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  1. US Bank finds another Miami law firm to do their dirty work. Paul Mckenna out of Miami and his young attorney Andrew h Braaksma. Have now submitted forged documents to a Federal Court in Jacksonville Fl. for US bank and we will be holding them responsible for fraud on the court including any damages as debt collectors in our new law suite. Paul McKennas and his law firm as third parties to US Bank are also violating the OCC cease and desist order agreed to by the Board of Directors of US bank and must be held responsible. We will also file a complaint with The US Attorney General and our Florida Attorney general including the FBI and local law enforcement etc. The last attorneys motioned the court to release them of any liabilities we objected and won. If you know you have forged documents that have been submitted by these guys sue them and report them asap

  2. Well…ain’t life peachy? I just got my check from Rust Consulting….$500.00. Really. What part of “How did Aurora determine I fit into this category when Aurora was ordered to disband last year?” does the OCC not understand? So, obvious to me, the OCC let Lehman Bros. do the deed. Brilliant! Smashingly brilliant! The same people that sold my mortgage, twice, 2 days before I even signed it has now decided that Aurora Bank did little to nothing wrong. That same company decided that Aurora Bank had any authority whatsoever to even foreclose, has now decided that they did nothing wrong. I am beyond livid….and still no answer to my question about my credit report and no resolution to the situation of Aurora Bank selling my purchase money deed of trust to a collection agency two and a half years after the foreclosure (and in the state of Texas the option for anyone to file for a judgment of deficiency ended 2 years after the foreclosure). So…Aurora maligned me twice and at the pace the collection agency is going with their supposed research of the validity of the debt, they have allegedly been researching it for over 6 months now, I will not be able to even buy a car for at least another 7 years. Thanks a lot Lehman Bros.

  3. Exactly, who, if anyone, is assigned to conduct the OCC’s IFRs for Aurora since Allonhill was dismissed? While I hope for the best and expect the worse where my IFR is concerned, I would still appreciate knowing who.

  4. What month and year did Wellsfargo bank enter into an Alliance with
    Regulus Group?

  5. I see a lot of information here on Aurora Loans and I’m sad to say that they were my mortgage servicer as well. Like so many others here I too qualified for a load mod but was denied 3 times. First they said I made enough to afford the payment, the second time they said I didn’t make enough to make the payment, and the third time I was just flat out denied. I bought my home in 2006 and after going back and forth with Aurora and seeking assistance from HUD, the outlook was pretty grim. The customer service reps treated me so harshly whenever I would call to try and get help to keep my home, I became depressed and anxious and just stopped making the payments. I eventually had to short sale my home because I didn’t want the foreclosure process. This whole housing situation is totally out of control and the banks, and whoever else was involved in this scheme need to be held accountable. However, I know this won’t happen. I paid thousands into my home only to have lost it all. I recently received something in the mail from a mortgage review company who is currently looking at the loan mods that were denied. I don’t know what the outcome will be on this however, I completed the paperwork and mailed it in. I want to see these people pay for moving families out of their homes, but again, I don’t think it will happen.

  6. I tried to get a loan modification with Aurora, and they said I did not qualify and charged me $500.00.
    I am behind on my payments and they are forcing me into a forbearance agreement, even though I offered to catch up on my payments.

    Is this legal?

  7. We are also dealing with Aurora. I tried for a home modification in 2009 and they stated we were denied because we could afford it. I tried another time, no success. I was contacted by them for a modification because of Obama and told them I was only interested if I could have a fixed interest rate at 100% of the present value. They said they would call back and of course never have. In the mean time I see friends trying to work with the Banks on short sales only after a lot of work to be foreclosed upon. I have a 2006 ARM which is extremely predatory. They made $21,000 on selling us this loan with a 3 year pre-payment penalty, I always made the payments in time, but they still called me each month to see if I was still living there and was intending on paying my payment. They went as far as setting up an impound account, which I never had and everything was up to date. They wanted to raise the house payment another $380/month. I resolved that. They added cumulative fees, property inspection fees etc.The payment schedule changes, option 1 least amount to pay, option 2 interest only and option 3 principle and interest are now all the same payment. From adding more than $40,000 on the original loan, now the amount is almost back to the original amount. THIS IS CALLED CREATIVE FINANCING.(are they hiding income and not paying tax on it?) I did hire a law firm and am presently in a Mass Joinder Law Suit. Aurora is not answering, but managed to get the case moved from CA State courts to a Federal Court somewhere. Do I believe that the courts look out for homeowners, No not really.
    This month February, I decided NOT to make a Mortgage Payment, because I am done playing games where there is no justice. Aurora is like Bernie and they are All in cahoots. If anyone has anymore words of wisdom or any other ways of solving this, I would apprecaite it.
    Biggest lesson for me was to not trust any institutions. My trust is completely gone.

  8. This is a real who-done-it!! Did Goldman Sachs subvert…….




  10. All the stories above all have similarites to my situation with Aurora – they have foreclosed on my house 2 weeks ago and I am now trying to have it reveresed based on their faulty or missing paperwork.

  11. Does anyone know who the Board of Directors are and how to serve them with legal documents? Is Aurora in danger of collapsing? I have a major insurance claim for damages to my house and the checks are being written to Aurora and myself. They are giving me all kinds of excuses as to why they are not disbursing the monies so I can start repairs. Do I need to worry – they keep asking for documentation they already have and I keep telling them they have received it from the Public Adjusters. I am really becoming concerned.

  12. @cc – I heard that ALS filed bk and was conveniently snapped up by Aurora Bank FSB formerly known as Lehman Brothers Bank FSB (which may have been its parent co.), which in turn was owned by Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. which filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008 after the feds unsuccessful attempt to force anyone to bail out LBHI. LBHI was in the business of securitizing loans. Not much help, but it’s all I’ve got. The only thing I can suggest is that you try to find ALS’ bk – try Delaware – to see what if anything Aurora Bank “bought” of ALS’. fwiw.

  13. I am trying to figure out what is going on with Aurora. Here is the situation:

    I received a loan mod in 2009, but now my house is $300k+ underwater, so I have decided to short-sell or walk away. ALS was my servicer. I have not made a mortgage payment all year, but did contact them to ask for a principal foregiveness, which they declined to do. They will not tell me who the investor in my loan is. In May, I received a demand letter for ALS for the arrearage amount on my monthly payments, but I did not respond. On July 1, 2011, I received a notice saying that ALS had transferred my loand to Aurora Bank FSB. On July 21, I received a demand letter from Aurora Bank, FSB requesting I pay back the loan in full. It also said I had 30 days to respond in writing and it was signed “Sincerely, Aurora Bank FSB”. I expected my 30-day Notice of Default to follow, but nothing yet. Does anyone know what is going on here? All I really want is for Aurora to dismiss some of the principle owed. If that can’t/won’t happen, then I want to sell it short. Any info. on this would be appreciated. Oh, and I do have a second – actually a home equity loan – from Wells Fargo. They sent me a letter dated July 19 saying that they have evaluated me for the government’s 2nd lien modification program, but I do not meet the eligibility requirements.


  15. Theodore Schultz is not a real officer of MERS. He is an ALS employee in Nebraksa, so ALS assigned the dot to itself. ALS and other banksters have become very bold in their moves to steal homes. They feel certain no one is going to challenge these self-assignments done by them to themselves in “MERS” name.

    “I won’t go as far as shooting myself in the chest like Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld to get my friend the Vice President of WAMU to forgive my debt for my $60 million yacht but I will fight and continue to fight ….”
    Tell us more. What’s this?

  16. I have been going through this process since 2008 with Lehman Brothers and Aurora. I was not behind on my payments but when the first long time lender American Home Mortgage went under, Aurora started double charging me for my homeowners insurance and taxes which made my payment go up $500+ per month. I sent them my insurance and my tax bill and stated my insurance was 1200 per year not 2800 and my taxes were 3200 not 5800. They were doing this to alot of people. So I mailed in my regular payment and they returned it…so I called and I called..of course they stated they do not take partial payments so I know longer sent any so February 2008 they filed foreclosure…I responded added all my exhibits showing how they were double charging my escrows and would not except payment. Of course they filed someone elses note with complaint so I brough that up. Eight months later they found the note but the note was in the name of Lehman Brothers not Auroa Loan Services, So I responded that there was not Assignment of Mortgage to Aurora recroded and therefore the case should be Dismissed. The court had me mediate with Aurora and to no avail because I was not going to pay double escrows. Nothing after that until January 28th 2010 all the the sudden a corporate Assignment of Mortgage was filed from Lehman Brothers to MERS. Oh let’s not forget the attorney was the Law Offices of David Stern (google that name in Plantation, Florida). So I waited. On June 13th my case was Dismissed but did not stipulate with or without prejudice so obvioulsy it was “without”. The bottom line is Aurora Loan Services is a servicing company and cannot modify loans and MERS is also servicing company. Several cases were thrown out of Court because a servicing company is not a bank and therefore cannot foreclose. Theodore Schultz, Vice President (Robosigner), also please google that name, signed my Assignment. I am pursuing to have this case dismissed “with prejudice” so is can never be brought up again. I won’t go as far as shooting myself in the chest like Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld to get my friend the Vice President of WAMU to forgive my debt for my $60 million yacht but I will fight and continue to fight this.

  17. @IJ – got me – weird. But I did just hear that ALS filed bk last year. Anybody got this?

  18. I recently attended an unemployment hearing during which it had to be proven that it was necessary and compelling to quit working for a firm that is believed to be creating a paper trail that 60 year searches are being done when in fact 2 owner searches are being ordered. At the hearing, the firm produced into evidence a letter from an anonymous writer to Aurora (one of their clients) citing the same unethical behavior. I’m reading some of the above posts and it seems that people are having difficulty corresponding with Aurora. Why did Aurora, who allegedly doesn’t receive anything, put the firm on notice that an anonymous writer believed they were committing fraud?
    ~Not A Rhetorical Question

  19. @Kevin – I don’t, but I do know ALS has almost as many v.p’s as MERS.

  20. Is anyone familiar with Amber Owens – Asst Vice President at Aurora? She signed one of our foreclosure docs and we are in the process of fighting an uphill battle in Washington right now. I am trying to piece a few things together and I am thinking she is a robosigner. We have a lot of documentation put together including a possible fraudulent notary who appears to live in a different state than where the docs were signed.

  21. Lenders are not interested in keeping homeowners in their homes. They are interested in cash/credit, which is their “reserve” for more new loans. If you are trying to refy, you will not get it. Lenders do not even waste their precious time reading your long letters where you are trying to convince them that after so many years of “being always on time” you are a good customer and why you want to stay in your home. You have only two options – the easy one and the not so easy one: to give up (at least try to short-sell) or to fight back. To fight back, you’ll need some help, because you are playing “their” game. Just do not waste your precious time trying to refy – no chance at all. Fight back!

  22. I actually recieved the loan mod paperwork from Aurora in the mail and it is also available on their website. I am afraid to fill it out and send it in as from all the comments I have read they will start foreclosure proceedings. I have been unemployed for over a year. I am still current on my mortgage and have a litte equity in my home. Should I move forward and try the loan mod or does anyone one know a good attorney in the Northbay area of nothern ca?

  23. John F, did you properly serve your complaint and file the necessary cert of service with your court? When you filed your complaint, did the court clerk’s office set it for hearing or any kind of schedule at all ?

    An answer to a complaint is generally due 20 days from the date of service of the complaint, so if your dates are correct, ALS answer in December was out of time. You might file a request for default if you haven’t already… Hope you can get some legal advice.

  24. @nancy k -do you have the allegation that ALS as investor does not support HAMP in writing?

  25. Hi
    My original mortgage is through LEHMAN BROTHERS BANK, FSB, A FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK. In 2005, CitiMortgage purchase the serving rights and stated my investor is Aurora Loan Services, thus 9 months later CitiMortgage said, as an “investor” Aurora Loan Services does not support HAMP. I am in a chapter 7 only 4 months behind in loan payments. CitiMortgage/Aurora cancelled or closed my Modification. Won the Relief from Automatic Stay and are starting the foreclosure.
    I need help, as I have own my home since 1993, never late on a payment until now. Every time you think you’re at the end of their stories, they have a new and they are accountable to no one; but in record time, their able to start foreclose process. Something is very WRONG with this PICTURE.

    I cannot believe the banks can sell my house at the new market value (BTO value) to someone off the streets; and are not willing or required to offer me the same deal.

    I did all the numbers, and I qualify. Can someone help me with this as my time is running out?

    In addition, I agree they need to be stopped, does anyone know of an attorney or a class action suit to put the brakes on them before they get my house?

  26. I filed, as Pro Se Plaintiff, with US District Court of Georgia, Savannah Division, a complaint of fraud and consumer contract violations. This petition was crafted by an “internet sourse” claiming relief to foreclosure by Lender. Well, I went through all of the proceedures as directed, including QWRs to lender and servicer, Notice of Right to Cancel, and other claims of TILA and RESPA violations only to find myself left high and dry come crunch time. Buyer be ware for sure !!! Anyway, this all occured on August 2, 2010 and after certified mail deliveries of Waver of rights to summons etc.. all unanswered by Defendant Aurora Loan Services LLC, I requested the court to have US Marshal service. As the clock ran down to the final hour before a Defalt Judgement could be applied Attornies for Aurora filed Motion to Dismiss on December 10, 2010. As Plaintiff I never received notice of service of this motion and to this day have still not been presented any papers or notification of this motion as stated in their Certificate of Service. I learned of this Motion after I filed an Amended complaint (one that was more to the point and cited TILA and Reg Z violations) with the court on December 14, 2010. At this time neither Docked entry has been addressed by the court. I have looked for examples that would give sme guidence to this mess and have not been sucessfull. Can you offer any guidence or assistance to hlep me with this mess ?? Thanks, John Ferguson “Lost Pro Se”

  27. Doing some research for my own case, I found a recent sale that was curious in that the foreclosing party was US bank as trustee for BNC mortgage loan trust 2006-1 and apparently did a credit bid and got the property. However, the purchaser’s address was the exact same address as Wells Fargo in Ft. Mills, SC. Then I came across this mass confusing posted in the trust’s sec filings:

    a) Aurora Loan Services LLC, as Master Servicer
    b) Aurora Loan Services LLC, as Servicer
    c) Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Custodian
    d) First American Real Estate Solutions of Texas, L.P., as Sub-Contractor for Aurora Loan Services LLC
    e) FIS Tax Services f/k/a LSI Tax Services, as Sub-Contractor for Option One Mortgage Corporation
    f) Newport Management Corporation, as Sub-Contractor for Aurora Loan Services LLC
    g) Option One Mortgage Corporation, as Servicer
    h) Regulus Group LLC, as Sub-Contractor for Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    i) Risk Management Group, LLC, as Credit Risk Manager
    j) U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee and Paying Agent
    k) Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as Servicer
    l) ZC Sterling Insurance Agency, Inc., as Sub-Contractor for Option One Mortgage Corporation
    m) ZC Sterling Insurance Agency, Inc., as Sub-Contractor for Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

    And on our county’ recorders site there is a assignment of a DOT to Lehman Bros. and a seperate one to BNC at the exact same second of the exact same day. I didn’t pull the docs so I’m not sure if one was a first and one was a second or if one was an assignment to the other or what. But recorded at the exact same second??? Anyway, any thoughts on this mess? I was thinking about contacting the former owner to inform him of possible fraud just for grins.

  28. File for bankruptcy and get on with your lives. I have fought long and hard with Aurora. NACA was useless! Why because Aurora does not even think NACA is worth the time. Aurora claims they are not on the mortgage and they do not have to answer to NACA! They treat NACA as if they don’t exists! Even as I sat in a local NACA office and watched as they scanned and sent mail and e-mailed my information to Aurora they claimed they never received anything from NACA! NACA tells me they speak to someone else at AURORA! Who? Aurora has no information about NACA on my files in fact Aurora has no files other than what I have sent them along with NACA and my lawyer. Without us I don’t think they would know I had a loan with them.

    Even after hiring an attorney Aurora ignored them claiming they didn’t receive documents etc. We ask for proof of the note several times. Finally they sent a CD with 40 Named documents. Seven documents were blank, several documents pertained to someone else’s loan. I am sure they would be happy to know Aurora is sending out personal information about another persons’ private information. The rest of the docs had my name on every other page but never on any document with important mortgage information. In other words copy paste was used allot in these scanned images. In total, my home I had already invested over $120,000.00 of hard earned money to find out my home was sold and re-sold at least SEVEN times including a bank in Spain! Even my attorney has said “I have never seen anything like this”.
    Aurora is part of the housing scam that had been planned all along and the FED’s knew it. They have investigated it over and over. Aurora Loan Services now known as Aurora Bank as well AKA Lehman Brother’s has been bailed out by the FED’s or should I say the tax payers. It is all on-line you just need to do the research and you will find out just how bad this really is. The government will not do anything because they knew about it and let it happen. Lobbyists and Wallstreet own and run the government and that is that. They have the power to make or break this country and they did just that. AIG, Lehman, Chase, Bank of America, Countrywide and the list goes on. They brought this country to it’s knees.
    The only way out is to file banckrupsy and stop the bleeding and start over or everyone sues the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for what they have allowed to happen.
    Get out of that house, walk away from the debt. Get a lawyer and file for banckrupsy. You will never own your house! You are just paying high rent! Walk away and be free. You get the last laugh they get a house that is far less worth than what they will ever get for it. The next 2,3,4 years of this so called housing crash has only just began. Turn off the news when they tell you it is getting better. It is not true… it is going to get so much worse. Get out of debt now! By the time things start to get better and they will your credit will be on it’s way to healing and so will you! It’s just a house! You will survive just fine. Let them have the house and shove it. They are going to have so many homes on the market in 5 or 6 years from now they will beg you to buy them. So many people are in the same boat and it is sinking. Jump out! When you get out rebuild your credit and your health and soon you will be able to buy another house you can afford. I did it! I feel free and happy. I don’t have to worry about Aurora anymore. I don’t bank with BOA, CHASE, Wells Fargo, Citi Group and I never will! I will never give them my business. I will never give my business to anyone who uses them nor any non-profit who uses them as sponsors. Spread the word and they will fall. Don’t use Discover (bailed out) American Express (bailed out) and yet they raise you APR even if you have paid on time for years. The only way to get all of these businesses back including the FED’s is to stop using these entities! Stop voting for senators, congressmen who are lobbied by them. Do research and find out and get them out of office. Lobbyists commit bribery to get what they want it is time they pay the price this includes the Government! Except a lobbyist into your washington office… go to jail for taking a bribe! very simple. Stop spending money and start to watch the changes that will follow!! Let the house go and start to live again!

  29. My broker represented herself as the “President of the Bank”, ensuring us our home loan would be approved. She advised us to refi our previous home prior to sale which she made a handsome profit from. She advised us to do a construction to perm loan which we had no prior knowledge. After occupancy, she dropped us, referring us to a broker in Arkansas (we reside in MD). He asked us for an appraiser referral as he knew of none in our State. We referred to our loan papers, making mention of the appraiser whom our lender used during the construction phase. This is when we learned that our appraisal was inflated by 125,000. We have spent over 3 years writing our governor, congressmen, senators, HOPE NOW, NACA and even our President. We filed a complaint with the DLLR who conducted a year long investigation, siting the appraiser for fraud. Unfortunately their was so monetary restitution for us. Also, the Commissioner for Insurance reviewed the appraisers insurance policy and said that we would have to sue against his personal property because the policy did not cover us because lender ordered the appraiser and not us. We had an attorney who dropped the case because it was over her head. The referral the broker sent us to charged us a 40,000 down payment for a 2 year ARM loan. Our payments almost escalated to almost 7 Grand per month. We petitioned our mortgage co. Aurora for a mod and was given a 3% 33 year fixed loan, however we are upside down on the loan due to the market. This situation almost drove us to financial ruin. We came so close to losing our home. We would like a principal reduction but Aurora says we cannot petition the investor on our own. They refuse to give us the contact info for the investor. Is there a chance we have an securitized loan with Aurora? If so, will the modification hurt us? We filed a suit against the appraiser on our own to protect our statutes of limitations. The lawyer we had previously walked us through the process. She told us that because the lender ordered the appraisal we had no recourse, but after reading your blog, I know that is not true. Are there any lawyers in MD who can help us? It’s been 4 years since our dream home turned into a nightmare. We need a lawyer who has been through your program and knows all the ins and outs so that we can be represented properly. We are true victims of predatroy lending and we are seeking FULL restititution from any an all who had a hand in our suffering. Our credit is destroyed and our finances are exhausted. We have friends who saught help and were scammed out of their last funds. We need someone we can trust and would appreciate your help. God bless.

  30. aurora loans is my servicer and my loan is under securitization. i hired a lawyer and hope he can have let us stay a little bit longer in our house. check there website kentlaw@kentwilson.com

  31. done —-sorry for the problem

    Neil F. Garfield, Esq. ngarfield@msn.com

    This e-mail transmission may be protected by attorney client privilege and attorney work product privilege if it contains legal advice or opinions, and it contains information that are private, trade secrets, protected by non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements between the parties and is therefore confidential and privileged. It may also be for the sole purpose of compromise and settlement only if it contains an offer and may not be used in any judicial or quasi-judicial or administrative proceeding without the express written consent of the sender. It is intended only for the addressee(s) named above. If you receive this e-mail in error, please do not read, copy or disseminate it in any manner. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is prohibited. Please reply to the message immediately by informing the sender that the message was misdirected. After replying, please erase it from your computer system. Your assistance in correcting this error is appreciated.

  32. I am in a situation with Aurora and the only way I see out for us is band together and get an attorney to file a class action suit, and go after them. If enough of us work together maybe we can get a high power attorney to handle our case.

  33. Can someone answer a question regarding Arora. I have been told Indymac Bank I know for certain is my servicer. Aurora is one of my investors. Is the Arora one in the same?

  34. Aurora is so dishonest. I was buying a home on a shortsale from them. The short sale did not exclude me from financing the home. I was using a hard money lender to close the deal. Aurora ignored my calls and emails. Refused to consummate the transaction. My LLC was forced to file BK to protect interest in property.

    Because of the title issues with the property, title insurer paid aurora’s investor off. Aurora now owns the note. BK judge abstained from case so have to refile in AZ. If you look on internet you can find the case. I am suing Aurora for $1MM+ for breach of contract, negligence, intentional interference with contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

    These are dishonest people. In the middle of the short-sale negotiations, they started foreclosure on the seller with improper notice. Let me hear about your short sale problems with Aurora.

  35. We have delt with Aurora successfully. Our experience is you will get no response, even if you are a law firm requesting documentation. Perhaps the only way is to file an adversarial action.

    Before you do that, however is do what we do on every client. Review the loan for any leverage we can find. Sixty percent of stated loans were stated 50% above actual income. ARM loans have been ruled ambiguous and virtually all them are predatory by their very nature. Even if you loan was vanilla full doc a paper loan, most likely the bank used recent comps for home pricing instead of nominal home values, making an 80% ltv loan really a 130% LTV loan.

    So, you really need someone experienced in the loan market and an attorney take a quick look at your loan docs.

    We review loan docs at no charge. I can flip through your docs, ask you a few questions, and let you know where you can go with your case.

    If you like drop me a quick email at michaelp@lmallp.com we are also working on a site called saveyourcave.org, with a little bit different bent than livinglies

  36. Joseph: Google “Aurora 8k”

  37. Joe Johnson,
    How did you get Aurora to provide you paperwork. I have sent them several letters and it’s been a black hole.

  38. My original mortgage co, went bankrupt after selling my mortgage to lehman bros. (who went bankrupt).Aurora loan services is the loan servicer and I have requested copies of my original mortgage paperwork,Aurora has sent me 17 copies (none dated or countersigned) with my initials on 14, my signature on 2 and a notorized signature from a notary,I have asked who the investor(s) that holds my mortgage and Aurora gave me the name of a trust in boston with no phone #. I have asked Aurora for months if I am elgible for any type of loan modification and they say because the loan is not Fannie May or Freddie Mac I do not qualify.I am beginning to wonder if I have a legitimate mortgage and also whether there were any truth in lending issues with the way this mortgage has been handles from day one.Does anyone have any thoughts on what,if any, options I have to pursue some type of loan modification? Thanks

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