HOW TO BREAK THE BANKS: Purchase Neil Garfield’s Evidence in a Nutshell: SILENCE IS DEADLY webinar. 3.5 hour seminar and materials for download. $149

Listen to Neil Garfield, Dan Edstrom, Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo present their findings and tell you how to use them.
Watch as the story unfolds with real examples that you can use for presenting a clear narrative in court.
Think about what you can do to save your home win money damages against the banks
All 3.5 hours for the price of a 15 minute consult!

Purchase Here.


Preface from Neil Garfield:

In my nearly 41 years as a litigator, I have won many (but not all) cases. Over the past ten years those include foreclosure cases that were given up for lost by preceding lawyers. The reason I won is simple: the entire foreclosure scheme is basically a fraud. So I was able to direct my requests for discovery, my objections at trial and my cross examination of witnesses towards the missing links that never existed.

I don’t prove fraud. I reveal the absence of evidence that should be present if the foreclosure was real. I didn’t prove anything except the absence of critically important transactions and documents, thus undermining the prima facie case of the alleged foreclosing party.

It is impossible to impart our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in a simple 30 minute or even a one hour consult. So I made the decision to offer a seminar that costs a third of what such a seminar would charge in order to get people to learn how to line up their defense strategies.

The single most common reason for homeowner losses in foreclosure cases is lack of knowledge on procedure and substantive law. And the single most prevalent piece that lawyers and pro se litigants are missing is understanding the rules of evidence. That lack of knowledge affects everything, but especially discovery requests.

So although the topic may appear too technical or boring for your taste, attendance is required for anyone who really wants to start winning cases. No guarantees of course — except that you will almost certainly lose if you don’t know the laws and rules affecting discovery and evidence.


Defending your home from foreclosure? Suing a servicer?  Approaching trial with a wish and hope instead of a prepared trial strategy? Purchase Neil Garfield’s Mastering Discovery and Evidence in Foreclosure Defense webinar.

This webinar provides instruction on establishing your narrative, making objections, conducting cross examinations and how to blow up the robo-witness. It will also cover the foundation for objections through attempts at getting discovery and the use of Motions in Limine based upon the inability or unwillingness of the attorneys to provide any meaningful response to discovery.

Knowing the laws of Evidence is critical in preparing discovery requests. Cases often end during discovery when you get the order (on a Motion to Compel) you want requiring the foreclosing party to open up its books and records. At this point our experience is that the other side immediately makes a credible settlement offer. But even if you don’t get that order or are not interested in the settlement offer the failure to respond to discovery serves as the foundation for Motions in Limine, objections at trial and cross examination of the robo-witness.

Every successful trial strategy for winning a foreclosure defense case rests on the ability to blow up the robo-witness and to deny the foreclosing party the ability to get documents (hearsay) into evidence. You will learn why the most common question asked is the wrong question. It isn’t a matter of proving the fraud. Good defensive trial strategy does not prove anything; it reveals the gaps in the prima facie case of the foreclosing party.

Forensic experts will also demonstrate the value of investigation and how that helps the attorney or pro se litigant create a narrative and case strategy that works.


To purchase:

Real estate attorneys, homeowners, and title agents who insure title following a foreclosure (and their support staff) should purchase the recorded webinar.

Presenters include:

  • Attorney and Foreclosure Expert Neil F Garfield for GTC Honors, Inc.
  • Securitization Expert Dan Edstrom, DTC Systems, Inc.
  • Investigator Bill Paatalo, BP Investigative Agency
  • Attorney Charles Marshall of the Marshall Law Firm/California.

Seminar Length:  3.5 Hours including Q&A sessions

Materials for Participants:

  • PowerPoint Printouts (delivered with link)
  • Transcript of Seminar
  • Recording of the Seminar
  • Transcript of Cross Examination (delivered by link)

Lecture Topics:

  1. Law vs. Politics
  2. The Politics of Home Foreclosures
  3. Realities for Investors
  4. Reality vs. Legal Doctrine: No action arises from deceit
  5. Strategies for Homeowners When the Salesman is Dead
  6. Information v Evidence
  7. Reality v Paper
  8. Void v. Voidable
  9. The Fictional Boarding Process
  10. Standing and Jurisdiction
  11. Objections
  12. Motions in Limine
  13. Cross examinations
  14. Robo-witnesses and signatures
  15. Negotiable Instruments
  16. Nonexistent Transactions
  17. Fabrication of Documents
  18. Who’s on first?
  19. Unfunded Trusts
  20. Inside & Outside of Discovery: Requests for Production, Interrogatories, Request for physical access (computers) and Request for Admissions
  21. Motion for Summary Judgement
  22. Admitting information into evidence
  23. Reveal Absence of Evidence
  24. Fraud on the Court
  25. Compliance with Pre-Trial Orders

The seminar is delivered by an email link to Box allowing you to immediately download materials.

Discovery is where the rubber meets the road. This seminar will help you navigate the discovery and evidence minefield with skill.  


Purchase Here.

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    JUNE 27, 2017

    VOLUME 21

    ISSUE 4



  2. Rhody ,

    The judges don’t care about fraudulent documents ,, probably best to demand the supporting docs that must have been created in the normal process of whatever the docs you’re interested in state as an occurrance… and never accept that the docs are a true and accurate representation.. make them prove it. object object object.


  3. anyone else having trouble ordering and downloading the seminar recordings?


  4. Rhody, if it’s Wells you have the Wells Fargo Foreclosure Attorney Manual.


  5. Any of this in CA?

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


  6. I never got any where close to a trial… Virginia non-judicial state Motion to Dismiss by Wells Fargo was a done deal before it was written.


  7. What about going after Fannie Mae? They don’t allow discovery. At least that what I went through.


  8. Can this seminar help with after foreclosure? After eviction?


  9. We are mostly interested in knowing how to prove fabrication of documents by the banks. Anyone give us a hint.


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