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  1. I’d say everyone talks of all this knowledge but how many are homeless now


  2. Graphics are genuinely nice source of education instead of wording, its my familiarity, what would you say?


  3. argent mortgage is still in business as of 7-24-2011 trip out on this info


  4. Mr Garfield,
    I have knowledge of a company that is preying upon the American people in their most vulernable point of life, going through (foreclosure). An educational concept is being sold for $2995 and that is needed is a knowledgeable attorney in foreclosure proceedings. How can this be stopped.


  5. I to was taken by ameriquest and lost my home also by stop foreclosure now also didnt stop the foreclosure good luck let me know what happens

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  6. Ameriquest Mortgage gave a loan to a woman who had no right to take out a loan on said property , They knew or should have known the deed was defective and invalid. Ameriquest did not notify the real fee simple owner of the property, about the loan, but put his name on the mortgage, Ameriquest helped woman falsify income documents as a child care business, knowning she had no income, and claim to have had title insurance. Now she took the money and ran and the house is in foreclosure. fWhat can we do/?


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