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  1. Right On, The A Man,
    I heard an audio in WLIYD on blogtalk, and a guy was at the Federal court level, and his case went south, so he started digging into one of the judge’s background and their spouse either owned or was like CEO or President of the company he was suing.

    Needless to say, if married, unless the spouse is a liar, under some NDA (non disclosure agreement), or a spy, the spouse knows where they work.

    This judge would have a conflict of interest with deciding cases dealing with the industry if they have an interest in their spouse industry prevailing, but to have the conflict of interest in the spouse’s company paying damages and not disclosing it, to me, that’s criminal, and felony, and I state that opinion, because if someone is caused harm and they seek restitution and restitution would be in the multiple thousands, and by decision and not disclosure, the judge ‘robs’ them of the restitution, the value of the restitution for which someone is robbed of, in the course of the judge purportedly doing their job, is the felony, and the judge lacks immunity. That’s why they must recuse when there is a conflict because if they do not, they have no immunity and the crime is real, whether their friends and co judges and clerk of court choose to conceal the crime and by those acts participate in the fraud.

    As we physically seek accountability for these deeds done to us, the life here is but a blink of the eye, and as much as I do not like to see people suffer, there is suffering on this planet, and I can’t help but wonder if their souls were to reincarnate here, do they live in areas where there is constant and continuing suffering to live among the people they harmed and to have none of the things they once deprived others, so they could have it.

    We do not know how the Universe deals with people like them, but the fact that the Universe chooses to have suffering as an experience, we have to sometimes wonder if this is our own doing that places us in those lives for others to see, and if we suffer, how much do we wish someone who is not suffering will help us, lift us.

    These people do not build homes, they do not create lands, they do not grow trees, nor form the foundations of the buildings they claim to own, yet by pushing papers that have signatures on agreements that were not fully disclosed, they steal, and to think that by theft, they will gain a property and ignore the fact that, that they have gained will be stole from them just as they stole to obtain it. Don’t they know?

    I know. I had some use of my property and it is stolen, not lost, I know where it is, and will be denied its use. Like a cattle rustler, someone stole it and put their brand on it, and claimed it as their own, and they had help.

    I would NEVER want to witness the justice bestowed on lawyers and judges because I would NEVER want to pity them in their suffer.

    Let it be the will those who steal, suffer.


  2. Excellent article about the crimes commiited by banks who get away with it. From Wallstreet on Parade: http://wallstreetonparade.com/2016/03/forbes-yanks-a-negative-article-on-jpmorgan-while-the-bank-pays-for-content/

    “But in addition to the felony counts, JPMorgan Chase has been on a non-stop spree of abusing its customers and paying fines tallying up to more than $35 billion in just the past four years. Inconveniently for JPMorgan Chase, the trial lawyers who wrote the seminal work on its history of crime, have appended a “Wheel of Misfortune” to their website, listing in excruciating detail the timeline and nature of the abuses and fines and settlements paid.”


  3. “If you see a bully stand up to him” a quote by The Goldman Saks Hillary Clinton.

    Does that include Bully Judges who do not disclose their relationship with the banksters and does not allow us to proceed to discover

    All we are asking is verified Proof of Claim


  4. Recuse a Judge keeps the fraud away

    A Judge that does not at a minimum disclose his/her relationship with the TBTF banksters is a …….

    If we don’t expose this relationship then the above article is meaningless unfortunately

    If all of us on this blog did our homework and expose the Judges Relationship we are doomed. If we do it enmasse our message will be heard including using social media. Do we want these Judges living in our community.

    Not legal advice



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