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  1. Nominated Neil this morning.


  2. Done. I can’t wait to hear your Ted talk. Like everything else you do, it will be awesome.
    I would like to vote for you Neil for President too! If only you were running. Thanks for all you do for the people.


  3. done


  4. Take a Hug!   Your nomination is in!!!   Priscilla Bardes

    From: Livingliess Weblog To: createwealthceo@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016 10:21 PM Subject: [New post] Nominate Neil Garfield for a TED Talk!


  5. It’s not required to enter his email address.


  6. Thank you! Email: info@lendinglies.com Phone:202-838-6345


  7. Love to but don’t have his email address to nominate Neil for Ted Please include Neil’s email address and resend. Thanks


  8. Yes, I nominated Neil. 🙂


  9. Neil – part @ of Ted asks for info I do not have – your contact info specifically


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