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  1. Bank said that I did not give them all the paper work for the modification and are starting foreclosure.


  2. mrs marina call me at anytime and i be willing to put you in contact with the right peope that can help you because i am going through the same situation indymac foreclose on my on and sell it to deutsch bank for 1,000 and i am fighting the case

    do not give up —-do no give up you are not alone

    luis martinez
    917 254 2749


  3. In need an attorney in or near santa barbara FAST.
    Because I dont think Deusche Bank/One West previously Inymac bank REALLY owned my deed of Trust. And they foreclosed on me 3 weeks ago.
    I had Indymac loan then One West. I tried to do mod 2 years ago and find out who real investor was. Indy refused to tell me (I called every month and ask the question) I was finally ‘granted’ a mod but my monthly payments went UP $1500! Trying to keep it all afloat drove me to bankrupty. 3 weeks ago they foreclosed and I now have 90 notice to leave. BUT i STILL DONT BELIEVE THEY HAD JURISDICTION OWNERSHIP RIGHTS. Also according to them I owed 995,000. I repeated requested and was refused consideration to have principle adjusted to market value. The auction bid opened at 515,000. 48% drop. No one bid.


  4. my original lender was indymac bank and the my house was/is on foreclosure sale which means that deutsche bank national trust now own my home

    that is in queens new york city
    917 254 2749
    my lawyer is fighting to get it back

    if anyone is going through this situation please let me know. i would be glad to talk to you


  5. I am here to support anyone going through this nightmare of dealing with these crooks. I have been fighting Wachovia since —-well, I started to ask for different loan terms in December 2007 and then went on trying to get them to modify the loan for over a year.
    They foreclosed illegally (against California Law) in December 2008 and then were supposidly working on the loan until May 2009 when they suddenly thought they could take my home. NO WAY I am still fighting on into the New Year of 2010 and still living in my home. I know every stituation is different and yet it is all the same. The Banks have behaved in a despicable manner.


  6. Do not believe anything OneWest Bank or any other servicer says that they are trying to help. That is not true if Deutsche Bank is your investor. Deutsche bank a foreign owned bank is one of the largest lenders doing forclosures in this country. They have no interest on modifying anyone including those that qualify for Obamas plan. As a homeowner just prepare yourself if they are your investor. Their servicers will waste your time looking good for their reports to the government that they took your mod papers but the reality is that they will tell you that Deutsche Bank doesn’t do them in the end. Follow me having fun with trying to do a loan mod with Deutsche Bank through OneWestBank on twitter with Deutschebanklie. It showcases their own stupidity and truth of what homeowners are really going through.


  7. The attached SNAP did not open so I don’t know if it would have told me anything or not. I wonder why the Deutsche Bank seems to want money from me. I never heard of them before the process server brought papers to my house. My mortgage started with Homecomings and switched, in July, to GMAC. Who are these people and what claim do they have? Would you believe the the papers from the process server state right on them that the bank does NOT have my (mother’s) note!? They also state MERS. They want my deceased mother to reestablish their note. Any suggestions out there?
    If you clicked on FIND A LAWYER THAT GETS IT, would you not expect to find a lawyer there? I looked, they aren’t there. Anyone? I’m in DeLand, FL


  8. My property Loan is owned apparently by “Deutsche Bank” per Reconyeance response. I have a Loan Mod sitting on the desk of the Loan Negotiator @ WAMU. I don’t know if they are going to review loan mod or not.
    They should. Cannot get them on the phone no matter how I try. I am in Central Coast Calif. and require a lawyer as a back up to stopping any auction form occuring. Also exactly what are my eviction rights. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Cary B. Goldman


  9. This Bank supposedly is the owner of my loan. “Deutsche Bank” – I received notice date of foreclosure (property to go to auction) with advice to seek a lawyer. Need lawyer to sue for original note just incase it proceeds the Loan Modification paper wirk on WAMU’s Loan Negotiators desk. Is there a lawyer who can assist me. I am in Central Coast Calif.
    Cary B. Goldman


  10. Hello my name is Dorna, i will like to know if thre is a foreclosure attorney in Riverside or San Diego california that you can recomend i need one asap.
    thank you for your response.
    ps. omly if Mr.Garfield trained him.


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