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MISSION STATEMENT: I believe that the mortgage crisis has produced manifest evil and injustice in our society. I believe our recovery will never reach the majority of struggling Americans until we restore equal protection for all citizens and especially borrowers in our debt-ridden society. LivingLies is the vehicle for a collaborative movement to provide homeowners with sufficient resources to combat bloated banks who are flooding the political market with money. We provide thousands of pages of free forms, articles and discussion of statutes, case precedent and policy on this site. And we provide paid services, books and products that enable us to maintain an infrastructure to provide a voice to the victims of Wall Street corruption.

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Banks Targeting LivingLies?

There is an old expression which I may have used on this site before says “you know that you are over the target when you start getting flack.”

In a variety of ways, we have uncovered a number of strategies being employed by the large banks on Wall Street directed at discrediting the discussion on this blog and making it as difficult as possible for us to do business. One of the ways that they do this is by planting articles in various periodicals which make it seem as though the housing crisis is behind us and that the banks are doing everything possible to alleviate the suffering of homeowners who are under the gun of wrongful foreclosures that amount to nothing less than outright theft.

Another way they do it is by posting “comments” on the blog that are designed to take up a lot of space and interfere in serious discussion between the readers. The latest round of spamming from the banks has been pointed out to us by a reader and the way that we are handling this is by eliminating the comments from those people who are clearly interfering in intelligent conversation and bona fide research that appears in the comment section in each blog article. To those whom we suspect are paid spammers from the banks, we are sending the following email:

“We received numerous complaints from other followers of the blog  regarding comments that you have posted. We are now blocking any comments from you and we will be watching for any variations used by you to post comments that are designed to confuse and chase people away from the blog. We are very much aware of the effort of banks to interfere with our operations and we must be extremely careful to stop any activity on the site that appears to be spawned by people who are paid by the banks to discredit the blog. If you wish to appeal this decision please send an email to”

As for the attempts to interfere in our business I will not give any details here nor will I state how we are staying one step ahead of the banks who would like to see the blog taken down in the business destroyed. I am no stranger to fighting with these banks. And they are no stranger to losing the fight when the issues finally appear on the radar screen.

For my part I will continue to provide increasing depth, suggestions, strategies and tactics for lawyers to use against these banks. There is no doubt in my mind that these banks will eventually fall despite all attempts by government and central bankers to create the illusion of strength when in fact both the financial condition of the banks and the financial condition of the economy continued to be bankrupt beyond repair.

There is only so far that you can kick the can down the road. Now that I have so much company in this effort in the form of attorneys, government officials, and pro se litigants, it can be fairly said that my efforts have spawned  a cottage industry in which these banks will find themselves the target as real people represented by real lawyers seek money damages and other relief. The outcome of this is very clear to me. There are many economists who have seen and recently made comments based upon their analysis of government issued economic statistics; in particular there are concerned that financial services was at equilibrium with the rest of the economy when it accounted for only 16% of economic activity.

Now at a time when unemployment and underemployment combined with those people who have given up completely may have reached an all-time high, it is apparent to those economists that the alleged growth of our gross domestic product is in large measure due to our willingness to treat the trading of worthless paper as economic activity. The proof is in the pudding. The only way we can say that our gross domestic product is improving at a low rate of 2.5% is by ignoring the fiction of economic activity in the financial sector.

Financial services are now counted in gross domestic product at around 48% versus the 16% when financial services were at equilibrium with the volume of actual production of products and delivery of services. While unemployment grows and while wages continue to stagnate and even decline, we invite a social catastrophe caused by graphic economic inequality supported by fictitious numbers and arrogant policies controlled by those who have received the largest benefit from the largest crime in human history.

Thus the question being answered by this blog and others like it is how long we will listen to government statistics showing an increase in economic activity of 2.5% which is a complete illusion, and when will we start acting on the fact that comparable economic activity has declined by 32%. Think about it.

And by the way, those people who think that they can earn easy money by acting on behalf of the banks should realize that they are extremely expendable and will definitely be thrown under the bus once the plan of action has been disclosed. To the extent that you have any written confirmation of instructions from the banks as to how to interfere with this blog and other discussion sites, I suggest you make copies and have them distributed in different geographic locations. Otherwise, in the event of a lawsuit for interference in our contractual relations with customers and prospective customers, you might end up being the lead defendant.


I’m Back

Thanks once again to all those who wished me well. Your wishes worked. Publication of articles will resume as early as today. I was released from the Hospital on Saturday night and I am well on the way to being mended.

As an aside and without going into details if anyone is taking or has taken the injectable drug Victoza (for Type 2 Diabetes) and has experienced symptoms uncharacteristic of their health profile I ask that you send me an email at Anyone taking that drug should consult with their physician after reviewing (Google it) the side effects.




A lot of people are signing up for the newsletter. More than I imagined would do so. I found out quickly why. They were looking for strategies that drilled down more deeply into their cases. And they liked the teleconferences that go with it. The discounts on services were welcomed but it was the latest and best info I could give on what is working and what isn’t that they were looking for. It all comes down to what Beth Findsen, Esq. (Scottsdale) is fond of saying “You can be right as rain on the law but if the Judge won’t apply it, you lose!” Jon Lindeman, Esq. (South and Central Florida), with his military background, has impressed on me the need to concentrate our firepower on the areas we can identify as their vulnerabilities and press the point to win, not justify a fee. April Charney, Esq. (Jacksonville) has criticized my work as spawning some bad results and she has a point.

As you can imagine, some of my regular readers are not necessarily singing from the same prayer book as I am. They just want a preview of the song so they can confront anyone who uses the information with an answer. I really don’t have any problem with the opposition reading my material nor with them “preparing” to meet us in the battlefield we call court. The problem I have is that many homeowners and their lawyers are making bad law by misapplication of the suggestions contained on this website. It’s not that the pretender lenders are beating these homeowners and lawyers, it’s that these homeowners and lawyers are beating themselves by presenting this work as some kind of magic bullet. The Judge makes a not unreasonable assessment of their argument as complete crap and then goes on to assume that anyone else who sounds similar is also full of crap. This is making it more difficult for everyone. So what to do?

My answer is to migrate strategy and tactics to the newsletter and leave the general stuff on the blog. By charging a monthly fee, we hope to weed out those people looking for a quick fix and who are making it harder on everyone else. So I might have hints in the blog, but I won’t get into the details except in the newsletter, which will really focus on the prime strategies and tactics that show promise. Assuming I continue to get the support of subscribers on this, I will get into the down and dirty details as much as possible in the newsletter. It’s more work for me but worth it if we get the result of more lawyers and homeowners getting better results. By combining this with members only teleconferences, we know who is listening, and we have an opportunity for everyone to go out with the same message instead of variations on the message that might not make any sense to a Judge.

So this is another step in forming the movement, and concentrating our firepower. The hope is that we are creating the eye of the hurricane where all the action happens. By funneling the general information into direct strategies that are being used in common, and narrowing the focus even further by collaborating with investigation, discovery and motions (Title and Securitization Searches, Expert Witness Declarations, Affidavits etc), we hope to level the playing field. Remember they have the resources and the motivation to collaborate and they do with nationwide telephone conferences and shared research and strategies. It is up to us to do the same thing on our side. We have 20 million or more homeowners who are affected including those who think they lost their home but still have a right to reclaim title and possession. It seems to me that we have more than enough potential to level the playing the field and then some.


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