What you don’t know could hurt you: Google censoring documents for the Banks?

Chung v. CitiMortgage Fraud

By J. Guggenheim

Today, while researching an old CitiMortgage case where an employee committed perjury and CitiMortgage admitted to document fabrication (entitled Sun Ae Chung v. Just Mortgage Inc., Federal Home Loan Mortgage and CitiMortgage) the case disappeared and was no longer available.  This time last year, the case was readily available on three separate links that google immediately located,  but today the case was no longer available with a general google search.  Luckily, years ago I had copied the links, and downloaded the case- or I might never have found it.

This isn’t the first time while researching a lender, especially CitiMortgage and Bank of America, where cases, documents and county records have disappeared from google.  It is evident that the banks are unduly influencing google to remove any document that could adversely impact one of the big banks or assist a homeowner.

At LendingLies we recommend that homeowners now conduct weekly research on their lender, robosigner, or save other relevant information that may be potentially useful before it disappears.  Download documents or take screenshots of the information so you can find it in the local court records or county records if necessary.

It is apparent that signatures of robosigners are being removed one-by-one , and cases that may benefit homeowners are scrubbed from google. I have been told by homeowners that google promotes losing cases and tags them so they are readily found in a google search, while removing tags from cases that are damaging to lenders, title companies and banks.

However, not even google has time to remove documents as quickly as they are uploaded on to the internet.  Therefore, we suggest that you conduct a weekly search for information that might benefit you or your case- before it is scrubbed and requires an exhausting search of a county recorder’s office one-at a-time, or court record searches.  You can also use google scholar to locate cases.  However, Chung was no longer located on google scholar either.

However, I used an alternative search engine to google called Duck, Duck, Go and the case was readily found on Justia:  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=chung+v.+citimortgage&t=hf&ia=web

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  1. Google is not removing docs. There are a SLEW of companies for hire who for a fee, will track down all of a client’s negative postings and get them removed. That’s their job, 24/7. I want to understand the back-end process of “getting it removed.” Why, how is legitimate info removed?


  2. Something many people don’t understand regarding removing posts of all information to any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. is there are people and companies that are for hire to keep any specific posts removed from the internet. So I would venture to say that is how and why the posts about the banks, mortgage companies, ROBO signers etc. are disappearing. What everyone needs to do is keep reposting the information and documents when they’ve been removed. It’s a game!!

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  3. Exactly what I tell other homeowners. We basically need to take a snapshot of every data source. I was able to have MERS send me a fax of investor, servicer that contradicted “lender” and later claims to city. Was ignored but will all factor in at some point.


  4. I have been screenshotting and printing for years. In fact I was just having this very conversation the other day with my friend because information seems to be shapeshifting. Most obvious to me is my crefit report. It’s all over the play sand currently depicts negative characteristics of me. It’s misleading and intentional and no matter how many times I’ve disputed they won’t change anything. This is just one piece of information about me that anyone can get their hands on publicly. Now when you add that the county records have been manipulated and tell the wrong story of my property status, my court case was basically monopolized by Bank of America who slaughtered my character and facts of records are 95% false I mean altogether PUBLICLY I LOOK like a squatter, opportunist, loser instead of a courageous upstanding citizen standing up for their rights against the biggest Monsters on earth.

    Has anyone else been experiencing this? I hate to use the word conspiracy but it sure can’t be a coincidence that all of these separate entities are reporting falsely and won’t allow me to change it, correct it. I guess this is what you get for standing up to the banks. THIS is why people choose to walk instead of fighting.

    I never considered that GOOGLE was in on it. But that would make sense. Google IS the internet. I feel so defeated.


  5. Many have encountered this. What does this evidence show that has been concealed – at least since 2008? This is not done just to look pretty. Done for a reason.


  6. Very good advice…as I had access the entire file from New Century by the accounting firm KPMG, prior to its bankruptcy filing. It had spread sheets with all of the information on it regarding the transfers, defaults, assets, etc…never had the idea to save it or actually copy it, over 700 pages. It vanished quickly, never to be seen again. And, I read the memorandum from the bankruptcy court, Judge Carey, where he stated “New Century” did not give proper notice for claimants, of which I was one. That also disappeared when Carey reversed that memorandum 2 years later. Take heed folks. Even the actual court records can disappear. Had I copied those documents there is zero chance I would still be in court 10 years later, still grappling with rulings that are complete fabrications.


  7. Thanks for addressing this mind-game of appearing and disappearing cases.
    I encountered this over the last 4 years of my fight with Chase re our bad WaMu loan. For awhile I thought I was getting delusional.
    When I discovered the case links were suddenly live I promptly saved the cases as PDFs just to prove I’m not losing my memory.
    Now they’re gone again.

    The TBTFs must think their crimes will go away if they just hide them.


    HYDROGENE 559 907 7623 FRESNO,CA


  9. this should suprize absolutely no one. its called reputation management. this happens all. the. time.


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  11. They are removing a lot of documents that were there 6 months ago on BNY, Ocwen and Decision One as well


  12. Oh what would we do with that original WAMU PP&A today!


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    Good advice.


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