated his professional obligations by knowingly making false statements in court documents and failing to properly oversee non-lawyers at his firm, according to the decision. An additional charge by the state’s grievance panel that Dore engaged in “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation” was dismissed by Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King.

    King’s Dec. 13 decision will be reviewed by Maryland’s highest court. The Court of Appeals holds a hearing in all attorney grievance cases and then determines the attorney’s punishment, if any. Potential punishment for Dore ranges from a reprimand to disbarment.

    Dore and his attorney, Alvin Frederick, declined to comment on King’s decision because the case is now headed to the Court of Appeals. Likewise, lawyers for the Attorney Grievance Commission declined to comment because the case is pending.

    King wrote in the decision that Dore “directed that his name appear on all documents filed in foreclosure cases, despite the fact that the volume was increasing exponentially and it would have been impossible for him to review and sign every document.”

    His firm, Covahey, Boozer, Devan & Dore, was handling more than 1,000 new foreclosure cases each month during 2008, as the housing bust sparked the financial crisis and a global recession, pushing many homeowners into delinquency on their mortgage payments, King’s decision said.

    Although Dore could not review and sign every foreclosure affidavit, Dore insisted that his signature appear on the documents, according to court filings.

    Dore did not want his employees to sign the documents with their own names, Dore testified, because he did not want them to be targeted by angry homeowners who were going through the foreclosure process. Dore told King that “on occasion, defaulting borrowers named his employees in frivolous law suits or even threatened their physical safety,” the judge wrote.

    Although the proxy signatures on the affidavits were a violation of Dore’s ethical obligations, the content of the affidavits was accurate, King determined. In addition, Dore’s law firm spent between $120,000 and $180,000 to correct the affidavits that were signed improperly and instituted new procedures to prevent such errors in the future, the judge concluded.

    “My only hope is that the Maryland courts approach foreclosure cases with the same diligence and empathy that was shown to Mr. Dore,” said Jerry Solomon, an attorney who represents Maryland homeowners facing foreclosure.

  371. They came in under everyones radar. We were doing business one day….out of business the next. This happened to millions of small business credit lines. It made me sick in the HBO movie TBTF…when GE honcho Imelt was crying to Paulson about his frozen credit lines were going to put him out of business….& the bailouts of all these crooks. None of them would or can exist without us. I hope they all get put under for destroying the economy.

  372. I know about their greedy draconian offer…I have family members who got their crappy offer. Here’s $800 bucks to cover the robbery. Fascist jerks….

  373. No criminal prosecutions of these crooks is not old news….Just yesterday Barney Frank was on CNBC calling for prosecutions of criminal individuals on Wall Street who hide behind a Corporate shield……unlike him of course.

    I also think its telling that the Weather Channel named the Midwest winter storm draco……Proof to me this shit is all draconian & we have been hijacked by Hitler, Musolinni & Stalin ……

  374. Did they sneak in under your radar and get away with it or did you catch them with their hand in the cookie jar again?

  375. Future misconduct or repeat behavior IS NOT coverered under this agreement. effective date ………..

  376. Any out of court settlements, i.e….. we make no admissions of any past wrong doings but agree to pay you such amount of money to drop the issue and never speak of it again effective this date of ………

  377. They could only get away with this massive defrauding of the people by deception……..Concealing the true facts of their cases is criminal and that Concealment began at the onset…& the intent to deceive is criminal. The AG settlement is a bank black ops coverup. It is more intent to deceive and it is despicable. They are using what people don’t know to permanently harm them. These banks did not make mistakes, they are felons.

  378. I laid out my arguments based on facts, now it is up to the judges to decide. I believe the facts are undeniable. These foreclosures were criminal acts to defraud us of everything we worked our entire live for.

  379. Abdulla … look at the plea bargin as the AG settlement. Pay a hefty fine and no one goes to jail. Future misconduct is NOT covered under this plea agreement.

  380. That is the problem…..No one has the balls to call these foreclosures ARE criminal acts….Well they are…..and I am well within my rights to ask the court to invoke its Common Law, Criminal Law Jurisdiction for the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress alone. They orchestrated this scenario and put us through hell for what…? GREED….We were going along just fine until they pulled our small business credit line and doubled the property taxes out of no where, for no reason…..at all. That was evil and wrong on many levels.

  381. blah,blah,blah we all know about the felonies and the lack of criminal prosecutions…. old news! Covered under AG settlement. So what did you do about it? You rolled up a simple lil matter into a big snowball, one that could have been easily dismissed in court i.e. …you left yourself with the burden of proving the elements needed to prove fraud. You obviously feed on your own self-inflicked pain.

  382. Can you imagine this in any other context? How about a criminal case … judge tells the defendant “you better accept this plea, as if you go to trial, I’m going to rule against you and impose a harsher sentence.”

    It’s been happening to Blacks and other minorities in the criminal courts for YEARS. They call it a “plea BARGIN”.

  383. Failure to prove status of holder of the instrument at the onset is no small crime…felonies abound right there without all of the other felonies…..and was also a failure to invoke the court’s particular subject matter jurisdiction…..

  384. I am the gate keeper, I chose to pay property tax on something Not Stolen from us vs paying income tax on something Stolen from us. Just Sayin …. I am a party to a contract and I seek to enforce it, not my problem they cant do it, because if they could .. they would have done it, complied with the contract. I’m seeking to enforce and you are seeking damages. We each have a right to choose our own path, I just choose not to walk with you.

  385. Which fraud….? There are so many…..Fraud in the Factum means there is fraud in every aspect of this case…..18 U.S.C. SECURITIES OF THE STATES AND PRIVATE ENTITIES……(a.) Whoever makes, utters or possesses a counterfeited security of an organization, or whoever makes, utters or passes a forged security of an organization, with intent to deceive another person, organization, or government shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than ten years or both.

    “The intent to damage or defraud will be presumed when the forged instrument is uttered.” (People v Adams, 1921 132 N.E. 765, 300 Ill).

  386. Here we go again….shoot the victim….I don’t drink or use drugs never have…I could have never figured you crooks out if I did. Bottom line…..you jerks got caught…..and your fraud is criminal and not hard to prove.

  387. I got greedy and that’s why my case is still in court….? That is simply not true…From the looks of their complaints, they are the greedy ones who are in default and by Deception & Concealment & Racketeering…..etc are seeking unjust enrichment and intended to and have permanently harmed the Defendant’s ……and violated my Constitutional Rights and violated State and Federal Statutory Law requirements …..Banking Laws….Trust Laws….State and Federal Securities Laws….as well as Admiralty Law in trying to enforce invalid contracts all in which to permanently harm me.

  388. If I filed a claim of Fraud, I would be responsible to prove the elements of fraud, if I couldnt prove those elements, the case would be lost and I would have to pay their attorneys fees to. If they file case against me, its their job to prove what elements to proceed? Your An Idiot!

  389. lol! your an idiot! I was not refering to the elements to prove fraud, I will leave that up to the pros . . Are you still drinking?

  390. You don’t like my ethics much…? LMAO…..I am the victim of massive criminal fraud committed in my name and I live in the most corrupt county in the country and you don’t like my ethics much…? I know the elements needed to prove fraud. They are on the face of the documents. The truth is…the burden of proving the elements was never on me. That’s what they are hiding.

  391. What you did was get greedy and ask for more than you were intitled to, made claims you cant prove … you are the one keeping your case in court .

  392. Yes….this is creepy…however I have nothing to hide because I am not a criminal. Shadowcat wants to know why I didn’t file a motion to summary judgement ….? I weighed all of my options and chose what I thought was the best way to seek justice in my cases… I am confident I made the right move.

  393. No, not spying, just applying my experience …knowing that if you had filed it, your case would have been poof by now. I dont like you or your ethics very much, because if I did … I would give you my name and let you see … it worked for me. idiot!

  394. What are the elements they are required to establish Stripes? Just scroll down and MS can help you out there.

  395. How do you know what I filed shadowcat….? Are you spying on moi..?

  396. Poppy ….. look up your state RCP…every state is a bit different about form and pleading requirements for motions, requests for discovery, etc…. Illinois adopted the FRCP in Civil Court…the banksters should be screwed on that one right ? …The law says….. The party invoking Federal Jurisdiction bears the burden of establishing the elements, (FW/PBS, Inc. -V- Dallas 493 U.S. 215, 231 1990). They don’t want anyone to know what they are invoking …. it appears the FEDSTERS are invoking tyranny. My novice opinion of course….

  397. Getting a motion for summery judgement was the easy part … getting the buttwipes to cooperate and fiix what they screwed up is the hard part. Any suggestions?

  398. If they have no juristiction or standing … it seems filing a Motion for Summery Judgement would be in order.

  399. So Stripes, if you know so much why didnt you file a Motion for Summery Judgement?

  400. Just picture them in orange jumpsuits…..that is what they should be wearing…..Jamie Dimon & Lloyd Blanfein too….They are in reality, serial killers.

  401. Doesn’t anyone here care about procedure, motions, pleadings and the method of presentation and how the courts are using their power to kick our asses? Maybe it is just me, but what they have done to us, is just as important as how we proceed in these courts and people’s experience in all these cases. For me, I find that type of information extremely valuable. GOD, the way we are going, is stressful, somewhat unsuccessful and the clock is running. Please stop the bickering and let’s put our heads together. We really need each other. If you don’t like someone’s comments, ignore them. Jeez! Venting is part of this process…

  402. I have stated in the past many times …it is not wise to underestimate people Especially when you try to screw masses of people out of everything they worked for their entire lives. The code was difficult to crack but not impossible. They flatter themselves by believing they are smarter than everybody else. They are in reality…professional liars who are in reality, evil criminals who dress nice.

  403. That’s your opinion D.C….What I don’t understand is why you keep saying I work for the banks whose fraud I expose everyday on the site…….? My opinion is you are a disinfo agent and you work for the investors, the politicians etc…who put the banks up to this. I despise both the banks and their shareholders/investors……they all belong in prison IMHO….I don’t differentiate Charles Manson from his perps either. I am a concerned citizen ….that’s all I am..

  404. In Illinois re Residential foreclosures, Article 8 governs foreclosures. If there is a conflict between Articles 8, 4 and 9, Articles 4 and 9 shall govern the foreclosure action..I see a conflict because Article 8 cannot be enforced without proof of Control by Delivery and Possession, by the Appropriate Person, by the Issuer of an Investment Company Security, not by Over Issue of a Protected Purchaser of a Securities Account, indorsement or Instruction does not Guarantee the Signature Indorsement. Article 8-307 States clearly that the Purchaser must have Proof of Authority with any requisite necessary to obtain registration, (8-4). To obtain requisite of Seçurity Entitlements per Article 8 ; all said requirements must be met….Article 9 & 4 require Article 3; Perfection.

    IMHO….They are simply intending to hide the Origination Fraud by the Issuer of the Original Bill of Credit and the Issuers Default.

    Commercial Instruments are simple…Governed by Article 3…cut & dried on that…

    Of course this is just the humble opinion of a novice citizen from the burbs of Chicago.

  405. @IVENT/STRIPES ….wipe—-whatever you call yourself—geez im very busy filing all those things today to met this deadline—-im reading all your posts carefully—but just cant make sense out of them—is that just because you are an idiot?

    come on post me —

    people this crappy poster knows nothing except where the bankers assoc sends her check–oh and how to make out a billing based on the number of posts she makes

    come on …wipe —lets pick up the pace–its xmas–lots of people for you to screw

  406. In a speech this morning by NRA Executive V.P. Wayne LaPierre said ….. While some exploited the tragedy for political gain, the NRA remained respectfully sllent…. “Our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters, “…… “”Rather than face our own moral failings the media demonized gun orders.”, “20,000 other gun laws have failed to stem the rise in violence”…..We need armed guards at the schools…….”Can’t we afford to put an armed police officer in every single school?”

  407. @ Elaine

    I agree…there is a lot of information here and every case is different, but the same, however, each Complaint, Pleading, Motion, request MUST be designed with one’s own case in mind. The lineage of the “notes” travels are not relevant in the beginning, as you are not trying the case with your complaint, you NEED to get to trial. Evidentiary hearings are not the place either…just saying. I am no lawyer, but have learned playing by their rules is key, know your audience and have a good size set of balls (figurative of course).

  408. If you read one of the blog entries from master servicer…in my last Motion we asked for a recusal of the judge due to the MBS’ and poor or unlawful decisions. Known about the conflict for some time and have held back to not piss off the judge, but to no avail. You folks need to go for it…or some of these judges will cream you.

    And, what happened to us is very much like Neil is talking about. Our case was filed – Plaintiff’s, judge told us to be quiet, let the defense go first. Wouldn’t allow questions of the defense, BOA by the way, we were allowed nothing into evidence, and dismissed the case 12(b)(6) in NC that’s “a failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted”. Just lost the appeal too for a technicality, Hmmmm. NC courts, especially the District Courts, many lawyers rely on the case law and use the 12(b)(6) for most of their requests through the court, it’s bunk, but easier to file an appeal or go back with another complaint. They also love to use Res-Judica and Equitable Tolling, bull shit, all of it. I am finding the District Courts are more like cowboy courts…in my humble opinion, very hard to make headway a lot of jabbering about the other case law, rather than actual LAWS and STATUTES. Again, my humble opinion, the Federal Courts get it right more of the time and demand the case rely on laws rather than opinions. More strict…

    My advice: don’t be shy, go for the jugular, even if that means being threatened for contempt. Forget the internal lineage for the moment and stay on the issues, know them well, rules of procedure, rules of district and federal court and make absolutely sure you differentiate, as they are slightly different…the difference in gaining momentum or losing.This fight is not for the weak of heart.

  409. What a settlement , WOW :


  410. TRU DAT!


  411. @ MasterServicer ,

    So the masterservicer “services” a single payment from the sub-servicer which is a consolidation of all of the payments received on everything under the umbrella of a particular “pool” .

    Any chance of the whole thing blowing up ?? we’re finally seeing talk of invalid REMIC’s in the press..

    I personally am stuck in the purgatory where the “trustee” (which is actually the master servicer) won’t produce in discovery and is just delaying delaying delaying.. I think I need to file a seperate suit for damages .. just don’t know which avenue is best.

    Being stuck in neutral isn’t all bad ,, with the money printing we’ll all just laugh and pay off the mortgage and fines/fees/penalties with less money than a cup of coffee will soon cost.

  412. Stripes – I have known the used car dude for years -personally …I can tell you first hand …he is an outstanding person. First class guy. You two share more things in common ….believe me .

    But hey! I AM THE LAST THAT WILL EVER ATTACK FREE SPEECH AND PERSONAL VIEWS. I EVEN EAT THE PAIN WHEN I AM ATTACKED HERE BY ANONYMOUS, Mil Mascara .and Mean Lien Garfield Groupies. Its when I see gibberish posted on this and other sites ….by plumbers, bakers home maker researchers and colon surgeons that I go off….

    Par example

    **A Robo signature is a fictitious endorsement. A Fictitious endorser .is legal by the “payor to payee” IF EACH ARE ONE IN THE SAME Hint Hint. If not , then the AG would have a basis for the indictments. If the indictments are real then what your reading on the Notices is criminal and the AG office missed the more pressing purpose for investigating the matter. This is huge and tells me the lenders wanted the AG to buy off on Robo or the AG and lenders are negotiating ….I don’t know
    Do note that the rules of mortgages and securities are not one in the same with Bailment . The two areas of law differ vastly. I also opine that the UCC Article 9 is rebuked by UCC Article 8 as of the time of the depositors transfer on account of …

    Bailment laws treat a collateral file as pure chattel the same way a pawn shop must operate by law when it takes a watch (hint again)
    And , as for Modifications, they legally suck cash from the cash strapped giving hope during the sponsors “lock out” period (when lenders are forbidden to address the mortgages -see 1122 AB )
    Finally , a master Servicer is indeed the servicing agent ….FOR A SINGLE MONTHLY PAYMENT. One payment a month due the 2nd day of the month in question .

    ————————- ————————- ——————–
    Neil – Why ,

    IF THE master Servicer is servicing a SINGLE MONTHLY PAYMENT ….explain why you have you never discussed this . Neil …your dialed in right …wanna take a crack at this one ?

    Your going to see a marked ratchet up of what I do know and will testify too ….over the next few weeks . 2013 you might say is finally a chance to break out ….four long years later

  413. I am so back logged Bubba -Ill do my best here …

  414. I beg to differ on the loss by the large institutional investors. They insider traded with the investment banks the Baa grade investments and intentionally took the short end of the stick because they knew the big payout would be in the credit default swap insurance and reinvestment. They knew their initial investment was just a buy in on this scam. This was about stealing our property but that is wicked in its deception because the poor economic conditions were caused by their manufactured stock market crash. That caused the foreclosure crisis. The bailout money the crooks extorted incentivized the theft of our property for their perps. This crime was cold, calculated and well planned by the investors at the top of the pyramid scheme.

  415. If there is no evidence the trusts ever existed, all claims should be barred. These foreclosure claims are substantially insufficienct in law and are defective.

  416. That is why the traitors from within allowed the FED to hijack the Treasury to assume First lienholder position….the nationalization of the GSE’s and the never ending bailouts of the TBTF FED CORP was a hijacking by the FEDSTER pirates of the U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT and a coup de tat of our wealth. If you listen close you can hear the loud sucking sound.

  417. Now the res is being collected by the FED and through the FED…? Where is the evidence the trusts ever existed….? There never were any trusts. The FED are stealing for their shareholders/investors under the guise of money lending when they never lent any money….. They are trying to cash in on contracts that no longer exist because the notes were cashed at the Origination by the FED and the FED never paid back due Consideration to the Treasury. Therefore the FED are in default and in possession of overdue instruments…..Counterfeits & Forgeries…..

  418. We need NAMES please. You can message us privately, but WE ALL NEED to know WHO these crooked ass judges are. Both of you are AMAZING attorneys and is IS time for ALL OF US to start SPEAKING UP and STANDING UP and having these judges recused en’masse.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ~ share their names.

  419. Usedkarguy….I cite rule of law and case law all of the time. You only see what you want to see. I don’t need to redeem myself because I am not a criminal or a stripper either. However, the banksters and Wall Street investment firms are.

  420. The truth of the matter is, WE THE PEOPLE keep allowing them to get away with fraud and other crimes against us time & time again. The truth about the J.F.K assassination was really a coup of the Presidency by the FEDSTERS and 9/11 was really a war on WE THE PEOPLE is no longer a secret….Bush said 9/11 was a war on our freedom and they would use fear…fear….fear…. to intimidate us. Then the truth about the manufactured stock market crash and the robbery of our wealth in 08 and this manufactured financial crisis came to light and the people sat back and did nothing….a few months of protests and then silence…WE THE PEOPLE sit back and deny they are stealing everything from us and wait around for the politicians and their attorney’s to fix the mess they created. It’s not going to happen people….the judges don’t want to hear from the attorneys who know these fraudclosures are illegal. They want to hear from WE THE PEOPLE …… that WE THE PEOPLE are paying attention and that WE THE PEOPLE give a damn enough to stand up for ourselves and our freedom and independence. No one is going to hand it to us on a silver platter because we got lazy about our freedom and independence and trusted and believed everything we were told. To be able to just go hire an attorney to save us would be to easy on us. WE THE PEOPLE thought freedom was free or an entitlement……well it’s not ….now WE THE PEOPLE have to fight for it or these crooks are going to steal it all and your never getting it back.

  421. so the stripper is trying to redeem herself with case law?
    that proves he/she/it is…..from where? uh huh….uh huh…..YUP
    ignore it all. nothing to see here…….

  422. m, using the res (and literally THE BORROWER himself) as collateral, a secured borrowing is undertaken by the SECURITIES UNDERWRITERS and they essentially purchase each others stock with the cash and sell the bonds to the suckers . Driving up/down their own stock values with the crash, they force everyone to default collect the shorts. Using LIBOR to pull the strings of defaults and their own borrowing costs. The defaults force a transfer from the insurers to the banks, leaving them in runoff and killing investors along the way. Suck the rest out of the taxpayers, nobody loses on the Street. They won both sides of the bet.

    What happened when Wells went to $7.25/share? WELLS BOUGHT IT ALL BACK!!!!
    And CITI/BofA? Same deal.
    The STREET? making money on the money going both ways.
    Why is HSBC and DEUTSCHE and UBS all there? Money laundering? As in cash?

    Now the res is being collected by and through the FED.
    But isn’t the sham the IN PERSONAM COLLECTION of an obligation VIA FORECLOSURE OF THE RES that THAT IS IN NO WAY ATTACHED to the debt? didn’t we talk about this?

    I know, I know, but for the others……..

    expound oh Great One!

  423. I wholeheartedly believe you MS… I am sure it is a bottomless pit of secrets, lies, and deception to commit this massive fraud. In fighting my fraudclosures alone, the level of criminality here in one case is mind blowing. My son reads everything I file and told me they really should be in prison.

  424. Would I be far off in stating that this is about far more than fraudclosure…..? Fraudclosure is just one of their methods of control. This is monolithic and evil conspiracy that has been in the works for eons. This phase of their evil plan really took off after Vatican Council II was formed in 1962 and they assassinated J.F.K…..The reason we are here was never about the money it is all about complete control by a small centralized group of uber rich individuals who want us to believe they own not only everything, but everyone. They have an evil plan and an evil agenda for mankind. It is an ideology that if they can’t make you believe they own everything and they own you, they will do anything they can to destroy you mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. Their ultimate goal is to install complete communism. That is how these satanists want to control mankind. We don’t elect anybody…..they appoint the perps who will do their evil bidding at all levels. That is why political promises are never kept and things are getting progressively worse. Live free or die is the only mentallity that can match wits with this evil.

  425. I want to also say my arguments have merit . I am a witness to what I participated in an know first hand what has occurred . Folks here a light years away from uncovering a perfect crime (well not a crime if never uncovered) But to those I helped and tried to help…God bless the attorney . How many cases did they bow out of at trial time. How much fee s did they take knowing they were barred from winning these cases . How many pleadings that year after year stated Mers Corp has no standing and Robo bull shit that was worth billions in settlements that will never be paid.

    The judicious is locked out of the consumers fight and by the feds own admission 12 USC et seq . . . these matters are subject to maritime court , bailment accounting breach etc

  426. I am a woman MS…Mrs. Stripes….LOL..

  427. Illinois law (765 ILCS 5/1) et seq; requires that instruments relating to real estate shall be recorded in the County in which said real estate is situated.

    Any unauthorized change by addition of words or numbers or other changes to an incomplete instrument relating to the obligation of a party that is filed as a document, that is evidence of a debt take on the characteristic of presentment and filing of “false or forged ” documents in public office, is a felony. Dischargef the Promissory Note renders the Deed of Trust a nullity, (Carpenter v Longan).

    Changing a mortgage after execution without authority constitutes Forgery, (720 ILCS 5/17-3); (People v Cotton); and is a felony.

    Forgery and having Possession of a forged instrument with the intent to pass are distinct felonies, (People v Chronister).

    A copy of a security is void, a nullity when presented with the intent to force someone into parting with something of value in redemption for such a counterfeit is a criminal act punishable by fine, 10 years in prison, or both.

    Separation of the Promissory Note from the Deed of Trust means, the Promissory Note is no longer enforceable and nullifies the Deed of Trust, the Mortgage, is no longer valid; no longer enforceable, (Carpenter v Longan).

    “A material alteration of a written contract by a party to it discharges a party who does not authorize or consent to the alteration, because it destroys the identity of the contract, and substitutes a different agreement for that into which he entered,” (Mersman v Werges and another 112 U.S. 139, 5 S. Ct 65, 28 L. Ed. 641, 1884).

    “Forgery” is the fraudulent making or altering of a writing with intent to prejudice the rights of another, (Eliason v Wilborn, 1929, Ill)

    Freedom of contract is a qualified right, not an absolute right.

  428. masterservicer – The timeline

    – 1996 The 10 year anniversary was 2005 from the commencement of this pilot test. It started in 1996. and for the first five years remained a clinical test on bad credit, sub prime borrowers. MersCorp and uniform instrument are introduced setting up a UCC filing system to rid the states of sovereignty over foreclosure laws.

    – 2002 through 2005 the plan exploded as the profit margin for these loans went from one percent to over five percent.

    – 2005 – It worked and no way anyone would ever discover the “underwater” predatory lending maneuver being used through European central banks and US banks manipulation of each of their governments cost of funds .

    Leave a Reply

    – .2006 it’s late 2005 and the experiment is now ready to have the plug pulled. Its Works! Its over and low and behold the market starts to implode. Fed arrives to save the world …time to unwind things !

    – 2007 its a new administration offering debt forgiveness for the lenders 1099 issued to debtors in foreclosure. The forgiveness is good for . four years —but current administration will extend it one more year.

    -2012 The debt forgiveness comes to an end which means only bankruptcy will allow a foreclosure to be discharged. Otherwise your paying taxes on a home taken from you for the rest of your life….

    -2013 They did it . The Bush Administration with the help of the current administration “weeded” out the hackers and dead beats that never should have owned a home. They cleansed the market to allow the government to step back while nearly eliminating all risks of default. This while assigning to the banks the roles of Fannie Freddie and FHA .

    PostScript : This was a 15 year horizon to sterilize the economy and portray the US financial system as the market leader in this new world economy . George senior talked about losing Fannie and Freddie for some time . G. Junior appears to have miscarried it out . And now the Government is free of housing guarantee’s that can bolster the fed’s balance sheet; a lower cost of funds charged to big businesses and world capital markets while opening a more liquid housing markets acceptable to world investors.


    I have been consistent through all this time and through all the flack I received. Two things I still stand by –

    I got in early 1996 and out 2002 – I did help design this mess …and got out to avoid this illegal use of the IS Banks influence over the economy …AND I never heard of Neil Garfield over my 21 plus years in the industry.

    for SURE (TO ALL naysayers) There is a lawsuit floating around that was settled —it was for rights over the software I designed .

    I also left a mark with a unanticipated trap door that took the same amount of time (over 10 YEARS ) to slip open and catch the prey . (rhetorical of course) . . The matter was decided and case closed …for now. But not without a huge and embarrassing fall out that I hope to have in court early January . It’s my time to start talking (after 2013) and share more intimate personal involvement in what has occurred (pending – GMAC to Citibank Financial Group to First Collateral Services claims against a borrower …over a wrongful foreclosure made by my firm in 1998

    Its for a mortgage I still own !

    ..soon to filed and heard in 2013


  429. Stripes comments – The plaintiff must allege an actual injury in fact that is fairly traceable to the defendants allegedly unlawful conduct and likely to be redressed by requested relief; (Allen v Wright, 468 U.S. 737,751; 1984).

    (he’s not as off as you all make him seem ) The complaint has at least five purposes: 1) to commence litigation, 2) to tell a persuasive story to a varied audience, 3) to sufficiently set forth the jurisdictional, factual, and legal bases of the case to avoid or limit the possibility of a motion to dismiss, 4) to enhance the usefulness of the defendant’s answer to the complaint and the ability to obtain useful information though formal and informal discovery and 5) to lay the groundwork for the resolution of the case through settlement.

  430. Master Servicer “Pick of the Day”

    The following may be of interest: the judges pension plans through the state and federal government are invested in mortgage backed securities which is a conflict of interest in foreclosure cases.


  431. It’s one thing for a pro-se litigant to walk into court and assume that the facts as presented call for at least a basic evidentiary inquisition. It says “In God We Trust” up on the wall for Pete’s sake! The truth shall overcome! Yerass it will.
    Judges all over are ruling this way. They got the word, people. NOBODY WINS!
    The judges only care about their retirement accounts.
    @jg: noteholders, trustees, anybody other than the servicer is NOT aware of the legal assault.
    Many an attorney is realizing that the other side is not playing by the rules. They’re proceeding on copies of extinguished notes, And when the rules are invoked, that is met with hostility from the bench. In the game of fraudclosure, assume everything is false and forged. It’s not a “suspected fraudulently endorsed” document, it’s a FORGED LEGAL DOCUMENT INTENDED TO DECEIVE THE COURT. Check your state laws; it’s illegal to file forged or false docs in county records. Violations of recording law, WIRE FRAUD, etc.

  432. The main point that you are all missing is that the United States in bankrupt as of 1933, and this state,or ant State, is an agent of the principal USA, who is bankrupt.All lawyers and judges are MERE receivers of the bankruptcy, as members of the OPM=Office of personel management.There is no mortgage fraud laws, the UCC be damned, Fraud based debt paper, which is counterfeit money, is the new gold. And all you lawyers just manage it.The initial fraud that created this mess, is ignored for the most part. Yes it is a joke, a travesty, sue the bank back,they are not the lender or the TARP paid off all notes, or notes were destroyed upon securitization, so how can a bank come to court as a trustee,with a note that was destroyed.Cant have it both ways.

  433. Well that is both a State and Federal statutory legal requirement to bring a foreclosure complaint. Prove status of holder of instrument…..hopefully they will be forced to give back everything they stole plus compensatory damages and other equitable relief. That should put an end to the fraudclosures in that state.

  434. This looks like the amended rule in Florida.

  435. If Neil was in this for the money he would not be helping us peasants that’s for sure. Thank You Neil….! Just want to add that someone blocked printing important info from this site months ago. There is your proof Neil is one of the good guys.

  436. You know what jg….? The only embarrassment is your so called attorney friend who could have helped a lot of victims of this scam but chose to be a coward instead.

  437. The FEDSTERS are the only ones I see tripping in some black majick theater. They think they are above all of the laws of this land and can make up rules as they go along to “fix” massive financial fraud. They are all acting like wantoned criminal felons but are disguised as other entities & persons who are simply IMPOSTERS; FICTITIOUS PAYEES.

  438. The plaintiff must allege an actual injury in fact that is fairly traceable to the defendants allegedly unlawful conduct and likely to be redressed by requested relief; (Allen v Wright, 468 U.S. 737,751; 1984). Plaintiff must prove at the onset of their Foreclosure action, a cause of action that is at least a casual connection between the injury and the conduct complained of- the injury has to be “fairly traceable to the challenged action of the defendant, and not the result of the independent action of some third party not before the court.” (Simon v Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Org., 426 U.S. 26, 41-42, 1976).

  439. 1) “Don’t let anyone else’s low trip throw you out of your own magic

    2) We’ve all heard of ‘location, location, location”, right? But what about ignore, ignore, ignore? Squeeky wheels don’t have to get the grease, you know.

    3) Talk to the hand.

    4) Is NG tired of hosting this site? I mean no offense, but is that
    a legitimate question? Too busy these days? Not enough contributions $$? I imagine this isn’t free and of course, it must be a whole lot of work.
    I asked an attorney I know to start reading here not long ago in high hopes she might comment occasionally. Wouldn’t you know when she did, it was an embarrassment. Please don’t grease the wheel. There are many foreclosure websites, but this is the one where we try to bring all the info together, isn’t it?

  440. They sound like whiny little cry babies …..it goes like this….We are the FED, hiding behind our attorneys and acting as secret third party debt collectors for the investors in this garbage our perps on Wall Street created. We all made bank on baillouts and Credit Default Swap Insurance fraud and as a parting bonus gift to ourselves we should be allowed to steal the peasants property too…Wawa..

  441. Btw, does anyone know what became of that deal about law firms
    certifying their representation for the “plaintiff”, which I, the lay person, take to mean they have to certify to the court that they have been retained in most of these cases by the trust, not some servicer?

    This is of particular interest to me since I’m still of a mind the trusts only got art 9 security interests in the loans for lack of endorsement and or delivery if nothing else (disregarding for this purpose NG’s arguments about the true lender), and so the trusts’ recourse as to non-payment is at issue: are banksters attempting to turn the security interests into ownership at this date and do the investors know this and could they disagree and say thanks but no thanks?
    Just a reminder: the “MERS” assgts say they are assigning the dots ‘along with the notes’. Imo, these are either false documents or they are attempting an art 9 transfer of the notes (to change the status of the alleged holder from a holder to an owner). As I’ve asked before, is there an alternative?(One bankster claimed in a case I linked that the assgt of the note was merely “surplusage”: not! ) I believe it’s mens rea (guilty knowledge, mol, coupled, I think, with intent) both to the homeowner and the investor)

    Another fact in support is that the assgts all contain recitations of consideration, which would not be necessary for a transfer of the collateral instrument alone. imo. (I posted a link on such a case on this one, also: a bank said it would not pay MERS for an assgt of the
    coll instrument because no consideration was due, which imo is true – no consideration is due for a coll instrument)
    We need a spy or 50 in the House of Usher. Okay, in Washington. We need to know the real basis of the MERS’ Consent Order which resulted in no more f/c’s in MERS’ name. I mean, if MERS is (an
    alleged) beneficiary or the noteholder’s agent, why? Half (but only half) a truth was recognized by that Consent Order? Imo, this is one of those things we’ve left for dead (sort of), but may well hold the key to what we need. One possibility, a somewhat less sordid reason, comes to mind for the consent order: when a beneficiary is the successful bidder at a f/c sale, title to the real property is vested in the beneficiary and that would be MERS if MERS is the ben. While that’s true, I don’t like it for the Consent Order. There’s more.
    Lay opinions – ask a lawyer or 10

  442. Yes, but see this out of Florida:

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/37901109/Failure-to-Verify-the-Complaint-Rule-Change-to-Rule-1-110 (from dinsfla I think it is)

    Now take a gander at this (which is noted in the material at link) – apology in advance for caps – I don’t know how to italicize:

    “Shapiro & Fishman’s Motion for Rehearing or Clarification RE: the Amendments to the Florida Rules of Procedure, Rule 1.110, and Form 1.996, although not authorized, could be considered a “comment”authorized by the FSC’s Order. …… EFFECTIVE DATE of FEBRUARY 11, 2010. …”

    Now take a gander at this (which is noted in the material at link) – apology in advance for caps – I don’t know how to

    “Shapiro & Fishman merely requestedthe FSC to clarify the amendment to set forth “who is responsible for VERIFYING the mortgage foreclosure complaint” because to Shapiro & Fishman’s knowledge

    (1) the HOLDER OF THE NOTE MAY NOT HAVE PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE as to payments on the Note OR if a default notice was mailed; (2) loan servicer could verify payments on the Note BUT NOT any other factual allegations; and (3) the current NoteHolder does NOT have knowledge of what transpired PRIOR TO ITS ACQUIRING POSSESSION OF THE NOTE prior to its acquiring possession of the Note since“notes are frequently assigned between lenders and other investors.” Also, Shapiro & Fishman requested that the FSC clarify whether “an attorney or law firm” could verify the complaint….”

    S & F wanted to know if a law firm could verify the complaint* (because the FL SC ruled servicers could not).
    *jg: say what?

    But here’s the thing: WHY doesn’t the alleged note holder know? What it doesn’t know it can darn well learn because that’s its job: to know. But more the point is the admission note holders don’t know jack and rely on the amt of their alleged right to enforce on one or more servicers and that’s just for starters. Those claiming right to enforce by possession of a bearer note are claiming the amt to enforce, the basis of entitlement, is found in servicer’s records. But is that accurate, is that the end of the story? I’m thinking not. But if so, where is this found? Banksters just rattle off provisions of art 3 which they claim give them rights to enforce, but with no mention of enforce WHAT amt. Maybe it’s the balance, but make them prove that’s what the law says.

    Also, “the current NH does NOT have knowledge of what transpired prior to its acquiring possession of the note…” (no blank, samson, as to THESE notes) Why the heck not? If the noteholder doesn’t know any of that stuff, how does it know it’s actually a holder of a live one?
    I’m not doing a very good job shaping arguments here, but hopefully another read can and will.

    At any rate, please be advised that according to this material, FL requires all f/c (maybe all) complaints to be verified by the named plaintiff, way I get it.

    At a glance:


    On February 11, 2010, the Florida Supreme Court Amended Rule 1.110(b) as well as Form 1.996(FinalJudgment of Foreclosure Form).The Amended rule 1.110(b) was amended to require verification of mortgage foreclosure complaintsinvolving residential real property. The primary purpose of the Rule change was as follows:
    (1)To provided incentive for the plaintiff to appropriately investigate and verify its ownership of the note or right to enforce the note and ensure that the allegations in the complaint are accurate;

    (2)to conserve judicial resources that are currently being wasted on inappropriately pleaded “lost note” counts and inconsistent allegations;
    (3)to prevent the wasting of judicial resources and harm to defendants resulting from suits brought by plaintiffs not entitled to enforce the note;
    (4)to give trial courts greater authority to sanction plaintiffs who make false allegations.”

    I think it was dinsfla who also published some material on “capacity” but I lost it. Anyone have it?

    Not legal advice – ask a lawyer or 10

  443. Barack Obama (D- Ill) Personal Finance Disclosure from Open Secrets.org….

  444. The politicians are also investors……Obamas pension is invested in Vanguard…..one of the big 4 largesse institutional investors controlled by the 8 large families who Obama is a member. They are invested in loads of companies involved in this financial scam.

  445. Absolutely true. The illegal conflicts of interest the politicians created via their criminal friends on Wall Street was the only way the shareholder/investors could pull this massive robbery off. That is why the fraudclosures should have been halted indefinitely long ago and criminal investigations pursued and also why it hasn’t happened.

  446. The following may be of interest: the judges pension plans through the state and federal government are invested in mortgage backed securities which is a conflict of interest in foreclosure cases.

  447. Everyone should search recorded documents for your county for all of the judges handling foreclosures and see if they have a securitized loan. I researched only 22 judges in my county and found 19 of these judges homes appear to be securitized…plus, many of these judges are allowing Mers. Won’t they be surprised when they have trouble obtaining a clear title if they attempt to sell? Judges should look behind their own doors before making decisions.

  448. Maybe Elaine should have invested in RIM or NIKE….their investors are having a hey day according to Bloomberg. Don’t blame us for your poor investment advice.

  449. Investor hacks are attacking.

  450. You know what Elaine ….? You are on a blogsite…..not at the library….if you want help specify what it is you want to know and maybe someone can help you. Otherwise you are just declaring war on the First Amendment rights of others and obviously have another agenda as to why you would want to stifle others legal right to free speech. That is despicable. Are you an investor…..? Sure sounds like it.

  451. The situation in the Florida Courts is abysmal, and it takes an attorney with a very sturdy constitution to do what was described here. There is no easy remedy in such situations, and “recusal” is a long shot. One reason for these situations is that, historically, the “foreclosure docket” was a bit like Housing Court for renters: you didn’t pay, so you got a Judgement of eviction against you. Older judges, who did not want to “retire,” who may well be widowers and emotionally need to come back into the Court House and chum with their only friends, are hard for the system to ease out the door, so they have tended to be put in charge of dockets where they presumably will do little damage. These older “senior judges” are carefully kept away from jury trials and the criminal-court docket, for example.

    I am not convinced that the resolutions proposed above are going to do much good (within the context of Florida). Perhaps a better tactic is to sue the pretender Lender in the United States District Court either in your State (under the Rule that venue rests where the defendant resides) or, if there are two defendants, then in a common jurisdiction such as New York City, or even in the State Courts of New York if you are careful to ask for less than $75,00 (or indeterminate damages). It gets you out from underneath the State Court and into an environment where judges have seen it before and are rightly skeptical of foreclosure mills and bank attorneys. You do have to be careful where you choose to litigate.

  452. Good one D.C. me speaking the truth stifles your free speech ……LMAO……don’t you know people are going to believe what they want to believe ?….With the amount of trolls spewing b.s. on this blog. ….newbies will only get this scam ….. IF…..and this is a big IF….they educate themselves. I pray they don’t just believe anyone and they educate themselves. I am only here to alert the people to this massive financial fraud scam.

  453. dc and stripes – please! This site is about you. Most of us are here to get badly needed information. Can’t the two of you take it somewhere else?

  454. I wish I could participate in this discussion but stripes will suffocate me with one-liners to disable me…so much for 1st amendment.

  455. Thurs.20Dec2012 MERRY CHRISTMAS_MINNESOTA MOTHERS LOVE Please assist to Protect our Familys “Parens Patriae” Note to Windsor4Wisdom et al Happy Holidays As Nobodies, Victims and Documentary Members of _www.lawlessamerica.com_ (http://www.lawlessamerica.com/) _www.youtube.com/lawlessamerica_ (http://www.youtube.com/lawlessamerica) Further Note MN Attorney General Lori Swanson _www.ag.state.mn.us_ (http://www.ag.state.mn.us/) Candidates et al _https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=8.31&year=2012_ (https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=8.31&year=2012) Rough Draft to have the Attorney Generals indict Judges for Judicial Malpractice, exceeding the AG’s Authority of Parens Patriae,? _www.sharon4mnag.blogspot.com_ (http://www.sharon4mnag.blogspot.com/) Forensic Files _www.sharon4anderson.org_ (http://www.sharon4anderson.org/) 40 years ago DFL MNAG Warren Spannus used undue influence to Take my Daughter Vonessa Scarrella aka Cleveland aka Florentine, giving Custody illegally to John and his Mistress Joan Cloyd Gooselaw who Murdered the 10 month old Baby Boy Henry Gooselaw Jr. Judges in that Case are now Deceased. UP TO DATE 40 YEARS LATER JUDGES BARTERING OUR CHILDREN IF WE teach them the Bible and if WE DO NOT TAKE DOWN PUBLIC WEBSITES AND OR BLOGS. RE: LEA BANKEN HAS JUDGE RICHARD PERKINS IN THE JUDICIAL BRANCH USURPED THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF ATTORNEY GENERAL. _15 USC § 15c – Actions by State attorneys general | LII / Legal …_ (http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=parens%20patriae%20mn%20attorney%20genera l&source=web&cd=4&sqi=2&ved=0CEMQFjAD&url=http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/ text/15/15c&ei=uTnTUKyNEc3GqAHXnYFg&usg=AFQjCNF86nrh5fEHYDFcIjcxPpzYhpTjmw&b vm=bv.1355534169,d.aWM) http://www.law.cornell.edu › _USC_ (http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text) › _Title 15_ (http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/15/usc_sup_01_15) › _Chapter 1_ (http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/15/usc_sup_01_15_10_1) _Cached_ (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:shCbtvJJoR0J:www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/15/15c+Parens+Patriae+MN+Attorney+General&cd=4&hl=en &ct=clnk&gl=us) You +1’d this publicly. _Undo_ (http://www.google.com/#) (1) Any attorney general of a State may bring a civil action in the name of such State, as parens patriae on behalf of natural persons residing in such State, in any …

    http://www.bc.edu/dam/files/schools/law/lawreviews/…/42…/04_FMS.htm_Cached_ (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Z0f7LU_ilYEJ:www.bc.edu/d am/files/schools/law/lawreviews/journals/bclawr/42_2/04_FMS.htm+Mission+Stat ement+of+Minnesota+State+Attorney+General+Paren+Patrie&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl =us) You +1’d this publicly. _Undo_ (http://www.google.com/#) 10 Many state legislatures have therefore enacted laws making it easier to try …. a waiver of jurisdiction order with a statement listing the reasons for transfer.51 The ….. state legislators, district attorneys, the Attorney General, and the Governor , ….. like a parent was the British doctrine of parens patrie, the State as parent.

    QUESTIONS: HAS THE USA ATTORNEY GENERALS in their Official Capacity’s[PDF] _The Public Trust Doctrine, Parens Patriae, and the Attorney General …_ (http://www.google.com /url?sa=t&rct=j&q=parens%20patriae%20mn%20attorney%20general&source=web&cd=7&sqi=2&ved=0CFcQFjAG&url=http://scholarship.law.duke.ed u/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1097&context=delpf&ei=uTnTUKyNEc3GqAHXnYFg&usg =AFQjCNHXsWpL6888e4LLikzCRuNUK96pfA&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.aWM) scholarship.law.duke.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1097…delpf You +1’d this publicly. _Undo_ (http://www.google.com/#) File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat by A Kanner – 2005 – _Cited by 61_ (http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&lr=&cites=676838005760619140&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei=uTnTUKyNEc3GqAHXnYFg&sqi =2&ved=0CFgQzgIwBg) – _Related articles_ (http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&lr=&q=related:hHLYh5ScZAkJ:scholar.google.com/&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei= uTnTUKyNEc3GqAHXnYFg&sqi=2&ved=0CFkQzwIwBg) Mar 13, 2006 – 57. THE PUBLIC TRUST DOCTRINE, PARENS. PATRIAE, AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AS. THE GUARDIAN OF THE STATE’S NATURAL …

    ncpp: National Coalition for Protective Parents Exposing Corruption in Carver County Minnesota Family Court/CPS and Foster Care System. Government Abuse IS Child Abuse for Profit. We The People… are no longer tolerating; TAXPAYER dollars (billions) used to separate, and financially demolish families. _http://www.youtube.com/user/lawlessamerica/videos?query=Minnesota_ (http://www.youtube.com/user/lawlessamerica/videos?query=Minnesota) Search results for “Minnesota”: * _13:58 _ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TbcTC5Yg68) _Congressional Testimony: Sharon Anderson to Bi… _ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TbcTC5Yg68) 132 views | 2 days ago * _3:20 _ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwY0yQlvFn4) _Congressional Testimony: Lea Banken to Bill Wi… _ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwY0yQlvFn4) 293 views | 2 days ago

  456. Just more of the same BS. We need judges that care about the homeowner, not the big corporations.

  457. This guy is a real Jackie Gleason……hardy……har ……har …

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