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  2. This is so disgusting as to want to make me vomit. How dare the police say it is a civil matter, that is what they say to be lazy not get involved, what was their oath of office for? seems not to protect and serve the public for sure.
    How come the CEO’s of the banks, savings, FDIC, FNMA, FMAC are not in jail on $1 million bail, they all caused this and they sit in the ivory towers gloating and scheming more.

  3. if only 10% cash has to be posted.. why don’t we take up a collection and bail her out! She does NOT deserve to be in jail and clearly she could be severely harmed in there. Its time we banned together and with as many people trying to fight the good fight i am sure we have more than enough people who could donate $1 or $5 and we could come up with this money to bail her out!

  4. Marilyn Lane, I agree the Leader of this country would be chastised by “Thomas Jefferson”, who warned “Americans” maybe this whole mess is a racially motivated thing now that we have a dark skinned person who is inept and leading the most corrupt Communistic Administration since the beginning of time. The people who think they are entitled like my X wife who teaches math at the same school as “Julia Roberts” graduated from, my wife discarded me as soon as she made enough money to live on her own, although she never made a house payment nor paid utilities for the `23 years she lived with me and then she absconded off with 100% of the equity, who is remarried , I mean sleeping with a new guy who is a DEA AGENT, these people have no shame, although it is not his fault because she spread her legs for him. Well the honey moon is over and learned habits die hard……..

  5. My Father was a Broker for many Years and I am an Abstractor please send Me copies of everything. Who is representing Her on the Criminal Matter ? Has there been a Bond Reduction Hearing ?? I busted up plenty of Land BS in the 80s and 90s and currently Oh Yes I Did ..https://sites.google.com/site/moneylaunderingamericanstyle/ .

  6. I am armed an ready. This is the breaking point. And by “armed” I mean with evidance.

  7. Perhaps this will be the start of the Revolution.

  8. Please keep us posted on the progress of this case Neil.

  9. Barbara Bratton is no terrorist.

    on the part of THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES for defending

  10. […] PRESS RELEASE_Bratton Hearing 24June13 […]

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