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COMBO Title and Securitization Search, Report, Documents, Analysis & Commentary COMBO Title and Securitization Search, Report, Documents, Analysis & Commentary


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Home page / Archives More stats 27,813
Foreclosure Defense Forms More stats 2,190
Elizabeth Warren Warming Up on Banking Committee More stats 1,609
Message from WordPress About LivingLies More stats 1,470
Peeling the Onion: Morgan Stanley Forced to Produce Documents Corroborating Illegal Acts More stats 1,218
6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules FDCPA Applies to Foreclosures More stats 1,216
The 1-2-3 of securitization vs Ponzi scheme of mortgages and bonds More stats 1,097
Barofsky Challenges Geithner Doctrine: Crushing the Bank Oligopoly More stats 1,057
BANK AMNESTY AGAIN: Leaving Consumers to Fend (Litigate) for Themselves More stats 1,033
Prosecutors Getting Tough? Small Banks ONLY!! More stats 1,033
Regulators Ask Banks to Re-check their Foreclosures More stats 1,008
Forgery! Now You’ve Got Them, Or Do You? More stats 967
75% of the Loans and Bonds Were Based on LIES — LivingLies More stats 961
Warren, Cummings and Waters to Banks and Regulators: Not So Fast!!! More stats 903
WHAT IS THE FED BUYING? More stats 875
Truth Coming Home to Roost: JPM Knew the Loans Were Bad More stats 862
They Just Don’t Get It: Meltdown Primer More stats 842
CAl. S. Ct: You can’t Fool All the People All the Time More stats 790
MERSCORP Shell Game Attacked by Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway More stats 766
Fl S.Ct: Roman Pino vs. Bank of New York More stats 735
About Livinglies More stats 688
$114 Billion Withdrawn from Major Banks and other stories More stats 665
FORECLOSURE HAMLET: You know it’s Robo-Signed if their Name is…. More stats 665
HAMP-PRA Program Explained More stats 662
CONSUMER ACTION REQUIRED NOW!!! Banks Try for Amnesty at State level in Florida More stats 639

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  2. Linda … seriously?

  3. Wells, PHH, MLCC/BOA–I tracked cusips for the tranches, researched who the investors are, and with additional details in a letter to the investors of the related certificates, the investors can decide why Wells, PHH, MLCC / BOA transferred 1-TOXIC assets into the trust they invested in, 2-In a cc: the the IRS they can explain why they misreported their REMICs and 3 – In a cc: to the SEC they can explain why a toxic mortgage was assigned into the trust TWO YEARS after the PSA closing date.

  4. Neil, Please re-post article on why homeowner is not in default–I am in process of writing to John Welsh and complaint to OCC. John seems like he is trying, but just doesn’t seem to see the whole pix. Thank You.

  5. Dear Sirs,
    I used to be on your email list but unfortunately the last email I received from you was December 16th. I miss the articles and information. Could you please re-subscribe to the mail list?
    Thank you,

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