Defining the Players — Seminar on Monday

There really is only one reason to attend the seminar I am conducting on Monday. Lawyers and Pro Se Litigants will get a bird’s eye view of the players and specific strategies to deal with claims made by a “Successor” or “attorney in Fact” when the “originator” has gone out of business or is in bankruptcy.

Dead originators open the door to strategies that don’t work in other fact patterns.

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Death of a Salesman — when the party who “originated” an apparent loan transaction is dead or bankrupt.

The usual published chain of parties in cases where there are claims of securitization rarely includes all of the participants. The actual list is much longer. They all overlap in time so it is not possible to actually view them as specific numbered steps. The items in bold represent a main focus of the seminar:

  • Salesperson
  • Originator
  • Aggregator
  • Securities underwriter trading desk
  • Securities underwriter CDO manager
  • Designated “Lender”
  • Nominee (e.g. MERS)
  • Seller
  • Custodian
  • Securities Underwriter/ Master Servicer
  • Subservicer
  • Named Trustee of a self proclaimed REMIC Trust
    • Or Trustee for Certificates
    • Or Trustee for Certificate holders
  • Named REMIC Trust
  • Certificate holders
  • Investors who advanced money
  • Borrowers who received money
  • Trustees under deed of trust
  • Holders with rights to enforce the note
  • Substituted Trustees
    • On Deeds of trust
    • On REMIC Trusts
  • Designated foreclosing parties, assignors/assignees
  • Named attorneys in fact

One Response

  1. First Magnus to Countrywide and Fannie Mae back to Bank of America. Rescinded both aspects of an 80/20 transaction. The Heloc DOT was released by a party not on the paperwork claiming to be a “lender”. The Heloc DOT was released and recorded in the property records. MERS as Benneficiary and Nominee just recently assigned the 80 part of the “loan” DOT to BANA years after alleged default. Lies , Lies, Lies, Living lies

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