WSJ Reveals Where All the Stolen Money From the System Is Sitting


As I have previously stated, the Banks have literally stolen trillions of dollars from pension funds, municipalities, states, federal agencies, sovereign wealth funds and private investors. Estimates range from $3-$20 Trillion. So where did they put that money? They didn’t keep it in currency (too easy to trace and too easy to claw back). They are keeping it in natural resources which are (a) practically as liquid as cash and (b) likely to go up in value rather than keeping the stolen money in cash. The fact that they have already been fined for committing violations and crimes with the storage and movement of our natural resources is not stopping them any more than the fines and penalties they paid in the great group of mortgage-related settlements now totaling an estimated $200 Billion. Chump change when you have stolen trillions of dollars.

The foreclosures? That’s just the finishing touch on the last scheme. Now the new one is starting in natural resources. They figure they have pretty much won the mortgage confrontation. Not on my watch!

Millions of tons of metal stored in “shadow warehouses”

04:29 AM ET · JPM

  • The WSJ shines a light onto “shadow warehouses,” a hidden system of facilities that store tens of millions of tons of aluminum, copper, nickel and zinc across the globe for banks, hedge funds and commodity merchants. [Editor’s Note: If you were wondering where all the hidden compensation from real estate loans went — is this recoverable under TILA?]
  • The warehouses operate outside the London Metal Exchange’s system, are unregulated, and don’t provide details of their holdings. As a result, it’s unclear how much metal is held in the shadow system. This lack of visibility could cause major price swings.
  • The WSJ article follows allegations that warehousing companies have artificially boosted the price of metals, particularly aluminum. [Just as they artificially boosted the illusion of price in the mortgage bubble]
  • Companies that operate metals warehouses include Goldman Sachs (GS), Glencore Xstrata (GLCNF) and JPMorgan (JPM), although the latter is looking to sell its commodities unit.
  • Relevant tickers include VALE, AA, AWC, KALU, MNSF, CENX, NOR, BHP, RIO, ACH.

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49 Responses

  1. Christine, although the majority of off-balance sheet metal hoarding is done by non-mortgage lending hedge funds – these guys do store the raw products. Ultimately, a paper market is undone by delivery. That’s how the grasshopper’s screwed Chase with gold calls back at 750.00.

    Good catch on the FDIC scam. When folks realize that all the reserve system banks moved certain liabilities out in front of deposits to guarantee tax-dollar money, they will shit.

    Forget about insolvency – I am more worried about a 1x ten percent tax on deposits, just like Greece..


  2. No Charles I am still not winning. (Yet!!)
    The judge agrees with scumbag foreclosure attorneys. They don’t care what black and white proof I have. And when i as pro se beat them in courtroom , they beat me back with technicalities and procedures. But I am not backing down and will keeping on fighting them.
    Where have all the good lawyers gone and why are they not fighting the good and honest fight ???


  3. Javagold I must have misunderstood what you were saying in the last post, and I thought you were saying the judge did not agree with you, but that he has I am happy for you that your winning.

    I hope the best for you as the rest of us can follow any success you are having!


  4. Well I know they are in the wrong order because the calendar says August does NOT come before February !!!!

    Bank A assigned to Bank B in AUGUST. Yet Bank B Assigned to Bank C in FEBRUARY !!!!!

    And the debt collecting fraudclosing scum attorney certifies this as fact. And the judge agrees.


  5. Javagold the title, lien, holder in due course (mortgage, deed of trust, security deed) is the same as the chain of title and is the assignment of these items.

    However I do understand if you give the judge a bunch of documents and you think the date are in the wrong order but you don’t know why the are in the wrong order, you cannot successfully argue your point.

    Here is why those dates are important and that is because if bank A sign the assignment a day after the purchase of the Note, then they don’t have the ability to sign anything pertaining to that loan because they sold all interest the day before.

    The document signing needs to be done simultaneously because the seller loses the ability to act once they sign, and if they don’t sign the assignment the purchase cannot sign the assignment itself to itself who is now the owner of the Note, but does not have the ability to grant itself that lien. Now this does not mean they have to ever record the lien until they are selling or the term of the loan are complete and a deed of re-conveyance is needed.

    This is why these lender are in trouble because they relinquished these Note signed in blank but they did not think how to transfer these back legally as there is not a way legally to do so, because the document is blank and there no assignment to Mr. Blank that can be recorded at the court house!


  6. Is the chain of title, the same as assignment of mortgage….because I have robo signers. Post dated. And dates out of order on assignment of mortgages from bank B to Bank C, before bank A even assigned to Bank B …… it’s in all my paperwork plaintiff hands to Judge and I say it doesn’t matter if I am a party to assignments, it’s impossible for the dates they are certifying as facts !!!!!!……….DENIED AS USUAL !!!

    I just laugh about it now…the fix is in……your government has stolen your home’s. Or at the very least, allowed it to be stolen.


  7. The A Man, I agree with you 100% the chain is the easy thing to prove and the other is more difficult and the want to push us in other direction. I bet the farm on this crap and push all my chip all in.

    Wells Fargo Bank’s biggest problem is there letter to me that they were in fact not the “lien holder” and that Ginnie Mae was. And I got the letter from Ginnie Mae that they deny being the “lien holder” which the documentation to the court Wells Fargo plays on word in the forged assignment saying the are the “holder” of the Note!

    It only a matter of time that they have to address the forgery and that because they OCC and Federal Reserve are in negotiation with LPS on just this issue on having fraudulent assignment purchase by these banks including Wells Fargo!

    We have already won this war and only the dollar figure needs to be worked out!


  8. A Man, the Judges have ruled that a broken chain of title is of no harm to a debtor in default, unless of course the debtor pays off the debt. When that happens … prepare for all hocky sticks to break loose,


  9. Charles as to your last response to me. That is why the Broken Chain of Title is what really matters the rest is Hear Say. The Broken Chain of Title can be proven cheap. The rest is expensive to prove and that is why they the banksters are pulling this Sh#t. All we have to prove is broken chain of title.

    They usually do it in order to sell the same loan multiple time ala Selling the poor imigrants the Brooklyn Bridge. This is Real Estate 101.

    Thanx Charles.

    Be Strong and Courageous


  10. Christine, don’t confuse anger and unhappiness in all the confusion. There is a difference …… I for one am not neck deep in debt and am not trying to avoid paying anything. I’ve been trying to enforce the contract ……. But there was that little conversion issue that prevented them from honoring a contract they never had any intention of honoring.

    I rest on Res Judicata & Estoppel SOL …


  11. Gang look here, I think maybe with the Holiday and things have not come through yet,,,, and we all have a little bit different angle to what going on with each other case or who you maybe representing. However I do see value in what most are saying as long as you not telling me or somebody else to given up.

    I do see if nobody else sees that we come a long way and that they must pay attention to because we (or I) have not had the clout to get that message out to win in 2013 but o boy what a year 2014 is going to be. We are going to when not matter what the hater say. Son let stop the hating here with each other and let move forward!


  12. KC,

    I don’t know… The many times we’ve spoken on the phone, you didn’t sound too happy. In fact, you sounded pretty worried and confused, remember? That would be the perfect antidote to happiness… If worrying was the key to happiness, I’d do it every day.

    Stop imposing your definition of happiness on others unless you really live by it.


    You are exactly right. Pleading the particularities of your case is what will make or break it. And nothing comes as close to “particularities” as specific dollar amounts. I paid, my money was accepted and it all “vanished”. Where did it go? Who pocketed it and on what grounds? Judges get those allegations better than anything else.


  13. Deb, I think I can .. I think I can … I think I can spell it to. LOL!
    The most important particular particularity that stands out to me over the Holiday Break is playing the Princess being rescued by my Brave Knights (My Grandsons). You should have seen their faces when I told them the Princess needed a pedicure and a glass of wine. LOL!


  14. Kc
    The word is particularity – ( good god i spelled it right) ALL of that other stuff – is good to know but the Pleadings must be plead ” with particularity” to where you are in your case – im no attorney and im glad but i stand by micro managing my case instead of macro managing, and guess what, im still batting. Remember the judge is doing no ” homework” on your behalf.


  15. Once they have taken your Happiness, you’ve already Lost!
    No Matter How Many Court Wins You Have!


  16. Golly Gee Christine, I’m sure its all my time playing with the kids rubbing off on me, its called Blessings and Happiness! What’s your excuse for acting like a Uncompassionate Heartless Bi’onchi?


  17. Compassion has never been synonymous with indulging every kind of dysfunctional behavior. The annoying kindergarten teacher act has been largely overdone on this blog.


  18. A Man, Everything, including All the Lawsuits the Investors are involved in ARE of concern to you and your case against them.


  19. Your Horns are Showing Again ….
    Your Hatefulness is Showing Again …
    Where is the Compassionate Christine Hiding Out?

    Oh Yeah … TeeHeeHeeHee …. In the “Conversion Van”.



  20. Where do people come off moralizing over what people do with their time? Where does that chamber-pot mentality really come from? What is that fascination about other people’s business really about…? What kind of deeprooted insecurity is that voyeurism really hiding…?


    There is what NG posts and then, there is what others write and which is as relevant as anything NG states. Like this, for example, from Jim Willie, better known as “The Jackass”. Are bank accounts really insured by FDIC?

    Not the promoted story, but the longstanding historical norm (current assumption) is that a bank account is sacred and untouchable. It has for decades been insured by the FDIC as a depositor account. Since the new 2005 Bankruptcy Law was put into place, without much study of its financial firm chapter, the entire actual story changed. Nevermind the personal bankruptcy law changes. The financial firm bankruptcy law changes were profound, but went largely unnoticed. All deposits made to a bank or to a brokerage firm are now considered unsecured loans with no guarantees. If the firm fails, then the deposits are subject to loss, surely partial loss and possibly total loss. The extent of loss is determined by the depth of failure and the discretion of the executives of the firm. In the Jackass opinion, not 5% of the US population is aware of this important fact, still clinging to the FDIC guarantee of each account up to $100,000. No more, my little sheep.


  21. The A Man my position on the payment is that it could never be applied and only went to the investors to pay the securities debt of the lenders/issuers. Here what I believe is that not only the properties but all payments after the loan was placed into the must must be returned with treble damages on top!

    At some point unrelated to this is the LIBOR and just how these adjustable rate loan attached to the LIBOR kept increasing and why. This was the start of the entire crisis!


  22. Oh My! Some people here have to much time on their hands, … and not enough quality family time.

    Christine, The Best Things can not be Bought at the Store.
    Shopping? Extended Mall Hours after Christmas?
    That’s your Best Guess I Presume.

    Settle Down Woman! For Heavens Sake,
    Paint a Peace Sign on the Side of that Conversion Van. ….


  23. Right a Aman
    First micro manage – macro managing is not where we are at. Keep the case alive, demand your legal right under the rules the procedure and your supporting case law. Due process to be treated fairly and equally and impartially.


  24. Awww…! Would you look at this? Those poor investigators were really dealt a nasty blow! And just when they were starting to seriously look into Libor!

    How’s that for tough luck? And do they really think people are that stupid?

    Friday, December 27, 2013
    Barclays fined $3.75m as 10 years of incriminating LIBOR chat messages “disappear”
    Posted by Charleston Voice
    Posted on December 28, 2013 by Joel Benjamin

    On Thursday 27 December it was reported by Reuters that Barclays “accidentally lost” 10 years of instant chat message data, over the period LIBOR was known to be rigged, killing off any serious hopes of a prosecution for USD LIBOR manipulation.

    Financial campaigners have questioned whether investigations into LIBOR would confirm the presence of cartel like activity in currencies other than Japanese Yen, to which previous fines levelled against RBS, UBS, Barclays and ICAP relate.

    LIBOR is set in 16 currencies. The top 5 traded currencies by volume being USD, Euro, JPY, Stirling, and AUD.

    With 16 globally traded LIBOR currencies, even 18 months after the first Barclays fine of June 2012, according to regulators only evidence of Yen manipulation has been uncovered. All of the UK and EU based charges against largely UK and EU banks have been curiously restricted to Japanese Yen LIBOR.

    Despite beings the worlds’ number 1 traded currency, we are yet to see prosecution for US LIBOR manipulation, nor US trading banks.

    Back in September, when ICAP, who remain under investigation for ISDAfix manipulation were fined for rigging LIBOR – I asked Rolling Stone financial editor Matt Taibbi for his views on broader LIBOR currency manipulation.


  25. The reason I am not answering any other question is because we need to stay focused. I would also recommend to consult with an eviction attorney the ones that evict tenants. This is how simple our case should be. Not more than Ten minutes Mr Garfield then you go after them for damages.


  26. Christine good job. Charles Reed where did my payments go. concentrate only on the broken chain of title. My case does not matter. So I am not answering any other questions. Also I am not an attorney. The rest takes us to a bottomless pit which the banksters want us to follow.

    Broken chain of title is Real Estate law 101


  27. The A Man the Chain of Title is first broken in many cases when the loan are underwritten for the pool and the Note is signed in blank and relinquished without a purchase occurring. The security instrument (mortgage, deed of trust, security deed) cannot be transferred to a party that does not have a financial interest in the loan, so once the Notes are transfer without the purchase occurring the title is broken.

    In some cases as these thing were being sold or transferred from the listed lender on the Note does not record the security instrument before the sale the Note or relinquish it, they don’t have the legal ability to record because they no longer have a financial interest in the loan.

    So many say in some counties that the security instrument follow the Note which I would agree as long as there was a legal purchase and it not that the holder has to instantly record the document as long as later the have proof of purchase, and the documents were signed at the time of closing and not after.

    Security instrument signed after the sale cannot be authorized by the ex-lender because it has sold it’s interest!


  28. The A Man,

    “Also we all made payments. Where did our payments go?” Have you asked by way of QWRs? Where are you in your case? Are you still in the house? Are you fighting? Because this is the kind of question that no one on this blog can answer: only your successive servicers can and they won’t unless you ask.

    My own case in based on that exact question and I just won on appeal. I know it works. Know why? No one likes to pay good money he worked hard to earn and see it stolen or converted. Even judges get that one. Remember what Jan Van Eck was saying? Always allege conversion. Alwaysw. Best foot in the door.


  29. “little did I know the bad guys would prevail (and I would get persecuted by those who I came to help)”

    HAHAHA!!! Aren’t we delirious, now? Persecuted, huh? Hey, buddy, if you don’t want to be “persecuted”, maybe you ought to stop haunting this site with your illegible nonsense and your systemtic insulting as soon as anyone serious asks for proof of your self-proclaimed expertise.

    And on your way out, make sure you grab all your supporters…


  30. Can somebody tell me on a securitized loan when was the chain of title first broken?
    Also we all made payments. Where did our payments go?


  31. MS my main thing is that there is a basic contract in the Note, that between the two parties included in the Note, and the bank must be a regulated home loan lender by either a state charter or national bank and follow Fair Housing Act.

    Now there is no provision in the contract about securities which is a post financial transaction between the lender and investor. So that the paper of the loan is place into some pool has nothing to do with the borrowers because the borrowers debt is not purchase by another lender and is in fact not purchase at all, but the Notes are simply relinquished to Ginnie Mae in exchange for the right to sale the securities and draw against the made up instrument.

    I am not playing their game of assuming that the pool holder of the collateral has control of the debt and can submit a forged assignment to get around the court to administratively foreclose without showing how they came to own the debt.

    Basic transaction from the time of paper and pen is a receipt and the alleged owner only need to show proof of purchase by a party that can perform the contract. What is it that you MS don’t understand that the Federal Reserve Bank or other investors who have purchase the securities are getting a 100% guaranteed on their initial principal from the Federal government and don’t want and cannot purchase a home mortgage loan, that in some places the houses are only valued at half of what the outstanding loan is.

    At no time does the borrower sign any agreement that commits them to working with loan sharks or whoever else is claiming to be the “lien holder”! I guaranty the Federal Government at this point knows that have to deal with the fact that they are trap, as Ginnie Mae has already admitted that they don’t originate, buy or sell any home mortgage loans….PERIOD!

    You got from 3 to 100 loans in a pool let say, and because there is no counter-party when one goes bad to replace or settle on the value of that loan, it made the entire pool bad as the transaction is about a pool of loan and not one individually loan. Two loan do not perform as three! Never have and never will!

    So the real point is I am not getting any deeper than where is your receipt for the allege transaction as the Notes are forever blank and cannot be reassigned as the Notes were place into the pools, know by all to be blank, and blank is not a person or corporation and is BLANK with is a non entity!


  32. Chuck Reed –

    Here is what I presented to the SEC

    Leave a Reply – SEC has little if any jurisdiction over the deportment of Treasury by executive order and order of the US Congress . DOJ best bet and with Holder at helm…no chance !

    . . .that with WaMu’s loans there was no counter-party to pay the payment for a defaulted loan,

    Leave a Reply -WAMU officers and Directors are the obligor to the DOT (Bank of NY Mellon) for secured depositors accounts holding TCC that were pledged to form the waterfall (TPC) and later charged off to collateral holders – foreign national central banking leaders

    ….and the loan could not be purchase from the securities because as WaMu was declared a “fail bank”

    Leave a Reply – Its assets and liabilities were merged in a M&A with JP Morgan Chase

    . . .one loan would cause the entire securities to be bad, because the total amount due to investors is short of total due

    Leave a Reply – Massive Loan Loss reserves from prepaid interest …problem was the reserves were calculated as a discount off the face value of the purported notes and covered by bad HELOCS used by the originator’s to finance the registration of converted common stock.

    Reed, Bravo –

    Well Sir, nice effort – but your light years off. I traded over a billion and sold these assets into the same getting out for fear of the thing unraveling – little did I know the bad guys would prevail (and I would get persecuted by those who I came to help )

    So do your thing , attack what I am telling you ,,,,look puzzled, ask questions back ….go on the attack , call Christine …..praise Neil G …..Yawn boring !

    Happy New Fear’s


  33. This site is a world of lost souls seeking fame fortune and riches or just promoting answers to something far beyond their reach . If I share with you what happened… you’ll still look further for the answers.

    Answers to what ….

    2013 Missed opportunities

    Blank assignment – Legal / Used to release individual loans from a bulk pool offered for sale

    Robo Signors – POA given by the seller to the pools investors

    Formation of Trust – Every bond offering is made by forming an indenture

    Investors – The Member Banks Officers and directors

    Borrowers- The lender who is obligated to repurchase back the shares the member bank financed.

    Foreclosure Attorneys – No can do- don’t exist . Will be disbarred under TARP for interfering with the US government’s economic recovery.

    Real Party Interests – foreign national banks holding issuers shares as collateral for discounted bank to bank loans

    DOT Solution in ’88 – M&A by pairing a healthy member bank with a defunct FSB or other Insured bank Trust entity to wash out the dual consideration

    Mortgagors – Do not exist in a post 1998 Banker / borrower to Lender and Lender to Bank “Participating” Private placement

    Lost Note – destroyed in the conversion of the loans basis in assets in equitable interest held in common stock

    Prevailing UCC argument – UCC 8 (violations stack as high as NG Guesswork).

    Best Claims Made – Conversion, collusion, Violation of UCC 8, comingling of FDIC Insured funds, condition precedent,

    No 1 claims – reconstitution requires acknowledgment for release of lien for earlier charges taken

    Culpability – Default naming the officers of each of the member banks

    Worse Arguments – Breach of the Pooling and servicing agreement (left hand lied to the right hand)

    I’m finally filing my own suit and hey – let’s see what the court say …I believe I can compel an answer and settlement within weeks .

    Let’s see
    Peas and carrots on earth and goodwill for men’s clothes

    Masterservicer: 12/27/2013


  34. What do I know? I just put out ideas and let the Attorneys figure it out.


  35. And there you have it. A fucked up society based on manupulating people into an emotional state instead of having them use their brain to analyze issues, find solutions and implement them. And people don’t understand why they can’t win in court?

    The thorough, systematic and methodical leveling down of the human mind… Alan Bloom was talking about i1 as early as 1984. Took a lot of flack for it too. Well, most posts on this site are about emotions. Nothing else. Scary. 25% of the world inmate population is… in the US. The world most violent society. They don’t learn to use their brain; they learn to have “emotions”. What a fucked up country!


  36. Deb

    You got it. It is not only about exercising power and control but also about strategizing, centuries ahead, how to get there. It’s about education on what happened, where, when, why and who was able to profit from it and how.

    Unfortunately, the ruling class has always known how to study history and sort out what worked from what didn’t, so as to reproduce what they wanted to accomplish. In the meantime, education of the masses om this country has taken a turn for the worse by being seriously leveled down to such a degree that people can no longer think for themselves. Since internet has become so readily available, how many people have you seen, on this blog, study history to understand what happened to their house or their retirement account? None! They don’t even look at history being made today! Forget about learning from the past.

    That’s OK. Malls are open late. Shopping is like food: something to numb yourself on…

    Passage of Budget Bill Is NOT a Victory for the American People … Only for the Military-Industrial Complex
    Submitted by George Washington on 12/27/2013 13:13 -0500

    “Reuters notes:

    $8.5 trillion in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996, the first year it was supposed to be audited, has never been accounted for. That sum exceeds the value of China’s economic output last year.

    The People Want Peace, But D.C. Wants War
    For the first time, a majority of Americans think that we should never have started the war in Afghanistan. As the Washington Post reports:

    Americans express near-record discontent and regret over the 13-year war in Afghanistan, during which 2,289 U.S. troops have died and more than 19,000 have been wounded, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Fully 66 percent of Americans say the battle, which began with nearly unanimous support, has not been worth fighting


    In a separate Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday, 57 percent of Americans said the United States did “the wrong thing” in going to war with Afghanistan, with mixed feelings toward keeping troops in the country past 2014.

    The same is true in Iraq.

    And the American people don’t want to go to war against Syria, Iran or anywhere else.

    But D.C. politicians do a lot of fundraising from defense contractors and make a lot of money from inside trading related to military spending.

    And war helps distract people from the economic mess that the politicians are largely responsible for (the old distraction trick.)

    And so – as the L.A. Times, Mother Jones and Counterpunch report – Washington has just passed a budget which will strip away the so-called “sequester defense cuts”, and gear up for a new series of wars.

    As usual, government policy will make the rich richer and everyone else poorer.”


  37. Strikes me its More about power and control – currency – it is fiat. Like the car. No good. I know i once had one i rolled it over on my way to first day of nursing school – arrived in style – ambulance.


  38. The A Man,

    How is your broken chain of title action coming out? I understand what you’re saying but do you really believe it is the only valid argument?


  39. Extremely misleading article. We are not talking about mined and extracted ores sitting in humongous vaults worldwide (too big a quantity of any metal to even store anywhere), such as Guinea’s bauxite, Australia’s cooper and nickel, Cambodia and Congo’s gold and such.

    We are talking about the right to mine having been stolen from the countries where those ores sit, by way of unilateral contracts benefiting only corporations and doing nothing to help the people in whose lands they sit, and speculators (corporations investors and shareholders) shamelessly speculating on said ores to assure that mining will remain completely out of reach for those people.

    We are talking despicable pillaging of the earth in its entirety by the same, constant handful of speculators and investors who have been crying because an increasing number of countries want to see some semblance of justice and order restore. We’re talking about the end of stupid Iraqi wars over oil, stupid sanctions over Iran being lifted because Iran no longer wants to sell exclusively to the handful of corpporations and is pulling out of the petrobuck. We’re talking about sovereign nations regaining their sovereignty and being able to tell those corporations: “We are selling to whomever we want to, in whatever denomination we wish to and we reserve the right to tel; you to go piss up a rope if we don’t like you.”

    What NG is talking about is strictly speculation. Bits and pieces of papers emitted in anticipation of ores being mined. This part is ending. May take a little longer but the Western world will soon no longer be able to make and break governments who don’t want to deal with them. Patrice Lumumba didn’t die for nothing… And if WS croaks, so be it. It is moribund anyway.


  40. KC what am I missing?


  41. The Shadowcat says:

    “Kill them with Kindness” & “Scratch that One”

    The Truth can be found in the Lending .. (so they say). *grins*


  42. Excellent Article Neil!
    Excellent Article you posted Jellybeans!

    A-Man … You are half right.




  44. Broken Chain of Title = Unjust enrichment for the banksters.
    What we are uncovering PSA etc…. is only the tip of the iceberg. This article also is really irrelevant to our case. It is only relevant to the investor or investors.


  45. Here is what I presented to the SEC that with WaMu’s loans that there was no counter-party to pay the payment for a defaulted loan, and the loan could not be purchase from the securities because as WaMu was declared a “fail bank”, one loan would cause the entire securities to be bad, because the total amount due to investors is short of total due.

    The securities were never valid because they never had a underlying collateral to back it up. The reason they did not preform any Ginnie Mae pooled loans was because Ginnie Mae did not possess the debt and it know that they cannot change an interest rate or term, as they don’t owe the debt.

    As I written here from day one I never change my understanding of the Ginnie Mae pools, and have not ventured into the others because Ginnie Mae regulation and their publish Feb 2, 2010 FAQ laid the ground work for who, what and how this thing was being covered over!

    The corruption of commodities showed itself with the oil tankers that Morgan Stanley to store the oil and prices to increase, plus broker at Goldman cause wheat prices to increase were people in Egypt could not buy it to simply make bread.

    So storing the profits of the $17 trillion fraud in minerals and let not forget the $13 trillion in American wealth sitting in offshore accounts!




  47. And by Fraudclosure, they stole it from me directly !!!


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